The Greatest Beast Tamer of Earth - C.571 A cold WelcomeJan 13, 2024

The Greatest Beast Tamer of Earth

C.571 A cold WelcomeJan 13, 2024

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The sky was filled with dark clouds. The winds carried strange black masks with them.

It was difficult to breathe. The land was filled with cracks, craters, and pits.

No fauna could be seen anywhere where one's eyes could see. Strange shrieks and buzzing sounds could be heard from the surface.

Small, lizard-like creatures could be seen chewing bones. From their shape, they looked like the bones of a human.

If someone had ever imagined hell, it would have been somewhat like this. Occasionally, lightning struck the ground.

Craters were its work of art.

It was then that a red light flashed into the place. A large pillar of crimson light appeared. It brightened the area, gathering the attention of the creatures around it.

Sounds of roars and shrieks appeared at the same time. The creatures knew what this signal meant.

This was a signal that food was arriving on their doorsteps. They have gotten used to this phenomenon.

A figure appeared at the center of the pillar, made up of light. The moment he appeared, it became dark again.

Unaware of what had happened, the figure started inspecting his surroundings.

He was a tall boy. His silver hairs blew in the air, but he covered his nose the next second. The air here had a bad smell.

'Crack' He had just taken a step when he felt that he had broken something.

When he saw where he had stepped, he found a broken bone. Staring at the area around him carefully, he noticed there were multiple bones there.

Many were hidden below the sand, but the ones on the surface themselves were enough to send shivers through anyone.

'Shriek' He heard a strange cry.

His purple eyes moved through the area around him, but they were unable to notice any abnormalities.

But it was then that he suddenly jumped back.


The surface of his previous position cracked, and a giant, worm-like creature with a circular mouth filled with countless daggering teeth appeared.

This worm had an earthen gray body that was filled with small spikes, making it even more creepy.

But that was just the trailer, because the next moment, the ground below him started shaking.

He leaped back but found that it was also not safe. He was using his shadow sense to scan his surroundings.

When he saw that the ground was filled with multiple such worms all around, he was forced to take a big leap and climb atop a big boulder.

"What kind of cursed place is this?" He complained when he saw a ground opening from multiple areas and worms coming out of them.

He first wanted to access his surroundings and find Vinay, but that looked very far right now.

First, he needed to survive.

"At least they can't reach here." He had just sighed when he heard countless noises. free webnov

'Kaaw,' 'Kaw'

When he bent his neck backward, he saw the sky covered by dark clouds.

However, it was not like other clouds. This one was getting closer.

Soon he saw something so ridiculous that he didn't want to believe it. A swarm of horned birds was approaching him.

They had four wings and horns on their heads. However, what made them spooky was the one big red eye on their forehead.

"Why does it feel like I am facing a whole realm alone? Come on guys, don't you have anything else to do other than welcome me?"

They started encircling his head. Instead of attacking him directly, it was as if they were waiting for something.



The wait was over when a large creature appeared with a hammer-like head. It charged at Rishi and rammed into the boulder.


Multiple cracks appeared on the boulder. "Seriously, Bro, what have I done to you?"


Another collision from the creature blasted the boulder. What was worse was that there was no other boulder in the area around him.

The boy started falling. He saw multiple worms jumping at him to devour him.

However, the next moment, the boy's hand turned blurry. He then kicked the head of one worm and appeared on the back of the giant hammerhead creature.


His swords stabbed at its head, which slowed down the creature before it fell to the ground.

"You guys don't think I am that easy of prey." His lips curled up.



He regretted this next moment when he saw the attack of the flying creatures. They were very fast.

The boy next moment jumped at the worms, A large purple ring appeared around him.

From there, chains appeared and started attacking anything that appeared before them.

The boy moved like a ghost, appearing and disappearing randomly in the corner of the ring.

His swords moved around, covered in purple fire. Each slash of his was so strong that it cut through anything that came in its way.

However, he noticed the ambush of the flying creatures. They were hard to dodge due to their numbers.

"Take this" He pointed his hand at them.

A magic circle appeared behind him, and from it, multiple purple, one-foot-long shards appeared. They then stot toward the opposition like bullets piercing through any opposition that came before them.

Despite not aiming properly, they eliminated opponents in double digits each.

"You don't seriously think that was all?" He smiled at the boy as he dodged the attack of the worm behind him.



The next moment, the sound of multiple explosions appeared inside the swarm. They were powerful enough to eliminate all objects within a three-meter radius.

But that was just one part of its attack. Like a grenade, it launched smaller pieces of the shards in all directions.

With this simple attack, the boy had eliminated one-third of the swarm. Their corpses were raining from the sky.

The boy chuckled as he kept eliminating the Hammerhead Ginats and Worms. "See, I told you I am not easy to bully."

He then started slaughtering the remaining opponents one by one. Chakrams appeared around him with razor-sharp edges.

They slashed through their opponent's body and cut it into multiple pieces. For now, they were taking care of the flying creatures.



He kept moving his sword mercilessly; his body was covered in a green and yellow liquid that released a pungent smell.

"Is that all? What about now, suckers? Are you all afraid now?" He laughed as he looked toward the fleeing people. ๐’ป๐‘Ÿ๐‘’๐‘’๐‘ค๐‘’๐˜ฃ๐‘›โ„ด๐˜ท๐‘’๐‘™.๐’ธโ„ด๐‘š

But before he could fully enjoy his victory, he heard the sounds of clacking jaws and rubbing bones.

"That sounds familiar, but why is it so loud?"

When he turned, the dust was flying in the air. From it, countless skeletons could be seen approaching him.

"1000? 2000? No, more than 5000." He screamed.

The next moment, his eyes lit up. "Who is fighting you, boneheads? Catch me if you can."

He started running, but it was then that he heard strange sounds.

'Growl,' 'Bark'

Large demonic hounds appeared in his view, and he halted in his tracks.

"Why am I so unlucky?"