The Best Actor Insists On Living With Me! - C.41: : Dignitaries (3)


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Xia Siyu was taken aback, “I’ve moved, I don’t live in the original place. But I’m not at my new place either, I’m just at…”

Before she could finish, a series of “knock knock” sounds came from outside the door, and then, a man’s warm voice rose from outside, “Sorry, I’m Qin Baizhou, Xia Siyu’s agent, may I come in? I have something to say about her


Qin Baizhou was speaking outside the door while Xia Siyu’s call was still not hung up.

Bo Yan was sitting in the same spot where he had been selecting actors, When he heard her on the phone, he had no reaction, didn’t even lift his head. He was just twirling a pen, seemingly deep in thought.

But Shang Feifei, between the two of them, glanced back and forth between Xia Siyu and Bo Yan with a frown.

The door quickly opened, and a young man dressed in silver casual wear, wearing glasses, walked in. His face was travel-worn, obviously, he had just gotten off the plane and had rushed over here without even a chance to change his luggage or clothes.

He entered with a smile, “I’m sorry to keep you all waiting, I’m Qin Baizhou.”

As soon as Qin Baizhou came in, he first shook hands with Director Wang,

Director Zhang, and President Chen, and quickly turned to Bo Yan, “I’m sorry, Teacher Bo, Siyu is blunt and speaks without much thought. She said something wrong a few days ago and offended you, please be forgiving.”

Qin Baizhou was referring to the incident at the film festival where Xia Siyu had offended Bo Yan. Bo Yan looked up at him indifferently, did not speak, and did not shake his hand.

Qin Baizhou wasn’t angry, and turned to look at Shang Feifei, “It’s been a long time Fei’er, you are still so beautiful.”

Shang Feifei gave a tepid smile, “Not as good-looking as your Siyu.”

Xia Siyu had a look of you’re right’ on her face, taking Shang Feifei’s polite remark as a matter of course. 𝚏r𝗲ewe𝚋𝐧𝚘vel.𝚌𝚘m

When she said “your Siyu,” although Bo Yan was sitting expressionless in his chair, the hand with which he was twirling his pen paused for half a beat. Xia Siyu straightforwardly asked, “How did you know I was here?”

“l couldn’t get through to home when I called, so I knew you weren’t there.

Today is the audition day, I wanted you to apply for the lead role, but I didn’t didn’t expect you to come for the supporting role,” Qin Baizhou said with a hint of reproach in his tone, but more surprise.

Although the supporting role seemed to be the antagonist, the script actually had a very complex character set-up, and without any acting skill, one could only play a standard villain. He had not expected Xia Siyu to step out of her comfort zone and actively seek the role.

After all, he was an agent, and being tactful was a must, so he quickly turned to Director Wang and the others with a smile, “Of course, a project from Director Wang is worth trying regardless of the role. If you get selected, you really should thank Director Wang and the other teachers for their appreciation.”

Xia Siyu, direct as ever, nodded, “I like this supporting female role, I think the character is solid. And there are no major issues with the story, I want to give it a try.”

Normally, when artists choose a film, the team goes through several rounds of screening. Many artists don’t even know they had a project until it’s been filtered out by the management team. Xia Siyu was very popular, and the company had many resources pushed her way. The company had intended to strive for this project for her, but her involvement in a fight disrupted the process, forcing a temporary hold, and no one expected her to show up on her own.

“Alright,” Qin Baizhou agreed instantly, “If you like it, go for it..”