The Fox Goddess - C.578 Evolution Part 11 LastJan 07, 2024

The Fox Goddess

C.578 Evolution Part 11 LastJan 07, 2024


[Congratulations! The host has now finished all of her Trials to Evolve, now commencing the Evolution…]

Those were the last words that Yuki heard before her consciousness faded away as her entire body enveloped itself in an Ice Cocoon, but her System was still awake as it was now starting the Evolution Progress.

[Evolution Progress… 25%]

[Evolution Progress… 50%]

[Evolution Progress… 75%]

[Evolution Progress… 100% Complete!]

After the evolution is done, cracks begin to appear in the Ice Cocoon before it finally shatters into a million pieces revealing Yuki's new appearance. But that wasn't just everything that changed for her, notifications from Fubuki kept coming.

[Congratulations again to the host for now evolving to her next Rank. The Profound Beast, for Ranking Up to this next Rank, the host would get the following rewards, new Stats Conversion, and System Access.]


+ 1,000 All Stats

New Element Slot (The host can pick any Element that is available in the System, the host can also use an Elemental Stone from the outside source of the System.)

New Stats Convertion: Chaos Power/Health Multiplier = 100, Profound Chaos Multiplier = 150

System Shop: Materials (Minerals, Chemicals, etc)

When Yuki finally finished reading all of the Notification, she was shocked a little to see that the System decided to give her Another Element, she hadn't even used it as there was nothing that caught her attention in the System's shop, but now her new Element Slot, she can pick from an outside source which makes it better for her since she is not going to be limited in what the System sells which is so little.

She had hoped that she would get another petal, but it seemed that luck wasn't on her side this time as she was just awarded access to a new set of Shops that contained Materials. She didn't complain about it since this way she could use some of her Gold for some decent things now.

But before she closed her Status Window, she realized that there were still a lot of things that she needed to do, and that was to spend her Status Points which was already 2 thousand, as well as her immense amount of Skill Points. This was the most troublesome thing because she didn't know where to use it as she felt like upgrading the Skills there wasn't going to be that worth it as it was already high level.

With that, she tried to do something, and that was to upgrade her Origin Skill to see if it would work. Yuki was then surprised to see that it could work, but it just cost a ton more than upgrading the Skills that she got from the System.

"Interesting… You can actually upgrade Origin Skills, but it costs a lot more. Then again, it's only natural as an Origin Skill is 10x stronger than what the System gives you." Yuki smiled as she looked over at how much one upgrade costs.

1 level = 1,000 Points

★ Level - 5,000 Points

Yuki didn't mind the price as she had a lot of them, but when she was about to upgrade them one by one which is just one level to try and see how big is the difference by doing a little test, she was surprised to see that it doesn't work. Looking at it again, she saw that she needs the Origin Skill to be a Star Level before she can upgrade their level, and with that kind of setting, she can't just upgrade all of them rashly, she now needs to think what is the best Origin Skill to upgrade.

After debating about it, she has now finished setting up everything, and it only took her 30 minutes to decide on what she wanted to do with them. With that, she was finally done.

Name - Yuki Ayase

Race - Primordial Heavenly Fox

Title/s - Saviour, Last Stand, Spirit Princess, Origin Skill, Ice Queen, Weapon Master, Ancient Killer, Challenger of the Heavens, Destroyer, God of the New World, Absolute Prodigy.

Lvl - 1/2,000

Exp bar - 0/10,000

The requirement to Rank Up: [The host must be lvl 2,000.]

HP - 4,210,000

Profound Chaos - 9,465,000

Chaos Power - 6,210,000

Rank - Profound Beast

Element -

Transcendent Glacial (Diamond)

[This Element will not be able to transcend into Black Rank because it's only temporary.]

Purgatory's Blood (Gold) - 0%/200%

[The host must have a complete 200% mastery. The host would also need to create a single drop of her own Blood Essence. The Blood Essence must be at least 90% Chaos Power, and 10% Spiritual Energy.] 𝘧𝓇𝑒𝑒𝘸𝑒𝒷𝘯ℴ𝘷𝑒𝑙.𝒸ℴ𝑚

Cultivation - Frozen Abyss Fox Cultivation Technique

Martial Arts - Eternal Moon Dance, Cursed Sword Techniques of the Demon Goddess.

Original Skill - Eternal Freezing Void Bow ★, Transcending Ice Gauntlet (1), Corrupting Ice Slash (1), Heavenly Snowflake ★, Essence of the Mind, Icy Needles of Despair ★, Immortal's Wrath: Crimson Ice Scythe, Thousand Layers of Death, Blood Eclipse ★, Heaven's Will.

Original Passive - Destiny Shattering Domain ★, Endless Ice Void ★.

Active - Blood Manipulation ★ (5), Descendant Ice Maker ★ (5), Moon Blast ★ (5), Beast Arts ★ (5), Charm ★ (5), Absolute Stealth ★ (5), Absolute Speed ★ (5), Illusionary ★, Blood Lifeline ★, Blood Annihilation ★, War Saintess ★, Blood Clone ★, Fist of Destruction ★.

Passive - Blood Devourer, Moon Goddess, Language God, Divine Fox Eyes, Frozen Abyss Heart, Demonic Series: Wrathful Lunar Empress.

Status Points - 0

Skill Points - 76

Coins - 6,011,000,000

Status -

Str - 33,560

Int - 63,100

Agi - 43,100

Def - 32,100

Dex - 32,100

Vit - 42,100

Equipped Gears -

- Fairy Saintess Flute (Silver)

- Fairy's Wrath: Rainbow Edge Dual Katana (Red) [Dual Spirit Type]

- Earrings of the Life/Death Goddess (Red)

- Ring of the Fox Goddess (Red)

- Spatial Ring (Red)

- Chaos Ring (Purple)

- Uriel's Blessing: Necklace of the Divine Angel (Red)

- Lucifer's Curse: Ring of Thousand Curses (Red)


(World Map), (Manual Guide), (Mortal Realm's Core) (Demon Awakening Pill x2 100%), (Void Pill), (Space Pill), (X5 Free Voucher), (Job Class X1), (Spirit Weapon Core), (Item Condensor), (Dimensional Ring).

Stats was something that Yuki didn't really care about as it was not really her goal in evolving, the only thing that she wanted from her evolution was her new body, becoming stronger for her was just a bonus from it. So she then took a deep breath before finally looking at herself through an Ice Mirror that she made, but what she saw made her smile a little.

"It's good that I'm no longer in a child's body, now I look like I'm 20 years old…" Yuki chuckled as she looked and admired herself, though she wanted some more change it was the best that she could have. The only thing that she didn't like was that she didn't have the body that she had when she was still a human, at most she was really flat but still had some curves in her that would make any man look at her twice. Her facial features also didn't change much as she was still the same beautiful woman, right now she just looks like her Mother without the right assets.

"I guess it's fine, but I better get a new body once I Rank up again," Yuki spoke in a slightly cold tone as she then grabbed a new piece of cloth from her Storage Ring and dressed herself before finally going out.

But when she was about to go out of the Water, she felt that something was wrong. Yuki felt that there were a lot of people that were waiting from the top of the ocean. She felt a headache coming as this was just the worst-case scenario for her as she didn't want to fight right now, the only thing that she wanted to do was to come home and meet her Family.

"But I have no choice, they have already set up an Array Formation in this area where it is not prohibited to use Talisman. I'm going to make this quick then." The smile on Yuki's face completely disappeared as she flew out of the water without any fear, it was then that she was bombarded with attacks from all sides.

"Setting up an ambush huh, I guess all of you are really prepared to die." Yuki laughed wickedly and when everyone heard her demonic laugh, they shivered in fear because it meant only one thing, they didn't kill the person that they had been waiting for so long.

When all of the smoke was finally out, what they only saw was a slender woman who wore a Fox Mask hiding the beauty of her face, but they didn't expect that it was the last thing that they would see before all of them died.

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