The Fox Goddess - C.558 Pitch BlackDec 03, 2023

The Fox Goddess

C.558 Pitch BlackDec 03, 2023

Even Jin, the unknown God that she has killed didn't have as much power as Daryl has right now, and based on it, she could tell that Jin came from a Low Tier Heaven like her which is most likely Yggdrasil which resulted in her killing him possible, but she felt like that the person in front of her was someone greater which was just absurd because Daryl was just a Middle Tier Spirit Gather Cultivator, it should still be impossible even if he came from a High Tier Heaven. It was either that Jin was not really a God Rank Cultivator but a Saint or even lower than that and he was just innately stronger since he came from a better Heaven than Mystic Dragon Heaven and of course because of their Rank difference which was not a few.

So to really make things straight, Yuki decided to use her "Divine Fox Eyes" again as she just refused to believe that Daryl who was like seven or six Ranked lower than Jin could be even stronger than him, even if it was just the difference in Heavens, there was no possible way that it could be real. When she used her Skill again, she finally noticed that something was wrong, the Stats that she had seen before were fake stats and when she looked at them again, it was now different from before. His Rank even got lower and his stats got lower by a few hundred million. Now she was sure that Daryl was using some sort of Diguising or an Illusion Skill that made him look weaker.

Because of this fact, Yuki now needs to be extremely careful because, in reality, she doesn't know how strong Daryl is right now. She didn't even know if he was a God Rank Cultivator or not, the only thing going through her mind right now was how she escaped this without revealing her identity. But with the current situation, she can't think because she was recently attacked by him who is giving her no chance to follow up whatsoever, it was only thanks to her insane battle prowess and experience that she was able to dodge some of his attacks and even have the chance to counter but all of it was still useless against his fast attacks.

"Fuck… do I really need to use that again?" Yuki racks her brain as she still refuses to bring out her trump card at this moment because it would make this Quest for her a lot harder since it would clash with her initial plans to take over Nightingale. She has two ways of getting out of this with a guaranteed chance that she will be alive, but doing it would hinder her plans, when she was hit with another attack from Daryl, she was given no more chance but to use one of the ways that she had thought of.

"Fuck it, I won't be able to take over this Heaven if I die here now, might as well use one of those." Taking out an old and dusty-looking book, she took a deep breath to everyone's confusion and before any one of them could react, an oppressing feeling came to their body making the assassins kneel on the ground and Daryl sweat profusely. But it only got worse when they saw the little vampire suddenly pulling a blade out of the book. And when she did, the once beautiful sky suddenly turned pitch black.

"I'll borrow this one for now… Eclipse: Sword of Darkness." Yuki muttered as she took out the weapon that originally belonged to Tsukoyomi using Heaven's Will. When that Skill of hers got changed by the System, at first the System only allowed her to use the weapon of that God with just 10 minutes of time which was already a lot considering what it did, all it was a Rainbow Rank Weapon which was something you should never look down on. So while she was inspecting the new Book, she didn't know that it would actually release the weapon as soon as she just muttered it.

What happened was that Yuki was just repeating the name of Amaterasu's weapon, the "Fan of the Divine Sun" while holding the book, but whe would have never expected for the weapon to actually appear in her hands, and when she asked Amaterause, she said that it was the exact same as she showed her weapon to her. This made things clear for her since it wasn't exactly borrowing but it was copying, but even knowing that fact, Yuki was mad because she just wasted so much time on that. As the Book has a cooldown naturally she now needs to wait for a few months for that to reset before she can take out the weapon again.

Bringing the weapon back, she then once again sighed and called out the name of the weapon, and to her absolute shock, it came back, which meant one thing. It no longer had a cooldown.

Without wasting any more time, Yuki raised the sword above her head before slashing down creating a black mist that blocks all of the vision in everyone. Not even Qi sense could be used against it as it was now pitch black because of the mist and the only one who could see at this moment was Yuki, just as she was thinking of leaving, she suddenly had an idea.

"Can I kill a few of those Assassins? Considering their power, I will get more than EXP to level up to the max level, I can then Rank up now. But do I have the power though?" With such thought, there was now no way that Yuki would let such a thing slip her hands, ranking up is going to help her a lot, especially in her journey in Nightingale.

But she has some problems with it, how can she get close to them, and kill them cleanly?

She already had the power since she was still holding Eclipse and she was sure that she would be able to kill them in one slash, she was just not sure that she was going to be fast enough because even if they were inside the mist which blocks all of their senses. There was still that sixth sense that was going to trip her up, once she exposed even the slightest killing intent, they would be able to know where she was. It was a risky plan, but the benefits that she would gain would be huge if she succeeded, so without hesitating anymore, she emptied her mind and used "Absolute Speed" and "Eternal Eclipse" to get behind her enemy.

"Where is she!? Find her and kill her! Whoever kills her, I will give you all the money that I just offered you!" Daryl shouted as he was now desperate, he didn't think that the little vampire would actually have something up her sleeves. If he didn't kill her now, it would be his downfall.

"Hehehe… that money is going to be mine! Don't even try and steal it from me you old farts!" The leader of the small group yelled out excitedly as he took out his weapon, he then felt a danger coming from all directions, but when he felt it, it was already too late. The last thing he saw before he died was his headless body falling into the ground.

"What happened-" That was his last words before his body fell down.

"Shit… still not perfect. I still released a little bit of killing intent on that which gave him a chance to react… Fuck, I need to be better." Yuki cursed herself for her own incompetence that she still managed to slip up at that moment, but before she could criticize herself even more. She heard Fubuki's voice in her head.


[The user has received 100 Million EXP for killing a Guardian Rank Cultivator. Congratulations! The host has now reached level 1,000, the user can now go to her System Window and click the Rank Up button to go and do the Trial to Rank Up.] Fubiki announced which eased Yuki since killing one was enough.

Name - Yuki

Race - Primordial Heavenly Fox

Title/s - Saviour, Last Stand, Spirit Princess, Origin Skill, Ice Queen, Weapon Master, Ancient Killer, Challenger of the Heavens, Destroyer, God of the New World, Absolute Prodigy.

Lvl - 1,000/1,000

Exp bar - 10,000/10,000

The requirement to Rank Up: [The host must be lvl 1,000.]

HP - 2,105,000

Profound Chaos - 6,210,000

Chaos Power - 3,105,000

Rank - Mortal Beast

Element -

Transcendent Glacial (Diamond)

[This Element will not be able to transcend into Black Rank because it's only temporary.]

Purgatory's Blood (Gold) - 0%/200%

[The host must have a complete 200% mastery. The host would also need to create a single drop of her own Blood Essence. The Blood Essence must be at least 90% Chaos Power, and 10% Spiritual Energy.]

Cultivation - Frozen Abyss Fox Cultivation Technique

Martial Arts - Eternal Moon Dance, Cursed Sword Techniques of the Demon Goddess.

Original Skill - Eternal Freezing Void Bow, Transcending Ice Gauntlet, Corrupting Ice Slash, Heavenly Snowflake, Essence of the Mind, Icy Needles of Despair, Immortal's Wrath: Crimson Ice Scythe, Thousand Layers of Death, Blood Eclipse, Heaven's Will.

Original Passive - Destiny Shattering Domain, Endless Ice Void.

Active - Blood Manipulation ★ (5), Descendant Ice Maker ★ (5), Moon Blast ★ (5), Beast Arts ★ (5), Charm ★ (5), Absolute Stealth ★ (5), Absolute Speed ★ (5), Illusionary ★, Blood Lifeline ★, Blood Annihilation ★, War Saintess ★, Blood Clone ★, Fist of Destruction ★.

Passive - Blood Devourer, Moon Goddess, Language God, Divine Fox Eyes, Frozen Abyss Heart, Demonic Series: Wrathful Lunar Empress.

Status Points - 2,450

Skill Points - 32,076

Coins - 6,011,000,000

Status -

Str - 32,100

Int - 62,100

Agi - 43,100

Def - 32,100

Dex - 32,100

Vit - 42,100

Equipped Gears -

- Fairy Saintess Flute (Silver)

- Fairy's Wrath: Rainbow Edge Dual Katana (Red) [Dual Spirit Type]

- Earrings of the Life/Death Goddess (Red)

- Ring of the Fox Goddess (Red)

- Spatial Ring (Red)

- Chaos Ring (Purple)

- Uriel's Blessing: Necklace of the Divine Angel (Red)

- Lucifer's Curse: Ring of Thousand Curses (Red)


(World Map), (Manual Guide), (Mortal Realm's Core) (Demon Awakening Pill x2 100%), (Void Pill), (Space Pill), (X5 Free Voucher), (Job Class X1), (Spirit Weapon Core).

But before Yuki could say anything about her reaching max level, she heard a cracking sound which made her confused, but when she looked down at her hands, she saw what was the thing that was breaking. And in that moment, the Sword that she was holding started to form cracks before shattering into a thousand pieces.

"What the fuck just happened… wait, don't tell me." Yuki now knows why she can summon it again and again. In exchange for no cooldown, it would shatter and most likely be the time when the cooldown starts. But she didn't have a lot of time to think about it since the Black Mist was slowly fading away, she quickly threw her Fox Mask in her Spatial Ring and changed clothes before going back to the ground as if nothing happened.

It is exactly what she thinks of. It wasn't that the Cooldown was gone, it just hadn't started yet, it would only start when she had finally used it or had used it to kill someone, at least that was what Yuki thought. But before she could care about that, the thing that she needed to do right now was just to blend in with her surroundings, or else she would be spotted.

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