The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right - C.568 - : Don’t You Miss the Baby?

The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right

C.568 - : Don’t You Miss the Baby?

Chapter 568: Don’t You Miss the Baby?

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This hand was so familiar. It had caressed his head countless times and hugged him countless times.

This thin and slender hand had worked hard to hold up the short sky for him every day in the past.

Because of her, he felt that there was still warmth in this world.

Spicy Strip thought that he was dreaming.

He bit the tip of her tongue.

The pain hit him instantly.

Spicy Strip’s face revealed an expression that wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. It was true. Mommy was finally awake…

He turned his body carefully and finally saw MO Yangyang’s sleeping face.

In the past few days, every time Spicy Strip opened his eyes, he would see MO Yang with her eyes closed. He was afraid and terrified.

Actually, he was not strong at all. He was very timid and afraid…Because he knew that if his mother was really gone, he would not have the courage to continue living.

The Spicy Strip swallowed twice and stretched out its trembling hand.

His little hand touched MO Yangyang’s nose, and his warm and even breath fell on his hand.

The corners of his lips twitched, and he couldn’t help but reach out to scratch MO Yangyang’s neck.

For the first time, MO Yangyang did not move.

Spicy Strip was afraid. Could it be that his mother had fallen asleep again and was not going to wake up?

Spicy Strip reached out to push MO Yangyang’s shoulder, but she still didn’t move. He panicked and pushed harder.”Mommy…” Just as she shouted, her hand was suddenly grabbed.

The Spicy Strip was stunned.

MO Yangyang grabbed the little claws of the spicy stick and said with her eyes closed,”Baby, don’t be silly. Let Mommy sleep for a while more.”

Hearing MO Yangyang’s voice, finally confirmed that MO Yangyang had not fallen asleep again. She was really awake.

The joy on Spicy Strip’s face could not be suppressed. He pounced over and hugged MO Yangyang’s neck. He did not care if she wanted to sleep or not. He shook her and shouted, “Mommy…Mother … Wake up, don’t sleep anymore. Mom, wake up…

MO Yangyang pressed the head of the Spicy Strip. ” Little brat, Mommy is very sleepy. Let me sleep for a while more. ‘

The spicy stick struggled in his arms. ” Mommy is too lazy. You’ve been sleeping for so many days. Why are you still sleepy? Get up quickly. You haven’t seen your baby for so many days. Don’t you miss your baby? ‘

MO Yangyang opened her eyes and met the bright eyes of the Spicy Strips.

This child was getting better and better.

Like Xie Xize, and also like him, she was carved like jade and was ridiculously beautiful.

MO Yangyang’s lips curled up. She held the spicy stick in her hand and kissed him on the cheek. “Of course Mommy misses Baby. Come and let Mommy take a good look…”

MO Yangyang looked at the Spicy Strip carefully and said, “”You’ve lost too much weight. No, I have to continue working hard to make up for that weight.”

The Spicy Strip moved in front of MO Yangyang and rubbed her face.

“”Mommy…It looks like your cooking.”

“I’ll make it for you today,” said MO Yangyang.

” No, I can’t. Mommy needs to rest well. You can make it for me in two days.

How could he not know that a person who had been unconscious for a few days would be very weak when he woke up? He had to rest for a few days before anything else.

Moreover, he could feel that MO Yangyang’s body was weak.

She did not look well, and her strength was weak. She felt weak. In traditional Chinese medicine, it was probably due to insufficient Qi and blood!

MO Yangyang rubbed her soft hair. “”Mommy has rested enough.. Spicy Strip’s face was stern and serious. “”No, you have to hear it..”

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