Sword Saints Should Go Tank - C.283 - : Banquet level +1

Sword Saints Should Go Tank

C.283 - : Banquet level +1

Chapter 283: Banquet level +1

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Lu Chen was overjoyed and his movements were also very fast. When the fire bull got close to him, Lu Chen opened his mouth wide.

It was quite a shocking scene. Many of them had no idea why Lu Chen opened his mouth wide in the face of the attack.

But very quickly, a shocking scene appeared on the stage.

As Lu Chen opened his mouth, a strange spatial fluctuation appeared in front of him. In the spatial fluctuation, the fire bull that was strengthened by the curse flew toward Lu Chen’s mouth while letting out a ” Moo ” sound. The fire bull became smaller and smaller until it was devoured by Lu Chen.


Lu Chen hiccuped at the sight of the fire bull and the cleric almost went crazy.

fire bull, my fire bull! I’ve raised it since it was young!

Heartache, grievance, and other emotions appeared in the cleric’s heart, but these emotions quickly dissipated, leaving only fear.

He was so terrified that he didn’t even dare to move when he looked at Lu Chen.

He had a reason for his fear.

damn it, even such a huge fire bull was swallowed alive. If I get close, I definitely won’t be able to escape.

Clearly, the cleric knew his own limits. His body was no bigger than the fire bull and it was much easier for Lu Chen to devour him.

Of course, they were humans after all and Lu Chen didn’t have the habit of eating humans, even if the humans were considered elite creatures.

Lu Chen didn’t pay attention to the cleric and focused on his stomach.

As the fire bull entered his stomach, Lu Chen’s stomach went through a tremendous change. The fire bull that entered his stomach was struggling while Lu Chen’s stomach acid was melting the fire bull’s body.

Lu Chen didn’t feel any discomfort at all during the process. The fire bull’s struggle couldn’t even break through Lu Chen’s stomach wall that had been strengthened by the feast and had the space attribute.

However, while he was digesting it, Lu Chen was also thinking about something.

this kind of fire bull is weak and small, so I can directly swallow it alive. But if it’s a powerful creature, it’s best to kill the Pi Xiu. My feast evolution will likely require things like a true spirit or soul, so I can’t kill it. In the future, it’s best if I beat those epic creatures half to death and swallow them when they can’t resist.

This was a feasible method and if it was an ordinary person, they would only think of this method. But Lu Chen thought of another method.

other than beating the creature half to death, I can also improve my physique. When my physique is high enough, the creature will not be able to break my stomach wall.

While he was thinking, Lu Chen was also waiting for the creature in his stomach to digest. As for the man from Yunzhou who was fighting with him, he was completely ignored. The man was also shocked by Lu Chen’s control and didn’t move for a long time.

Just like that, time passed by. But 30 seconds later, something painful happened.

It wasn’t the fire bull’s struggle that made Lu Chen feel pain. It had already died in the face of the mythological stomach acid. But as it died and digested, Lu Chen’s body also mutated.

The fire bull’s digestion broke Lu Chen’s body’s limit. At the same time, the fire bull turned into a warm stream of energy that surged through Lu Chen’s body. In the warm stream, Lu Chen’s muscles and bones were stretched and stretched.

This was an evolution, and to shorten an evolution that would take several years to complete into an instant, such an intense process was not comfortable.

Lu Chen couldn’t help but scream in pain.

Lu Chen’s voice was like a thunderclap. His roars caused the dust on the stage to fly up and the wind to blow. When Lu Chen roared, the cleric felt as if his head was hit by a hammer and he was instantly dazed.

But when the spirit Master woke up from the dizziness, his face was filled with surprise.

you actually dared to swallow my fire bull. It’s time for your retribution.

“My fire bull isn’t that easy to swallow.”

Obviously, the spirit stone thought that Lu Chen’s pain was caused by the fire bull.

At the same time, the cleric had forgotten about the shock on his face when Lu Chen ate the fire bull. Right now, there was only joy on his face.

my fire bull is still alive. It’s still struggling in his stomach. My chance is here. I’ll take this chance to defeat him and get a reward from the big shots. With that in mind, the spirit Master summoned another barbaric bear and charged at Lu Chen.

This was a spirit beast Master who was skilled in controlling spirit beasts as well as all sorts of curses that could amplify and weaken the power of the Spirit beasts.

At the same time, the spirit beast Tamer was casting buffs on the spirit beasts under his control while casting all sorts of weakening spells on Lu Chen.

After all the Buffs were added, the spirit beast Tamer commanded the barbaric bear to attack Lu Chen.

However, compared to humans, sometimes wild beasts had more sensitive senses. At this time, man Xiong could sense the threat of the Little Giant in front of him. Therefore, no matter how the spirit beast Master urged him, man Xiong hesitated.

However, if it didn’t want to go forward, Lu Chen wouldn’t let it go.

“There’s blood food, just in time for me to replenish my strength.”

With that thought in mind, Lu Chen reached out his hand and cast the nature’s attraction again. Under the suction force, the bear-like barbaric beast’s body was pulled toward Lu Chen uncontrollably.

This behavior made man Xiongs body constantly alert. Sensing danger, man Xiong crawled back frantically on all fours and even screamed, trying to hide behind his master.

Unfortunately, all of its struggles were destined to be in vain. Although its four limbs were buried in the ground, just like the swordsmen of Yunzhou before it, this behavior did not ensure its safety. It only left four more plow marks on the


Under the effect of the nature manifestation spell, the Barbarian bear was still moving toward Lu Chen. Even though the Barbarian bear kept slamming the ground and roaring, it couldn’t stop it from getting closer.

Such an action made the spirit beast Tamer feel that something was wrong.

He immediately cast all sorts of curses on Lu Chen.




All kinds of black Qi appeared on Lu Chen’s body, trying to invade his body and sea of consciousness, bringing him endless pain. However, before these things could enter Lu Chen’s body, something seemed to have been angered. A ferocious and terrifying figure rose up from behind Lu Chen.

It was a monster with a bull’s head. As soon as it appeared, the black air caused by the curses was devoured by it. This made Lu Chen immune to the curse at all. However, even if the curse were to land on him, it wouldn’t break through Lu Chen’s blood.

After absorbing the black gas, the ferocious figure looked at the spirit beast Tamer in front of it. Being stared at by the monster, the spirit beast Tamer could not help but feel endless fear. The shadow of the horror that he had seen with his father when he was young suddenly rose in his heart.

What made the spirit beast Tamer even more fearful was that he could feel that although the shadow was fake, when the shadow was completely formed, he would die.

no, I won’t die. You’re all illusions. Get lost.

The spirit beast Tamer, who didn’t want to die in fear, frantically hinted that his Phantom image was fake. However, this didn’t dissipate the fear in his heart.

In modern society, many people knew that ghosts were illusory, but how many people would dare to walk alone in a desolate mountain village in the dead of night?

Even in the real world where there were no ghosts, humans could not control their fear, let alone in this era where ghosts and gods appeared.

Under PU limeng’s gaze, the fear in the spirit beast Tamer’s heart could no longer be contained. This was reflected in his body. His body twitched from time to time, his face was pale, and he was covered in sweat.

If this continued, he might even die from heart failure.

However, those who could enter the arena still had some strength. At the last moment, the spirit beast Tamer suddenly closed his eyes and meditated on the image of his own sacred beast. He wanted to use the power of the sacred beast to suppress his fear, and this was really useful.

However, while he was meditating, he had to close his mind even though he could still move. It would be a piece of cake for Lu Chen to kill him.

Of course, Lu Chen wouldn’t kill him. He looked at PU limeng behind him and didn’t expect it to be able to resist the curse.

no, that’s not blocking, it’s devouring. Flames lose their light in the face of brighter flames, and mystery is useless in the face of higher mystery. It’s the same for curses. The second Demon God, Puli mond of corruption, is the most terrifying Demon God in the world. Some low-level curses can only become food for this Demon God.

While he was thinking, Lu Chen was also trying to pull the Barbarian bear away. He had to admit that the [ platymond erosion ] was not only effective on humans, but also on the beasts with a little bit of intelligence.

As soon as the [ savage beast of corrosion ] appeared, the savage beast’s body froze. Just like its master, the spirit beast Tamer, a terrifying image appeared in its mind. It was a terrifying wild beast that it had seen when it was young. It was a barbaric bear with low intelligence. It was deeply affected by the [ savage beast of corrosion ] and it even thought that Lu Chen was the one that couldn’t be resisted.

Because of this, in the fear and the pressure of a high level savage beast, it gave up resisting and buried its head in its two paws, not daring to move.

Lu Chen easily pulled it to his side and bit on its neck, drinking its blood and eating its meat.

As the flesh and blood entered his stomach, Lu Chen felt his torn body feeling a little better and he heaved a sigh of relief.

While Lu Chen was devouring the flesh and blood, the higher-ups of Yunzhou had a bad feeling.

no, we can’t let him replenish his blood Qi. Let the spirit beast Tamer admit defeat.

however, the pain that the Barbarian felt just now was not fake. With the spiritual beast master’s manipulation, he would be in even more pain, right? ‘ When Lu Chen’s face was filled with pain, the higher-ups and the spiritualist felt the same way. They thought that Lu Chen was devoured by the fire bull and that was why they didn’t call the spiritualist back. But now, when they saw Lu Chen still in pain and eating raw meat, they couldn’t bear it anymore. They only managed to lower Lu Chen’s HP after sacrificing more than 20 talents, and they didn’t want to return the favor.

However, the man was right. It was indeed easier for a spirit beast Tamer to control a spirit beast than others. It seemed like it would make Lu Chen feel more pain if the spirit beast Tamer was on the battlefield.

One could only say that they were wrong. Lu Chen was indeed in pain, but it wasn’t from the fire bull’s backlash. It was from the intense evolution of his body in a short period of time.

Ever since Lu Chen swallowed the fire bull, the system’s notifications had been ringing in his ears.

[ system message: host has devoured an elite creature with a feast and is digesting it. System message: when host has finished digesting the creature, host will receive one layer of the feast blessing.. The current layer of the feast blessing: 3)

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