The Greatest Beast Tamer of Earth - C.568 Vinay’s whereaboutsJan 11, 2024

The Greatest Beast Tamer of Earth

C.568 Vinay’s whereaboutsJan 11, 2024

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The Battle Arena was silent for a moment. They were unable to process what had happened.

In the last ten seconds, they saw a fast-paced battle that was taking place so fast that no one was able to understand everything clearly.

However, when they saw Divya covered in wounds and pointed her sword at Risha's neck, they got their answer.

"Woah!" They started clapping and cheering for Divya.

She had taken an aggressive approach and suffered multiple wounds. Her Phantom Knight had also suffered multiple wounds and fainted.

Despite her present condition, no one looked down on her. Instead, they were now more wary of her.

She gained the admiration of many neutral students.

Rishi had watched the battle and learned many things about Divya and her fighting style.

He could also guess that the red glow on them might be a damage-sharing ability.

Divya was at a disadvantage in this round from the start. If she had waited until Risha had summed up her zone completely, she would have most likely lost, or the match would have been tied.

However, due to her aggressive approach, it took little to no time for her opponent to react to her attacks.

Risha was overwhelmed by the pace of the battle. She was so focused on defending that she forgot to command her second contract, Beast.

Now that Rishi knew a lot about his opponent, he was looking forward to the final.

"Everyone, thank you for being present here. The final will take place in the evening. I hope you will be present to cheer both the participants." said Professor Amrita with a smile.

Divya looked at Rishi for a moment before leaving the battle ring. She had to get herself and the Phantom Knight treated.

With the excellent medical treatment at the college, it would not be a big deal for her to recover.

She knew that the battle tomorrow would be the hardest one; Rishi had shown very little in the previous battles.

The ways he used them made him a tough opponent to judge. Other than that, the intelligence of his six-winged beast was also a reason for her worry.

While Divya was in the medical room, Bhuvan and Risha came to visit her.

Rishi, on the other hand, had been worried about Vinay. Till now, there has been no news about him.

At last, he decided to enter his room.

There was a seal and barrier on it to stop anyone from entering, but they could not stop Rishi.

He appeared in his room and saw that everything was in place. He could not find any abnormalities.

When he appeared before the table, he saw a round ball. There was dust surrounding it.

Rishi rubbed it to clean it up. The ball started shining in a red glow. It looked like a giant eye.

It released a hologram projection, "Rishi I knew you would enter my room to investigate." 𝗳𝐫𝐞𝐞𝘄𝐞𝗯𝐧𝗼𝐯𝐞𝗹.𝗰𝗼𝗺

He saw a tired-looking Vinay surrounded by a place filled with bones and skulls.

"Listen carefully; I am stuck in this realm. Here, I can't use my undead summoning magic; there are countless terrifying creatures here."

"My Contract Beast and I are injured and tired; I want your help. I am sending you the coordinates; bring the eyeball with you; it will help you enter the dungeon." freewe bnovel .com

"Come fast; I don't have much time left." He wanted to say something when a giant beast appeared behind him and hit him.

The connection was over, and Rishi received the coordinates.

From the situation, it looked like Vinay was in huge trouble. For a necromancer like him, his undead creatures were his strength.

He could imagine what he could be doing without them.

"Shit, I need to prepare to leave," said Rishi.

He decided to leave straight after the final battle. In the final battle, he would go all out from the beginning and end it fast.

That place looked barren. He had to prepare a lot of food and other important things to survive; he didn't know how much time it would take.

He booked the tickets to reach that place as soon as possible; he also contacted Hell's Door Guild and asked them to take care of everything in his absence.

After that, he wrote an application for leave. This time, he would not be able to participate in the inter-house competitions that took place after the annual exam.

He also purchased mana recovery potions and other types of potions. This dungeon appeared to be very dangerous.

Even though he was not sure what type of situation he would face, he made sure to put them in shadow space.

Who knows if this dungeon blocks spatial equipment? He also recalled the Red Leaf Beast, which could devour trees, and the Night Owl.

These preparations kept him busy the whole day; he only got a little time to rest.

He appeared in the Battle Ring waiting for Divya; he had been here two minutes ago.

When the onlookers looked at Rishi today, they felt that something was missing.

What was it? He looked exactly the same. Only a few of them were able to notice that it was the calmness.

He was always calm, but today he looked impatient.

They didn't know the reason. Some thought that it might be pressure from the final, while others believed that it might be due to some other situation.

Between the cheers and applause of the crowd, Divya entered the battle ring. Today, the crowd was huge.

Seniors have also come to witness this battle. Their annual exam was already over in the morning.

Rishi could care less about them. He looked at Amrita when he saw that ten seconds had passed and she had still not announced the start of the battle.

Amrita thought that she should wait for a minute so that the whole arena was full, but when she looked at Rishi's impatience, she decided to announce the start of the battle.

Rishi took out his 'Book of Contracts' and started summoning. He was doing his best to make it quick.

He succeeded in summoning it in four seconds—one second more than Divya.

This time he had summoned Hansi because Rishi knew that only she could end this battle quickly.

He was holding back from the start to learn a thing or two about these types of battles. This might come in handy later.

However, today he didn't have time for it.

'Bang' With the sound of Magic Pistol, the battle started.

'Chirp' Hansi released a loud cry.

It used 'Blizzard (Land of Ice),' and multiple ice spikes appeared around Divya and Phantom Knight.

The will of Rishi appeared, and a powerful presence was revealed. The suppression of bloodlines disappeared.

Multiple ice spikes launched themselves at opponents from all sides. They had no choice but to dodge.