The Best Actor Insists On Living With Me! - C.26: Bathing (4)


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Xia Siyu was stunned for several seconds, her face, all the way to her ears, and down to her neck, turned completely red! She could even feel the sweat breaking out on her back.

Although Xia Siyu was rumored to have numerous scandals in the eyes of outsiders, if it wasn’t for her too explosive personality, making her seem not easily subdued, there might even have been talks of having previous agreements.

But even so, the comments about her on the internet definitely contained these words: “Experienced with many.” 𝚏𝗿𝗲ew𝐞b𝐧o𝚟𝚎𝗹.com

In front of outsiders, Xia Siyu could put on an arrogant face as if “there’s nothing I haven’t seen.” But facing Bo Yan, although she could rely on her momentum to support her, he indeed knew her secrets, knew her past. That bit of momentum was like a paper tiger, easily deflated with a poke.

Bo Yan put down the script and slowly stood up.

Xi Siyu was initially in a state of high alert, and the moment he stood up, all her radars immediately went off. She didn’t step back, but her eyes became extremely sharp. The slight frown that had rested upon her brows while she lay next to the bathtub now shot up fiercely, like a small animal with its fur puffed up, ready to attack its enemy.

Especially as his steps moved directly toward her, her defensiveness intensified.

This was different from their encounter in the film city that afternoon. That was a public place, and she knew Wei Jingjing and the others were not far away. If Bo Yan dared to be rude to her, even if she couldn’t beat him, a loud shout could bring four or five helpers running.

But now, alone together in a room, with a roof above and walls around. The house had soundproofing to prevent paparazzi from taking secret photos, and the curtains were even drawn.

Moreover, she and Bo Yan were legally married—they had actually registered their marriage.

Although the current Marriage Law could protect in-marriage issues, in reality, even domestic violence, which is a criminal matter, often doesn’t get interfered with; it’s mostly dealt with through mediation. If Bo Yan really did something to her, wouldn’t she just be bullied for nothing?

Bo Yan advanced step by step, and she firmly refused to retreat, only turning her eyeballs to the side, her gaze locked on the glass cup beside the water dispenser!

If Bo Yan really tried anything, she would use that glass cup to knock his head, gouge his eyes, and then kick his vital parts!

Bo Yan, expressionless, walked towards her, drawing closer with each step. This time, Xia Siyu didn’t just stand there foolishly like she did in the afternoon. She quickly turned around, directly picked up the glass cup beside her, and glared at him with clear hostility.

He stopped in front of her, his long arm reaching out towards her, seemingly about to grab her arm just like in the afternoon.

Xia Siyu, in a reflex, raised the cup, ready to retaliate, but Bo Yan’s arm—passed by her side, his fingers picking up a glass cup beside her, and poured himself a glass of water.

Xia Siyu didn’t lower the cup in her hand, watchfully observing his throat as he swallowed.

Atter Bo Yan finished the water, he turned around—without casting a glance at her the entire time, as if she were air, leaving her with his back and directly heading to the study.

This, this was it?

Before she could speak, Bo Yan’s footsteps paused, and Xia Siyu once again tightened her grip on the cup, her look unfriendly.

Bo Yan, without turning his head, coldly dropped a sentence, “Don’t disturb me, and don’t come near me. I don’t want your presence within a two-meter radius of me.’

Then he closed the door with a “bang..”