The Police Called Me For The Filing, Revealing Me, A Master - C.584 - : Ancient Sages Left Fires, Today, Su Yun Becomes a Saint! (3)

The Police Called Me For The Filing, Revealing Me, A Master

C.584 - : Ancient Sages Left Fires, Today, Su Yun Becomes a Saint! (3)

Chapter 584: Ancient Sages Left Fires, Today, Su Yun Becomes a Saint! (3)

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“Other than friends who are especially close, it’s inevitable that others will be more careful because of their status.’

At this point, Su Yun immediately nodded. “That’s true. Big Head Yang hasn’t changed at all. He’s still as sloppy as ever. Last time, he even fought with me for a long time over fishing.”

“That’s right. That’s why it’s not that we don’t have many friends, but it’s very difficult to make friends. You are now a hero of Huaxia and have already become an existence that many students look up to. It was not just them. To most people in China, with the intention of the officials, you were already an unshakable role model. I think this is also why Principal Gao hopes that you can come on stage to give a speech.” Xu Jiajia said worriedly,

“You’ve been talking to Principal Gao along the way, but I’ve been paying attention to the topics discussed by the surrounding students. They were filled with fear of the arrival of the geneticist era. This generation happened to be at the boundary point of the era, so this worry was even more obvious. They needed someone to guide them. In their hearts, geneticists were already invincible, They were far from what ordinary people could compare to.

“If they continue to think like this, their expectations for the future will only decrease. Without expectations, there will be no motivation.” Xu Jiajia looked at Su Yun and said seriously, “Therefore, Su Yun, don’t just be my hero. It’s time to stand up and become the hero of this generation. Give them hope for the future. I’m afraid only you can do this.”

Su Yun nodded gently. He knew very well what Xu Jiajia was saying. After the various representatives went on stage to speak, it was finally Su Yun’s turn. Before this, Principal Gao Bo had rushed backstage and asked Su Yun with concern, “Student Su Yun, it’s almost your turn to go on stage. Is there a problem?”

Su Yun shook his head with a smile and said with a relaxed expression, “Don’t worry, it won’t be a problem.”

All the classrooms in Hibiscus City University were organizing students to watch the speech. There were many LEDs in the school, and the big screen was also playing the scene in the auditorium in real time. In the classrooms, the campus, the library, and even the canteen, everyone was livestreaming the scene in the auditorium.

However. for now. everyone’s attitude was relatively negative.

“What’s going on? It’s still those things. It’s a matter of time.”

“What’s the point of such a speech? It’s always these people who go on stage and always talk about those things. I’m tired of listening to it.”

“Can we find an opportunity to sneak away? It’s better to go online than to waste time here.’

Obviously, everyone was already impatient with this kind of cliché. Other than the people who were actually standing on stage to give a speech, no one would seriously care what they were talking about. However, as the last leader appeared on the stage, to everyone’s surprise, Principal Gao Bo appeared on the podium again.

“Students, we specially invited a special guest today. This special guest has something to say to all our students. Next, let us welcome you with the warmest applause. Student Su Yun, please go on stage to give a speech!”

In an instant, the audience applauded thunderously, but everyone watching the livestream widened their eyes.

“Su Yun? Which Su Yun?”

“l don’t know. It can’t be the Chinese hero, Su Yun, right?”

“How is that possible! So many people wanted to invite the Chinese Hero to give a speech, but they were all rejected. How can our school have such a big reputation?”

Just as everyone was discussing this matter, Su Yun!s figure slowly appeared on the podium. All the students who were watching the livestream through any means were stunned on the spot. Even all the teachers stood up from their seats and watched this scene in shock.

The applause in the auditorium lasted for a long time. Everyone looked at Su Yun excitedly.

Under the spotlight, Su Yun appeared nonchalant and energetic. As Su Yun slowly raised his hand, the applause died down. Many students present took out their phones and started recording. For the first time, the students who could only watch the livestream outside the auditorium began to feel envious, if only they could sit in the auditorium.

“When did Hero Su Yun return to school? Why didn’t I know?”

“My roommate said that he seemed to have seen it before. I thought he was talking nonsense, but 1 didn’t expect it to be true.”

“Our school actually managed to invite Hero Su. Looks like they really put in a lot of effort for this speech.”

“Did you guys notice? Hero Su seems to be different from the others after he went on stage.”

On the screen, Su Yun was standing on the podium. He was not wearing a formal suit, nor did he have a standard speech stance. He stood on the podium like an old friend. He was not giving a speech, but telling the story of what had happened around him.

“Students, I’m very happy that I can be the speech representative this time. I’ll talk to everyone in the Hibiscus City auditorium that has been around for many years. I used to be a student at this university, and now many people call me a hero. But I never thought of myself as a hero. The honor I carried belonged to every border warrior, every hero who dedicated himself to the

Munan Cangluan Mountains..”

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