The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right - C.573 - : Did He Use A Goldfinger?

The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right

C.573 - : Did He Use A Goldfinger?

Chapter 573: Did He Use A Goldfinger?

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“There’s no need for that,” Xie Xize frowned.

“But if you go out now, you’ll definitely run into them,” said Little Meng.

Xie Xize looked down at MO Yangyang and said, “”1f Fifth Uncle is unwilling to see them, we…lt’s fine to wait.’

When Mo Yangyang said this, her heart tightened.

The Zhou family…He was here to bring Zhou You away…

In other words, the dream from last night had come true.

MO Yangyang felt her throat tighten.

The Spicy Strip was also looking at MO Yangyang. He could see her nervousness.

The Spicy Strip frowned slightly.

Her mother’s dream had come true. The pressure in her heart would probably be very great at this moment.

Spicy Strip was also puzzled. Why was his mother dreaming about what happened today? Could it be that she had a cheat code and had the ability to predict the future?

Xie Xize realized that MO Yangyang’s mood was not quite right. ‘”You … Why do you seem a little nervous?”

MO Yangyang shook her head. I’m fine.”

After hesitating for a second, MO Yangyang couldn’t help but ask, “”Fifth Uncle, the people from the Zhou family that you’re talking about … To pick up that . The man who was standing by the bed when I woke up?”

For some reason, she just wanted to confirm it.

If not..

Then the pressure in her heart would not be as great.

However, if it was true and the dream came true, this…lt was a little unbelievable…

Xie Xize nodded. ” Yes, it’s him. He’s the only heir of the Zhou family for three generations. He sneaked out of the family to study in his early years. His family has been looking for him. Now that they know he’s here, they’ve come to find him and want to bring him back.

MO Yangyang gulped. It was true…Her dream had come true.

If … If this wasn’t a coincidence and her dreams could come true, then the dreams she had when she was unconscious…

MO Yangyang bit her lip, and the pressure on her heart suddenly increased.

The spicy stick couldn’t help but say, “Mom…” It’s not a big deal. There’s no need to take it to heart.”

MO Yangyang raised her head and smiled at the Spicy Strip.”Yes…

Spicy Strip sighed. She might not be able to take it to heart for the time being.

Xie Xize looked at the Spicy Strips and asked him what had happened.

Spicy Strip blinked.

He couldn’t say anything in front of MO Yangyang, so he could only find a time to tell Xie Xize when he got back.

Little Meng peeked out of the window and said, Doctor, Zhou You has already gone to see them. Look, they’re downstairs. ‘

MO Yangyang clenched her fists and said to Xie Xize, “”Fifth Uncle, we…Why don’t you wait a while before leaving?”

“There’s no need for that,” Xie Xize replied after a moment of hesitation. “I don’t owe her anything. Instead, they should be thanking me. There’s no need. We’ll just avoid them and leave.”


She also wanted to see if the people who came to pick Zhou You up were the ones she had dreamed of.

Spicy Strip sighed again.

The pressure was great, the pressure was great…

There was now an inexplicable gap between his parents.

His mother had something on her mind and refused to say it.

His cheap father was not someone who knew how to coax people.

It was really difficult for an old son like him to be stuck in the middle!

Xie Xize pushed MO Yangyang out of the building.

MO Yangyang saw a group of people surrounding Zhou You. There were more than ten of them, both men and women..

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