The Police Called Me For The Filing, Revealing Me, A Master - C.587 - : Ancient Sages Left Fires, Today, Su Yun Becomes a Saint! (6)

The Police Called Me For The Filing, Revealing Me, A Master

C.587 - : Ancient Sages Left Fires, Today, Su Yun Becomes a Saint! (6)

Chapter 587: Ancient Sages Left Fires, Today, Su Yun Becomes a Saint! (6)

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“That’s right! Could it be that he’s giving us stimulants?”

Everyone found it unbelievable. It was not that they did not believe Su Yun, but according to what they knew, geneticists were too powerful. They were no longer normal humans. It was not an exaggeration to say that they were another species.

After saying that, Su Yun bowed and left the stage. The entire venue was silent for five minutes. During this period, even the host forgot to go on stage to lead the way.

Su Yun’s words were too shocking. The impact left everyone present momentarily stunned. It had to be known that the auditorium with more than 1,000 people was silent for a full five minutes. How terrifying was that?

Su Yun returned backstage. Xu Jiajia smiled at Su Yun and said, “l didn’t expect Hero Su Yun to be so good at giving speeches. Your words just now really touched people’s hearts and made their blood boil.”

Upon hearing this, Su Yun said in relief, “Looks like they’ve taken it seriously. This way, we didn’t come for nothing.”

Five minutes later, the host came back to his senses and quickly went on stage to finish his speech. But no one was seriously listening to what he was saying at this moment. Everyone was completely immersed in what Su Yun had just said, especially the last sentence where he had defeated a geneticist. It shocked everyone.

They knew that Su Yun was a Chinese hero and would definitely not lie about this matter. There was no need for that. Yet this was too shocking to the reality they knew that until now, everyone was still in a daze.

Gao Bo hurriedly found Su Yun. The first question he asked was, “Su Yun, you just said that you defeated a geneticist. Is that true?”

Su Yun nodded calmly. “Principal Gao, actually, the progress of the geneticists that have been promoted overseas isn’t as invincible as everyone thinks. Ordinary people were actually normal people. Let’s hope that this speech will be of help to them and let them see clearly that our nation is not so easily defeated.’

Su Yun and Xu Jiajia walked out together. Principal Gao only snapped back to his senses after a moment. He quickly went forward to invite Su Yun to the office to rest.

Su Yun and Xu Jiajia also knew that it was rare for them to come to university, so they were not in a hurry to leave. After arriving at the principal’s office, Gao Bo brewed tea and handed over water. He was very enthusiastic.

What Su Yun did not expect was that many students below the stage had completely recorded the content of Su Yun’s speech. As everyone gradually left the auditorium, these videos were also posted online.

In the current online environment, any title with the words “Chinese hero”

would bring unimaginable popularity. Therefore, in less than an hour after the relevant video appeared online, it was already at the top of the popularity rankings.

[A passionate speech by a Chinese hero. Inspiring!]

[Young people of my generation, why not fight?]

[The Chinese Hero expressed that he once defeated the geneticists in the Qiantang River! ]

[Are geneticists no longer invincible?]

[The Hero of China has made a public statement at his alma mater!]

Such titles dominated the rankings on many platforms. The titles were accompanied by videos of Su Yun’s speech.

When Su Yun’s passionate words came out of the video, everyone fell silent.

“We should be proud of the wise sages who left behind the four lines of

Hengqu, proud of the ideology of the Hundred Schools of Philosophy…”

“Our history tells us that Suwu herds sheep, that Yue Fei is resistant to gold, that the two shouts of ‘kill the thieves’ in the third year of Kaixi!”

All the netizens were shocked and their blood boiled. It was as if they were dreaming of the 5,000-year-old surging moment in China, witnessing the sage prove his Dao, the general defeating the enemy, and the rising of the panicked nation.

However, when they reached the end of the video and heard Su Yun personally say that ordinary people could defeat geneticists, they could not help but be in an uproar as they found it unbelievable.

“Is this true? Did our hero really defeat a geneticist?”

“But why hasn’t this been reported?”

“That’s right. Didn’t our country lose when the geneticists challenged the entire world?”

“Impossible! I think it’s fake! How can a geneticist be defeated by an ordinary person?”

“That’s right. It’s not like we haven’t watched live streams of competitions. Can’t we tell how powerful geneticists are? Hero Su is powerful, but he’s only limited to ordinary people.”

“But why did geneticists convert to Buddhism? Could it be that there’s really no secret?”

Netizens were a little confused about this. The relevant topics became more and more popular online and quickly spread. A few hours later, the popularity of this topic had already spread throughout China. It even went to the top of various large platforms. The news completely dominated the place. Even in reality, everyone was discussing and arguing.

Could a geneticist be defeated? Would geneticists eliminate ordinary people?

As the popularity continued to ferment, even the research institute far away in the capital had already learned of this matter.

In the Capital Research Institute, in addition to the genetics project, there was another research project that was secretly being carried out.. The research content was the one he had taken away from the Hibiscus University library— The Secret of the Golden Flower!

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