The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right - C.559 - : Tearing His Dreams to Tear

The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right

C.559 - : Tearing His Dreams to Tear

Chapter 559: Tearing His Dreams to Tear

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“I…” Zhou You gulped.

That’s right … That was indeed what he thought.

He wanted to know how Xie Xize, a man who was overly calm, had a monstrous IQ, and was more rational than anything else, would react after losing his beloved.

These were all dark and evil thoughts that grew in his mind. He did not even dare to say them.

When he thought about it, he just quickly skipped it.

However, he did.

There was no anger in Xie Xize’s eyes. He said, “Zhou You…l invited you here to save people, but you treated me, the Spicy Strips, and Yang Yang as your test subjects. It doesn’t matter if we’re sad or not in your heart. It doesn’t matter if Yang Yang is dead or alive. Everything is just an experiment…”

I …” Zhou You could not refute.

That’s right, hadn’t he always thought this way? It didn’t matter whether others lived or died, or whether others were sad or not.

Everyone, everything, everything was an experiment in his eyes. In the end, all he got was data.

Xie Xize no longer looked at Zhou You. ” A person can pursue his dreams. He can work hard for his research direction, but…” If a person loses his bottom line as a human, he can no longer be considered a human. Since he is not a human, why should he study humans?”

Zhou You’s face instantly turned pale.

Xie Xize’s words were like a clap of thunder in his ears, jolting him awake.

Zhou You suddenly realized that he had gone astray in the past.

He thought that when studying people, he couldn’t bring in human emotions because emotions would ruin things. Therefore, he had to be rational and cold.

He had to look at everyone as a calm bystander.

He abandoned his emotions and treated himself like a robot.

He thought that he could calculate everything accurately.

But now, Xie Xize’s words had woken him up.

Xie Xize continued, ” Zhou You, back then, you swore that you would become the best psychologist. Unfortunately, I didn’t see it. I only saw your failure, a complete failure. All the progress of mankind, whether it’s scientific research, philosophy, or psychology, all of these are to better serve mankind. You, however, are not.

Zhou You’s face turned even paler.

” You’ve failed! ” Xie Xize raised his head and looked at him. When you think you can look down on all life with a clear mind, when you disregard life and feelings, you’ve already failed! ”

“You have lost your original heart. When you excessively pursue and scheme against others, you have already lost your way…”

“Zhou You, you are no longer worthy of being a psychologist!”

In an instant, Zhou You felt as if all the strength in his body had been sucked out.

With a thud, he knelt on the ground.

His ears were filled with Xie Xize’s last words. Zhou You, you’re no longer worthy…You don’t deserve it… She was no longer worthy…

Xie Xize didn’t hit him or scold him. However, every word he said was like a drastic measure to Zhou You, who had made psychological research and philosophy his lifelong pursuit.

Xie Xize attacked Zhou You’s heart with a single move, and Zhou You instantly lost all hope. It was as if he had been struck by lightning!

What he had persisted in, what he had worked hard for, what he had pursued, was now completely denied by others.

What could be more cruel than having one’s dream torn apart?

What was the cruelty of having all the persistence in one’s heart shattered?

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