Sword Saints Should Go Tank - C.291 - : Foundation of a deity: Faith absorption

Sword Saints Should Go Tank

C.291 - : Foundation of a deity: Faith absorption

Chapter 291: Foundation of a deity: Faith absorption

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The reason why Lu Chen revealed the truth was partly because he wanted to take revenge. Yi Rong’s arrogant attitude made Lu Chen very uncomfortable.

But the other reason was because he wanted to subdue the demon sect. Now, it seemed that he had achieved half of his goal. It was very comfortable to see the people of the yin mountain sect betray him and leave him alone.

However, while he was comfortable, Yi Rong was extremely uncomfortable.

“After doing such a thing, you still dare to accept me? aren’t you afraid that I’ll betray you?”

Lu Chen only had two words to say.


Lu Chen wasn’t afraid of a rebellion. Although he always said that he was a King, Lu Chen knew that he was a tyrant. Using force to conquer others was his only choice.

“As long as I maintain a strong force, the others will not dare to rebel.”

and I will continue to grow stronger in battle. When the day comes that I no longer fight, that will not be when I am weak, but when I die in battle.

Lu Chen was determined to walk the path he chose. After laughing, he saw that Yi Rong still had her sword in her hand. Lu Chen smiled, ” “You want to defeat me to prove that you didn’t betray me? it’s useless. You can’t beat me.”

“Even if I can’t beat you, as long as I perform well enough, they will understand.”

“Is it comfortable to deceive yourself?”

Before Yi Rong could finish her sentence, Lu Chen interrupted her and pointed at the agitated people of Yunzhou outside. He said, ” “Don’t tell me you think that those people have all been deceived by me!”

After that, Lu Chen revealed a mocking smile.

I’m sorry, I’m not that good at talking, nor am I that good at deceiving. Some of them are indeed stupid, but all of them are cursing because they need an excuse, an excuse to shirk responsibility for their own failure, an excuse for the

Yunzhou people’s failure to defeat the Barbarian land.

unless you can defeat me and all the barbarians behind me, you will be labeled as traitors. Especially you, you will never be able to get away.

Seeing that Yi Rong was silent and didn’t know what to say, Lu Chen knew that her mind had been broken. She was just a little girl after all. Therefore, when the time came, Lu Chen shouted, ” “Raise your head and look at me.”

When Yi Rong heard Lu Chen’s voice, she couldn’t help but look up. She saw Lu Chen’s tall and strong figure and the terrifying incarnation behind him, the second Demon God, PU limeng of corrosion.

As a Demon God, even a person in perfect condition would feel fear when they saw PU limeng’s erosion, not to mention Yi Rong, whose will was at its lowest and did not know what to do.

The moment she saw the second Demon God, Yi Rong’s mind fell into a daze, and a terrifying illusion that struck fear into her heart flashed continuously.

And now, what Yi Rong was most afraid of was naturally the revulsion of her sect by everyone.

Because of this, when the second Demon God, the erosion of PU limeng, entered Yi Rong’s eyes, in her sea of consciousness, it was inevitable that she would be humiliated after her failure and return to the sect.

This was not the end. With her mind broken, she was deeply affected by the second ghost.

At that moment, she recalled how the sect had abandoned and punished her and her motherly master after she had returned to the sect.

It was a terrible punishment without any hope. It was the last thing she wanted to recall, but the more she didn’t want to recall it, the clearer the image in her heart became.

What made Yi Rong even more desperate was that she knew all these things were fake, but this was probably only temporary. The yin mountain sect, known as the demonic sect, was not a paradise. It was a place where the strong preyed on the weak. What she was seeing now was something that was very likely to happen.

“No, I don’t want to do this. Master, I won’t let you be punished.”

With her mind broken, fear continued to grow in Yi Rong’s heart.

She was so frightened by Lu Chen that she almost broke down.

Lu Chen’s lips curled into a smile.

“It seems you understand now. The wilderness is your only hope.”

Then, Lu Chen reached out his hand and pulled Yi Rong over. Yi Rong’s body trembled but she didn’t do anything.

He lifted her up with one hand and said, ” “Admit defeat, then come find me at night.”

His words made her hesitate. However, the corrosive power behind Lu Chen’s back was still there. With Lu Chen’s strength and his mind being broken, Yi Rong’s will had been completely destroyed.

Lu Chen’s Mark had already been imprinted in her heart. Therefore, even though she hesitated for a long time, she still nodded in the end.

This made the surrounding people of Yunzhou even angrier. Some people even threw stones at the ring.



“You’re indeed from the demon sect. You all deserve to die.

“You traitor!”

The angry curses did not stop for a moment. In the midst of the curses, Yi Rong did not dare to raise her head because of shame.

She didn’t dare to do so, but Lu Chen wouldn’t allow others to insult him. He raised his head and looked around at the audience. As he did so, PU limeng behind him also turned his head and looked at the excited audience.

The audience in Yunzhou was furious. They even had the urge to rush down and fight Lu Chen because of their humiliating defeat.

However, it was all an act of impulse. After the Little Giant raised his head, the noisy audience who had made eye contact with Lu Chen were all silenced like chickens that had their necks grabbed.

When they saw the look in Lu Chen’s eyes, they couldn’t help but think of the scene of Lu Chen’s battle. His terrifying and overbearing manner made the audience in Yunzhou tremble and lower their heads.

As the influence grew, the people of Yunzhou even felt that Lu Chen was no longer a barbarian but an Abyssal Demon King, an undefeatable and unstoppable Abyssal Demon King.

Just like that, as Lu Chen’s eyes swept across the crowd, the angry crowd suddenly quieted down as if their electricity had been cut off. When Lu Chen looked around, the angry crowd suddenly became silent.

The scene of the gods patrolling the land, the world coming to a standstill, and all living things submitting to them appeared at this moment and place.

Yi Rong who was in Lu Chen’s arms couldn’t help but look up. When she saw the tens of thousands of people in Yunzhou bowing their heads in front of Lu Chen, the grievance and fear in her heart disappeared in an instant.

Looking at Lu Chen’s sturdy body, Yi Rong felt a sense of relief.

There was a saying that heroes love beauties. But on the other hand, which beauty wouldn’t love a hero? Lu Chen, who single-handedly made tens of thousands of martial artists in Yunzhou afraid to look up at him, was undoubtedly a hero.

Of course, Yi Rong was overestimating Lu Chen. The reason why the people of Yunzhou didn’t dare to look up was mainly because of the ‘erosion of the violent mist’ behind Lu Chen. It was the only thing that could evoke fear in people’s hearts and cause Lu Chen to be able to see thousands of people frozen in time with just one look.

“However, even though the [ corrosive element ] was the most effective, if I didn’t defeat the countless geniuses of the cloud plane, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this.”

Lu Chen’s skills were never independent. Even the ghost hand was closely connected to Lu Chen’s body and will.

Let’s not talk about the others. Even though the ‘erosion’ was able to evoke fear in people’s hearts, if Lu Chen was a weak person who was bullied by everyone, then even if the ‘erosion’ was to appear, it wouldn’t be able to instill fear in the people who bullied Lu Chen. Even if the fear was instilled in them, they would be able to react in the next moment and even deal with Lu Chen in a more furious manner.

But now, Lu Chen was 3.6 meters tall. Even without the second Demon God, he could still make people tremble.

His terrifying height and Lu Chen’s battle record made those who saw and heard about Lu Chen fearful of him. Under such circumstances, the effect of the [ erosion of pulimeng ] was surprisingly good.

If the fear was maintained, the martial artists of Yunzhou would be weaker than Lu Chen in the future.

However, the powerhouses of Yunzhou were also aware of this situation. They could not allow this situation to continue. Therefore, after the ban on all things had only been in effect for a dozen seconds, the sound of a sword could be heard.

The sound of the sword was crisp and clear like thunder. The sudden explosion of the sword’s sound seemed to have swept away the dust in the human heart. The fear that Lu Chen had caused in the hearts of the people of Yunzhou was also completely dissipated by the sound of the sword.

The swordsman from Yunzhou flicked his sword and looked at Lu Chen. Then, he turned to Wei Yan and said,

“We’ve lost this time!”

As soon as the voice was heard, the people in the clouds Plains were in an uproar again. But this time, no one dared to provoke Lu Chen. Although the fear in their hearts was gone, they could feel Lu Chen’s strength. On the other hand, the barbarians cheered when they heard the voice of the strong man.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

“Long live the Prince.”

“Victory to the thirteenth Prince.” “As expected, we still have to rely on our thirteenth Prince!”

“It’s US barbarians who won,”

“You’re only relying on that Prince. Without him, you’ll still be defeated.”

so what if we rely on the thirteenth Prince? he’s our Prince, and he’ll become a King in the future. We should be happy to win under his leadership.

These words made many people of Yunzhou who wanted to refute him speechless.

Some of them argued with the barbarians of Yunzhou after they won, but more of them rushed into the arena and lifted Lu Chen up high. Lu Chen squinted his eyes at the scene but he didn’t Dodge the attack.

“Forget it, let’s just have fun for a while.”

Just like that, in the cheers of the barbarians, Lu Chen was abandoned high up in the sky. At this moment, Lu Chen was the hero of the barbarians.

Of course, there were also a few barbarian princes who looked a little lonely when they saw Lu Chen. The other barbarian princes looked at Lu Chen with envy in their eyes.

However, this time, not many people were jealous of him. Lu Chen did receive the cheers of the barbarians, but he deserved it.

Just like that, the friendly match ended with the barbarians ‘cheers.

Of course, although the competition had ended, Lu Chen and the others couldn’t leave immediately. In fact, the barbarians even hosted the fire party at night. In order to celebrate the victory, the whole border city was filled with the cheers of the barbarians.

At the same time, Lu Chen’s name as a genius was spread throughout the city.

Of course, with the cheers, there were also delicious food and wine. With such a celebration, it was already late at night when Lu Chen returned to his room. His stomach was filled with delicious food and he was getting tired.

Therefore, when Yi Rong arrived at Lu Chen’s room, Lu Chen had already lost his interest. After discussing with her about the future territory, Lu Chen told her to report to him and told her to go back to her master’s place.

With Lu Chen’s manipulation, Yi Rong and her master couldn’t return to the clouds Plains anymore. They would be killed as scapegoats if they returned. Lu Chen was their only choice now. They could only stay at the border city and wait for Lu Chen’s tribe to be established.

However, Lu Chen wasn’t in the mood to think about this. After sending Yi Rong away, Lu Chen looked at the mastery points in his hand and smiled.

[ mastery points: 150000 ]

Before coming here, Lu Chen saved up 130000 mastery points just in case. There was indeed an accident on the battlefield. In order to deal with the people of Yunzhou, Lu Chen first made his swordsman level up, then he leveled up his barbarian body to Level 5 and perfected his meditation. Although Lu Chen’s strength increased, he also used up a lot of mastery points.

However, when everything was over, not only did Lu Chen’s experience points were replenished, he even had an increase of 20000. How could he not be happy?

although I didn’t kill them, they were all true geniuses. I’ll get quite a lot of mastery points by defeating them.

that’s a pity. If I didn’t upgrade it to barbarian bones, I would’ve earned more mastery points.

Of course, Lu Chen quickly abandoned this thought. He knew that if he didn’t get the feast, he wouldn’t be able to deal with so many people.

The feast skill also surprised Lu Chen. Although it didn’t have any active skills and didn’t look as strong as the other mythical tier skills, it didn’t mean that it could be continuously strengthened. Just the basic attributes alone were the main reason why Lu Chen was able to crush Yunzhou.

After all, no matter how strong a skill was, it still had to rely on the basic attributes as a Foundation. Without the feast, even if Lu Chen could defeat a few geniuses of the cloud Plains, he would still have to step down from the arena.

However, the feast had completely changed Lu Chen’s physique, allowing him to fight continuously. This also brought despair to the people of Yunzhou. In other words, Lu Chen was very satisfied with the performance of the feast.

Other than the mastery points, Lu Chen’s other concern was the crystals. However, compared to the mastery points, Lu Chen felt a little helpless when he looked at the crystals in his hand.

[ spirit crystals: 80 ]

sigh, I’ve used up too many spirit crystals in order to obtain good skills.

Fortunately, I’ll be going out to build my own tribe soon. At that time, I’ll have my own source of income. With the supplies of others, I won’t be short of spirit crystals.

After he was done thinking, Lu Chen took a look at his attributes.

[ host: Lu Chen ]

Age: 15

[ class: Level 1 great swordsman/Level 5 brutal bone Warrior (rank 3) ]

[ mastery points: 150000 ]

[ Reiki: 80 ] [ skill ]


[ great sword Mastery ]


[ Grand Master swordsmanship (perfect), critical strike (advanced), battle cry (intermediate), leap strike (intermediate), reinforced iron bones (perfect), meditation (perfect), enrage ]


[ Conqueror’s haki (intermediate), Barbarian King’s bloodline (intermediate), Demacia’s justice, rage of justice, substitute-Platinum Star, intuition A, bull demon tremor punch, second heart, violent wind exterminating slash, imperishable Rakshasa, sun’s blessing ]



[ ghost hand (black taboo): hand of soul devouring, ghost slash, Blade Spirit

Kazan, afterimage of Keiga, corrosion of plummond ]

[ weapon: meteorite huge sword, evil spirit Battlesuit ]

Luck +2, luck under the sun +3

Agility: 186, strength: 492, vitality: 659, vitality: 766, physical defense: 440

[ will: 64 ]

After looking at his own attributes, especially his vitality and Constitution, Lu

Chen couldn’t help but exclaim at how tanky he was.

the blessing of the feast is indeed powerful. I’ve heard from wuzu that the limit of the realm of flesh and blood is 500, and now, my body and Qi have both exceeded the limit. This is a realm that only the Son of God can reach. I can be called the Son of God now.

my Constitution is very strong with the Buffs from the feast and Barbarian King’s bloodline, but my agility is a little low!

Lu Chen’s agility wasn’t low when compared to the ordinary barbarian bones but it was still incomparable to the swordsmen in the clouds Plains.

Agility didn’t just refer to speed, it also included reaction time and flexibility. Lu Chen was now 3.6 meters tall and his speed wasn’t slow due to his explosive strength, but his flexibility wasn’t that good.

forget it, I should have earned quite a lot of contribution points from this victory. I’ll ask wuzu to reforge my greatsword when I get back. This time, it’ll be made into the shape of the Dragon Hunter greatsword. This way, my weapon’s length can reach four meters. With the length of my arm, my normal attack can be considered a combo attack with an area of effect attack. I don’t even need flexibility.

Lu Chen had already given up on his agility. After all, all the young men in Yunzhou had acknowledged Lu Chen as a swordsman and believed that he had the ability to restart his bloodline. Lu Chen didn’t mind becoming a swordsman in disguise.

“Such a path can be passed down.”

Lu Chen was ready to go to bed and return to the Royal Court the next day.

However, before Lu Chen could even get on the bed, his intuition sent out a warning. At the same time, a dark energy spread out from Lu Chen’s left hand.

this is … The ghost’s hand! How is this possible? I haven’t used the ghost’s hand to devour any food or absorb any aura of the evil!

The sudden movement of the ghost hand puzzled Lu Chen. While he was still confused, the black energy quickly spread out from Lu Chen’s ghost hand. Soon, a huge amount of black energy spread in Lu Chen’s room and a terrifying figure condensed in the black energy.

Soon, a terrifying illusionary figure appeared in the main world. The corrosive pulimeng was conjured in the main world. As it came into being and looked at Lu Chen, a terrifying illusion began to rise in Lu Chen’s heart.

In the illusion, Lu Chen felt the other ghosts and deities ‘will were also going crazy.

“What’s going on? why did you suddenly come out?”

Lu Chen was really surprised. Of course, at the same time, he also sat down on the ground with his legs crossed and a green light surrounded him.

[ meditation ]

Lu Chen was using his meditation to resist the attack of the ghost hand.

I didn’t expect that meditation, which I thought was useless, would be so useful.

As soon as the thought appeared in his mind, Lu Chen cut it off. Meditation required one’s full attention.

While Lu Chen was meditating, the corrosive mist returned to Lu Chen’s body again. But this time, it wasn’t returning to Lu Chen’s body. It was trying to take over his body.

As the corrupted Puli Meng merged with Lu Chen’s body, Lu Chen could sense the information of the corrupted Puli Meng again. This time, Lu Chen finally understood why the ghost hand was so violent.

fear. The corrosive Puli Meng is growing by absorbing fear.

Black taboo was a rainbow mythical skill and it was a very advanced one. With the ghost hand, Lu Chen could control the aura of ghosts and deities. As for deities, even if they were ghosts and deities, they all had a common ability, which was to absorb faith to grow.

Yes, absorbing the power of faith was a basic skill of gods, just like how humans ate and drank. Among them, gods who absorbed protection, kindness, justice, and light were also called righteous gods. However, in addition to righteous gods, there were also evil gods who devoured fear, despair, and anger to grow.

Even though the erosion of plummond was a ghost God, he could also be called an evil god.

As an evil, he naturally had the ability to devour faith.

Of course, no one would know the name of the ‘erosion’ PU limeng during normal times and he had never absorbed the power of faith. But today, Lu Chen could see that the tens of thousands of people surrendering to him were indeed impressive.

However, such an action also had a hidden danger. Not only did Lu Chen’s glance make the people of Yunzhou lower their heads, but it also made them fear Lu Chen and the person behind him.

A swordsman from Yunzhou flicked his sword and let out a sword cry, waking the people of Yunzhou from their fear.

However, the awakening was only temporary. Lu Chen’s strength was real. Therefore, even if they woke up, they would still be terrified when they thought of Lu Chen and how he crushed their geniuses.

And this fear became the food for the growth of the corrupted Puli Meng.

Now, after absorbing enough fear, the [ corruption ] of PU limeng evolved again. It went from a Phantom to a physical entity that could exist in reality and even attack the enemy.

But this also brought Lu Chen endless trouble.

When the corrosive Puli mist attached itself to Lu Chen’s body, the fear in Lu Chen’s heart kept growing. The fear of thousands of people in the cloud region was transmitted into Lu Chen’s heart and he could feel their fear. “That fellow is definitely not an enemy that can be defeated by force.”

“He is undefeatable. Surrender.’ “Don’t kill me. I don’t want to die.”

“Ah, help me, Yingluo!”

All kinds of voices mixed with fear sounded in Lu Chen’s heart. This was the fear that the people of Yunzhou had for Lu Chen. Many of them even dreamed of Lu Chen after they fell asleep. Even in their dreams, their fear of Lu Chen was still there. In fact, it was even more so because of the nightmares. Therefore, many people were afraid of Lu Chen.

In the past, this was a good thing as it meant that they would fear Lu Chen when they face him again. But now, this fear was dragging Lu Chen into the abyss of fear.

However, Lu Chen wasn’t a weakling. His Conqueror’s haki wasn’t something to be trifled with. The fear in his heart kept rising, but the haki in Lu Chen’s heart was also bursting out.

“You all lost to me. If I can defeat you once, I can defeat you a second time.” it’s just an illusion.. Disperse!

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