Sword Saints Should Go Tank - C.297 - -the hero’s appearance

Sword Saints Should Go Tank

C.297 - -the hero’s appearance

Chapter 297: Chapter 297-the hero’s appearance

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Red butterfly Ji, who felt that she was going to die, was preparing to fight with all her might. But at this moment, a voice suddenly rang out in the sky.

Red butterfly Ji didn’t care about the “ah ah” sounds, but the last cold voice made her pleasantly surprised. At the same time, she looked up at the sky in disbelief.

The moment she raised her head, a figure that she both loved and hated came into her sight.

“My husband has come to save me!”

A feeling of joy and gratitude appeared in red butterfly Ji’s heart. But then, she thought of something and said with uncertainty, it can’t be an illusion, right? I’ve heard that people have illusions before they die.

Of course, what was in front of her wasn’t an illusion. When red butterfly Ji raised her head to look at the sky, the vines had already come for her. However, just as they were about to wrap around her body, a cold snort suddenly came from the sky.

Along with the cold snort, a terrifying pressure descended from the sky.

The overbearing pressure covered the entire area. Under the pressure, all the evil spirits within a few hundred meters of it quieted down.

Many of them were even knocked unconscious by the pressure.

Just as they were stunned, a huge figure descended from the sky like a meteorite.

With a loud boom, the figure landed on the ground. Its huge weight made a hole in the ground.

But at the same time, a wave of power also burst out in all directions.

Under the impact of the shockwave, the underground vines that were recovering from the shock exploded into pieces. They were all killed by Lu Chen’s landing.

[ jumping slash-landslide ]

Lu Chen’s fall and the domineering aura from his cold snort silenced the crowd.

When Lu Chen got up from the ground, he heard some noises. The first thing he heard wasn’t the roar of the evils but the cheers of the barbarians.

“Prince, it’s the 13th Prince.”

“The Prince is here to save us. Long live the Prince.” we’re saved! Evil, you all deserve to die!

There were still many evils out there and they did not seem to be getting weaker. Instead, they were getting stronger as time passed.

But no matter how many evils there were, the barbarians still cheered when Lu

Chen descended from the sky. At the same time, they were filled with confidence.

With such confidence, the barbarian’s will to fight rose sharply, and the fear of the evil and the unknown was swept away.

It could only be said that a strong and constantly victorious leader was still very important.

The saying “one soldier bears a bear, and the other bears a nest” was not empty talk in ancient times.

No matter which world it was in the ancient times, the outcome of a war was determined by close combat. This kind of close combat where one could lose their life at any time was extremely oppressive to the soldiers. They didn’t know if they could win, let alone survive.

When victory was not in sight, people would usually flee after a short fight.

Although no one was fleeing, the scene of the divine Kingdom’s descent still gave them endless shock. Even the Barbarian Warriors felt uneasy, which made them a little fearful in the battle just now.

However, with Lu Chen’s arrival, everything changed. Lu Chen’s victories along the way had given them too much encouragement. Therefore, they burst out with a combat power of nearly 120 and launched a frenzied attack.

If the enemy was from another tribe, this kind of attack with high morale was likely to overwhelm them and crush them in one wave.

However, the evils that the barbarians were facing did not have any morale. While the barbarians were fighting back, the evils were also attacking. As a result, many of the barbarians were injured. However, after they were injured, they would still continue fighting.

Lu Chen shook his head at the scene, ” “He’s really reckless!”

As he spoke, Lu Chen continued to walk forward. After hearing his words, red butterfly Ji was a little excited. She didn’t know if she was saved by Lu Chen or if she just recovered from death.

“Lord husband actually called others reckless, that’s really funny.”

what’s so funny? I’ve always been rational. What about you? what happened just now? why did you suddenly stop moving?

Red butterfly Ji threw a flirtatious look at Lu Chen, ” I saw that my husband is here. I feel safe!

Although the hero saving the beauty was cliché, it was very useful. At the moment of despair when one was about to die, a hero would descend from the sky to save one’s life. This was the dream of countless girls.

The only thing that made red butterfly Ji curse was that other People’s Heroes all stepped on rainbow clouds, but her hero was wearing terrifying armor. Behind him, there was a cold wind, and there were even evil ghost heads constantly moving around him.

why do I feel like the devil King is here? forget it, so be it. He’s the devil King, so I should be the devil concubine.

Lu Chen didn’t know what red butterfly Ji was thinking. Instead, it was her words that made Lu Chen unhappy, ” “I can’t save you all the time. You have to improve your own strength.”

To be honest, luck played a part in saving red butterfly Ji but other than luck, Lu Chen’s strength was more important.

As he walked to the front, Lu Chen was deep in thought.

I didn’t expect intuition to be able to sense the life and death of those close to me. However, according to my guess, this sensing should have a distance limit.

The reason why Lu Chen said he could save Red butterfly Ji was not only because of luck, but also because when red butterfly Ji was in danger, Lu Chen was able to sense it from another dimension.

After sensing red butterfly Ji’s presence, Lu Chen’s intuition told him that due to the fall of the divine Kingdom, the world was divided into layers. At that time, Lu Chen and red butterfly Ji were in the same place but because of the space, they were separated into two sides.

What happened next was clear. Red butterfly Ji was in danger and Lu Chen’s intuition detected it. At the same time, he sensed red butterfly Ji but couldn’t find her. This made Lu Chen realize that something was wrong with the dimension. Then, he used the afterimage of Keiga to penetrate through the dimension. At the last moment, he used the Conqueror’s haki to knock out the vine and then used the avalanche slash to kill the evil.

In this process, luck did play a small role but it was mostly due to Lu Chen’s strength. Without his strength, he wouldn’t even be able to sense the evil, let alone knock it out.

At the same time, Lu Chen also wanted to know more about the layers of space.

However, Lu Chen also knew that this wasn’t the time to think about all these. Therefore, he quickly shook his head and threw away all the messy thoughts in his mind.

“Now, it’s time to fight.’

Lu Chen didn’t make a sound when he was walking alone. But as he moved forward, the barbarians who were fighting in front of him all made way for him silently.

Just like a king inspecting his people or Moses parting the sea, Lu Chen walked to the front step by step without any obstacles.

While he was walking, the sound of punishing evil came from Lu Chen’s mouth.

“Receive your judgment!”

Then, a golden flame burst out from Lu Chen’s meteorite huge sword.

When the flames completely covered the meteor sword, Lu Chen was at the forefront of the battle.

At this moment, Lu Chen was wearing the blood-red evil spirit armor and holding the flaming sword. Behind him were the barbarians and in front of him was the endless horde of evil spirits.

There were hunters with their skin peeled off, Dark Knights riding netherworld warhorses and holding huge swords, and countless dead people whose bodies had mutated.

When Lu Chen looked at them, those terrifying existences also roared at Lu Chen.

At the next moment, Lu Chen and the two sides moved at the same time. A large number of attacks were launched at Lu Chen who was at the front. Lu Chen held his sword horizontally and let out a Holy sigh.

witness the Supreme fire! Your time has come!

While sighing, Lu Chen swung the meteorite huge sword in his hand.

BOOM! a red sword Qi was slashed out by Lu Chen. The sword Qi was huge, more than 20 meters long, and it was covered in red flames.

The thick sword Qi rushed forward with endless power.

As the Scarlet sword Qi swept across, the evils arrived at the same time. They blocked the Scarlet sword Qi and tried to break through the sword Qi to attack Lu Chen. However, the next moment, the barbarians cheered.

The evil’s attack was like snow under the sun, melting away in the face of the burning sword Qi.

Their attacks were not the only thing that was melted. The Scarlet sword Qi was thrown forward and it hit many evils, houses, and even trees, blocking it.

However, under the might of the sword Qi, all of them were like bubbles that were broken by the sword Qi.

The houses, trees, and the evil’s body were all sliced apart by the red sword Qi.

When the sword Qi was completely gone, there was no longer anything in Lu Chen’s way. Everything within 300 meters of Lu Chen had been cut down by the red sword Qi.

It wasn’t even the end. Anything that was touched by the Scarlet sword Qi would start burning.

Ordinary items were fine, but the evils with the aura of the evil would explode as soon as they came into contact with the fire of justice.

A 300-meter sword radiance. This was Lu Chen, the great swordsman.

“Charge with me!”

After swinging the sword, Lu Chen didn’t stop. Instead, he turned around and swung the sword in another direction. In an instant, another 10-meter long red sword Qi shot out and covered a distance of 300 meters.

Just like that, Lu Chen brandished his sword Qi and led the group of people to charge towards the place where the evils were gathering.

Maybe it was because there weren’t enough black patterns or maybe it was because this place was too far away from the mystic Armor dimension. Either way, the evils here weren’t as scary as the ones in Lu Chen’s room.

This could be judged from the black patterns that had infected the objects. On the previous layer, the vine-like black patterns had even brought dead objects like houses and knives to life.

Although the border city was like hell, only the living creatures were infected. Under the enhancement of the black lines, the ‘living corpses’ were becoming stronger and more like monsters. However, it still took time for them to become stronger. Lu Chen’s fire of justice and the power of vibration could kill dozens of weak people with every swing of his sword. With the help of the others, Lu Chen quickly cleared the surrounding evils.

What shocked the other barbarians even more was that not only could Lu

Chen’s flame of justice cut through the evils, it could also clean up the evils ‘remains. Therefore, the evils that were formed from human corpses quickly disappeared.

this is a mythical world where the strong can block millions of troops. In such a world, the biochemical crisis of the brutal Army is not worth mentioning at all.

Countless barbarians were cheering for the evil that had been brought to life. However, unlike their cheers, Lu Chen felt a headache coming on as he looked at the deep wells that looked like the entrance to hell.

“I have to deal with it!”

“Ten thousand phenomenon heavenly attraction!”

As Lu Chen raised his hand, a huge amount of soil fell on the well.

Lu Chen was prepared to fill the well up with soil.

However, despite Lu Chen’s good plan, something that made him sigh still happened. The soil kept pouring into the well under Lu Chen’s control, but the well didn’t show any signs of being filled up. A minute of continuous use of the heavenly manifestation of nature had caused the ground around the well to sink a few meters in, but the well still didn’t change. It was like the mouth of hell that could devour everything.

as expected, I knew that those Wells were not ordinary.

While he was thinking, Lu Chen waved his hand again and a huge rock was pulled into the well by gravity. As Lu Chen pressed his hand down, the well that was filled with the black mist and the evils that kept climbing out of it was covered.

After a few more times of using nature’s attraction, all the wells were soon covered by the rocks.

As the evils were cleared away by the flame of justice and the well was blocked by Lu Chen, the area he was in finally quieted down.

Because of this, countless cheers rang out.

“Long live the Prince!”

“As expected, I knew it. As long as His Highness comes, we’ll be safe.” it’s better to follow the 13th Prince. I don’t know when the 13th Prince’s tribe will be formed. At that time, I will definitely bring all my family there.

When everyone was in despair, Lu Chen descended from the sky like a god and killed countless evils. This made many barbarian Warriors look at Lu Chen with even more admiration. In other words, Lu Chen’s prestige had increased again.

But now, Lu Chen wasn’t happy at all. All he felt was a sense of danger.

After the evils were cleared, Lu Chen went to red butterfly Ji immediately.

“Do you know which part of the border city is easy to defend?”

defend, Lord husband. Just defend the base. Our base is like a fortress. It’ll be difficult for the enemy to attack.

“This fortress is not bad, but if they survive, it will be difficult for us to escape.”

“Alive? what do you mean?”

Red butterfly Ji didn’t go through the previous level so she didn’t understand Lu Chen’s words.

Seeing her confusion, Lu Chen quickly told her everything that happened in the previous floor. After she finished, her face was filled with fear, ” “Even dead things can be brought to life? those black patterns are really powerful. But,

Lord husband, we should be fine, right? just now, only the dead had mutated.

The rest was an Qianqian.”

Red butterfly Ji was rejoicing but before she could finish, Lu Chen interrupted her, ‘

don’t try your luck. I don’t want to leave my fate to luck. Go and check if there’s any open space nearby.

An open space was not easy to defend, but no matter how difficult it was, it was still better than having to worry about the items around him all the time.

Especially after being infected by the black lines, the houses had the ability to shift between space and time. In the fortress, Lu Chen and the others would definitely be separated and killed by the evils.

Lu Chen’s orders were quickly carried out. A few minutes later, red butterfly Ji marked out a few locations.

After looking at the locations, Lu Chen pondered for a while and pointed to an open space on the high slope, ” “Let’s go over here!”

Lu Chen’s prestige was very high. Although the other barbarians didn’t understand why Lu Chen would give up the fortress and go to an empty space, they still picked up the supplies and followed Lu Chen under his orders.

Because it was just converted and this was the lowest level, there weren’t many black patterns. In short, it was easy for Lu Chen and the others to move.

Even if the evils appeared, Lu Chen didn’t even need to do anything. The other princes and the Son of the leader with the Golden blood tore them apart easily.

Of course, this area was safe only to Lu Chen who had many Warriors protecting him. To the others, the border city that was filled with evils had already turned into hell.

On the way, Lu Chen saw countless humans being killed by the evils that came to life. The evil that ran out of the well was something that ordinary people couldn’t fight against.

However, during the process, Lu Chen also realized that most of the dead were from Yunzhou. On the other hand, many barbarians were still struggling even though they were having a hard time.

Lu Chen was a little surprised by the scene but he soon understood why. Yunzhou’s culture is more advanced than the wilderness’, but because of this, they no longer have a difference between soldiers and civilians. To them, soldiers are soldiers, and people are people. Their Army is strong, but ordinary people don’t have much strength.

as for the barbarians, they hunt when they are busy and train when they are free. This made all the barbarians soldiers. If they were to charge in as a group, Yunzhou, which has professional soldiers, would be stronger. However, if their line of defense was broken through, the barbarians ‘ability to survive would be stronger.

And right now, it was time for the defense line to be broken through. Hence, the barbarians could rely on their hunting abilities to struggle for a bit, while the people of cloud region could only escape or die.

Of course, no matter if it was the people of cloud region or the barbarians, if this continued, they would all die. After all, although the barbarians were stronger than the ordinary people of cloud region, they still couldn’t fight against the evil that was getting stronger and stronger. Not to mention, there were also many terrifying creatures that were constantly climbing out of the deep wells.

Hence, most of the people in the city could only wait for death in despair.

Zhong Liqing was also an ordinary person who hid in the corner and waited for death in despair. She was from Yunzhou and came to the border city to watch the exchange match and cheer for the people of Yunzhou. She also came here to do business. However, she did not expect that a disaster would directly descend on the border city.

I didn’t expect that even border cities aren’t safe!

Squeezed in a collapsed attic, Zhong Liqing didn’t dare to move. She was complaining about her luck, but she didn’t look too shocked.

She had been travelling to and from the north to the south to do business all year round, so she had long known about the chaos in the world. It was not the first time she had heard about the destruction of cities by evil spirits. However, those things had happened elsewhere in the past. Now that it had happened to her, the fear in her heart was still very unbearable. At the same time, looking at her seven-year-old daughter who was in her arms with her mouth covered, tears could not help but fall from her face.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Qing ‘er, I shouldn’t have brought you here. Mother will accompany you. We will be together forever!”

Although Zhong Liqing wanted to give up his life to save his daughter, he knew that even if he died, he would not be able to save her daughter when he saw the evil outside.

Just as she was feeling sad, a scream came from the opposite side. From the cracks of the collapsed house, Zhong Liqing saw an evil that had smelled the scent of a human and grabbed a man out of a secret place. The shrill scream came from there. This scene made Zhong Liqing even more frightened.

The girl in her arms turned around and buried her head in her mother’s chest, not daring to look at the terrifying scene outside.

However, it was useless to try to hide their true feelings. As they trembled in fear, the evil that had devoured the man found them by smell.

At the last moment, as a mother, Zhong Liqing still burst out with power. She pushed her daughter away and rushed toward the evil.

“Let’s go, Qing-er, let’s go, immediately let’s do this.”

As a mother, Zhong Liqing was very courageous. Unfortunately, reality would not change because of her will. Zhong Liqing was too weak. Even if she tried her best, she could only stop the evil for about ten seconds, and the price was her life.

As for her daughter, she was even more scared out of her wits. The little Ioli who was pushed away by her mother staggered and fell to the ground. Then, her whole body trembled as she cried, unable to even stand up.

This was the tragedy of ordinary people in a dangerous world. In such a tragic world, ordinary people could not survive alone and could only pray for the arrival of heroes. This was also the reason why heroes were respected in this era.

Of course, there were too many disasters in this world. Even the strong who were willing to fight could not take care of everyone. But the two women were lucky.

Just as they were about to die, a rumbling sound came from afar.

Such a sound attracted the attention of the evil, as well as Zhong Liqing and her daughter. When they looked into the distance, they saw a group of fierce barbarians in evil spirit armor coming from the distance with bare arms.

Those barbarians looked like evil people. The leader of the group didn’t look like a human. He was more than three meters tall and was wearing a ferocious armor. He looked like a demon.

However, such an existence did not make Zhong Liqing and her daughter afraid. Instead, they were pleasantly surprised.

we’re saved! A hero is coming!

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