The Police Called Me For The Filing, Revealing Me, A Master - C.573 - : The Nation Studying Dao Ancestor Su Yun l s Cultivation Record (1)

The Police Called Me For The Filing, Revealing Me, A Master

C.573 - : The Nation Studying Dao Ancestor Su Yun l s Cultivation Record (1)

Chapter 573: The Nation Studying Dao Ancestor Su Yun l s Cultivation Record (1)

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It was also at this moment that the entire scene fell into a dead silence, The comments in the comments section stopped at this moment. It was as if everyone was shocked and speechless at this moment.

Some of the Hibiscus City University students who were paying attention to the press conference were stunned when they saw this scene. When they looked up again, everyone around them was stunned. This happened for a full minute before a few comments popped up in the comments section of the live-stream.

“Are you serious? The Hero of Munan is a college student?”

“It’s heartbreaking to have to endure so much at such a young age.”

“To be honest, he’s much younger than I imagined. He’s just a child…’

Su Yun’s identity being exposed by Zhang Zhenghuai immediately made many people feel uneasy.

Previously, Zhang Zhenghuai had also said that Su Yun dealt with grave robbers and foreign factions, but his age was too inconsistent with these matters. Such a contrast made many netizens unable to react for a moment.

At the press conference venue, the atmosphere was also very tense. Many reporters looked at each other, and the venue was dead silent.

Zhang Zhenghuai, who was standing on the podium, saw this and quickly smiled. “l know, the hero is very young, right?” He turned to look at Su Yun’s photo on the big screen. His eyes were filled with emotion. “But he’s such a person. Every time he’s faced with a choice, he will always put his own safety aside without hesitation.’

The press conference continued, but there was only Zhang Zhenghuai’s voice in the room. He recounted Su Yun’s past deeds, and Su Yun’s heroic image began to slowly become clear in everyone’s hearts.

However, the impact of this press conference was far from over. In Hibiscus City University, the principal, Gao Bo, was at his desk, reading the information on Su Yun’s admission as well as the school’s various records. The vice-principal rushed into the office. “Old Gao, did you watch TV?”

Gao Bo teased without looking up. “Where do I have the time? So many things have happened recently, do I have the time to watch television?”

However, as Gao Bo spoke, the vice-principal had already picked up the remote control. “Old Gao, you still have to take a look.” The vice-principal turned on the television. The news conference was being broadcast live.

Su Yun’s photo was still on the big screen. The following words made Gao Bo stand up. Hero of Munan! Gao Bo looked at the Vice Principal in shock. “The Hero of Munan who was previously a hot topic on the Internet was Su Yun?”

The vice-principal nodded. “l thought the police had already told you when they came looking for you!’

Gao Bo shook his head. “Back then, they only said that Su Yun had made a huge contribution and was injured for the country. They did not elaborate.

Moreover, they never mentioned the words ‘Hero of Munan’!”

Gao Bo was very shocked by this. Although he had seen the police and Su Yun the last time, the scene had already given Gao Bo a warning. But now, the hero is Su Yun. Furthermore, he was holding a press conference to publicize Su Yun’s identity and deeds. It still shocked Gao Bo.

“Su Yun’s identity has been fully revealed at the press conference, many students in our school are watching the livestream. Su Yun’s name has already shocked the entire country. Moreover, everyone in China now knows that the Hero of Munan is a student who is about to graduate from our Hibiscus City University.” The vice-principal looked at Gao Bo and said excitedly.

Gao Bo tried his best to calm himself down. After thinking for a while, he hurriedly said, “How about this? Let all the classes listen and watch the press conference in all the multimedia classrooms! Su Yun is a hero. His spirit is commendable. Let these students take a good look at what earth-shattering things this senior has done at a young age similar to theirs!”

“Understood! ”

In just a few minutes, Gao Bo t s arrangements had been completely arranged for all the classes in Hibiscus City University. All the teachers stopped their classes and turned on the multimedia screen. They began to broadcast the livestream of the press conference. The students were initially confused, but after seeing the Hero of Munan, they became serious.

Chen Jie, who was giving the students an archeology course, sat quietly at the side and looked at Su Yun’s photo at the press conference. Below her, the students were whispering.

“Su Yun, is he the one who came to our school last time?”

“No wonder the military and police were mobilized when the senior came to school. So this senior is the hero of Munan!”

“This is the difference. While we’re still vexed over trivial matters, Senior Su

Yun is already fighting for China.”

A student seemed to remember something. He looked at Chen Jie and said, “Miss Chen, didn’t you transfer classes to participate in practical archeology previously? Furthermore, it’s at Cangluan Mountain. Do you know Su Yun?”

Chen Jie was stunned for a moment, but she quickly revealed a gentle smile. She did not say anything and only nodded with a smile. In her heart, she recalled everything that had happened when Su Yun was trapped..

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