The Murderous Diary of a Female Doctor - C.13: The Law of Peace in the world

The Murderous Diary of a Female Doctor

C.13: The Law of Peace in the world

The nurse's station indicated Bed 12 had called, then Ah Juan yelled to me, "Dr. Liu, please come to Bed 12 as soon as possible."

Ms. Lin in Bed 12 had fainted. Her daughter was next to her, ceaselessly shouting "Mom!", looking anxious and helpless, which reminded me of my past self. The Rolex got in my way. I pushed it aside.

Ah Juan had already flattened the bed. Ms. Lin's heart rate was 92 beats per minute, blood pressure normal, pulse weak, breathing normal, no secretions from nose or mouth, pupils reactive, no pupil dilation, limbs soft...

I told Ah Juan to bring glucose for the patient to drink. With my bent index finger I forcefully pressed the Chongyang acupoint. Ms. Lin opened her eyes.

Low blood sugar during pregnancy.

The girl hugged her mom, sobbing.

I handled their discharge paperwork for them, and gave the medical records and test results to the Rolex, telling him to hurry to United to avoid delay.

While the Rolex was going to handle the paperwork, Ms. Lin listlessly asked, "Dr. Liu, is there really no other way? How much time do I have left?"

"I can't answer that right now. There are still some tests that need to be done. You have to have faith. You also have to stay strong. You must eat whenever you can. Keep your mood calm..."

I sounded too official. That was the truth too. If there was no metastasis, she'd need to eat well to keep up her strength. If it had already spread, she should do and eat whatever she wanted, and leave no regrets.

What a pity for their daughter, Lisa. So young and confused, how could she accept such a merciless twist of fate?

There are no perfect solutions in this world.

Are there really no perfect solutions?

How could I both lure Bo Rongqi out of Here Club and also ensure Song Qi wouldn't possibly see?

The reason for seducing him out of Here Club was because there was a road right next to it leading straight to the central square. Since the road was lined with ancient trees, the surveillance cameras were blocked and useless.

On the side of the road in the central square were rows of zombie cars, one of which was a modified car I had parked there three months ago.

On my third visit to the club, I had planned to take Bo Rongqi with me. He would vanish from this world.

Yesterday was my second time at the club, and I ran into Song Qi.

I couldn't foresee whether Song Qi might happen to be there that day. I needed 100% certainty, not allowing the slightest error.

What I wanted was that no matter from interpersonal relations, surveillance footage or any other aspect, there would be absolutely no connection found between me and Bo Rongqi.

Hurried footsteps in high heels came up quickly behind me. I was dragged forward powerlessly by a huge force. I turned to look, and was a bit surprised by Qing Qing's sudden appearance.

She pulled me around the corner and demanded, "What were you and Song Qi talking about?"

I didn't understand.

"Pretending to be stupid? I saw you two chatting."

Where? At Hu Li's birthday party? Amnesia Bar?

I didn't speak. Silence was the highest level of disdain, which would also make the other person involuntarily say more.

Qing Qing was about to combust. "Don't think you can steal him back. He'll only be mine."

"No one necessarily belongs to anyone. He belongs to himself." I said.

Qing Qing sneered contemptuously, "Liu Baozhu, stop putting on that pretentious face like you understand everything. I understand you better than you do yourself. You have nothing, so you pretend not to care about anything. I know what I want and will fight for it myself. It doesn't matter what you said to him the other day. From now on, when you see him, stay away. I hate flies around my boyfriend."

The other day, that was at Hu Li's birthday party.

As long as it wasn't related to the bar, then everything was fine. So I smiled at Qing Qing, "Sure."

Qing Qing tidied my white doctor's coat collar, her hand lingering on my chest. Her scent was very light, a smell I liked. I used to really, really like her, and still did now.

"In a few days, I might ask you out for drinks again, to be my witness."

"Sounds good." I felt a little dizzy.

Her features were charming, her figure enviable, fashionable and youthful. She was nothing like me. No matter how many years passed, I would always be the country bumpkin she brought with her to experience the big city.

Qing Qing was right. I had nothing, so I could only not care about anything.

But no, that wasn't quite right either. At the very least, I cared a lot about my identity as a doctor, and about my own life.