Sword Saints Should Go Tank - C.279 - : The terrifying Water World

Sword Saints Should Go Tank

C.279 - : The terrifying Water World

Chapter 279: The terrifying Water World

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The sudden elemental transformation caught Lu Chen off guard and he was dumbfounded.

The moment Lu Chen tore the man into pieces, the water droplet absorbed the spirit Qi around it and the water level rose rapidly.

As the sound of the water splashing and the devouring of the natural spirit Qi, the entire arena turned into a puddle of water. At the same time, the water level was rising rapidly and it was above Lu Chen’s head in a short time.

However, Lu Chen also noticed that the water level wasn’t too high. He didn’t know what the blue-haired young man did to turn the water into a ball and stop it from spreading.

The surging water completely enveloped Lu Chen. Fire and water were merciless. Even if the enemy didn’t do anything, an ordinary person would suffocate to death.

Unfortunately, that only applied to ordinary people. Physical strength represented the quality of one’s entire body. Lu Chen would be fine even if he didn’t breathe for an hour or two. Therefore, Lu Chen wasn’t affected at all in the water ball. He was even looking at the ball of water with interest.

However, even though Lu Chen was looking around, the enemies wouldn’t stay still.

As soon as the ball of water was formed, the water started to surge. Soon, a dozen water sharks appeared around Lu Chen and tried to bite him.

Lu Chen raised his hand and was about to punch back when something happened in the water.

A spinning force appeared around Lu Chen and the water around him turned into a Whirlpool. Lu Chen was trapped in the center of the whirlpool.

“That’s a pretty good ability,”

While Lu Chen was complimenting her, LAN Lin, who was in the form of water, was in a bad mood.

The whirlpool was one of his ultimate moves. With this move, LAN Lin could make his enemies spin in the water. Such a powerless enemy could only be slaughtered.

However, Lu Chen was too strong. He stood in the water like an unshakeable mountain. Even if LAN Lin used all her strength to stir the water, she couldn’t make Lu Chen move at all.

“Fortunately, at least he was trapped.”

With that thought in mind, he focused all his energy on controlling the whirlpool to trap Lu Chen. The Sharks that were formed by the water also took the opportunity to attack Lu Chen.

However, something that made LAN Lin uncomfortable happened again. The shark looked ferocious, but when it bit the Barbarian prince in front of it, it only left a few teeth marks after a long time.

LAN Lin felt a little helpless at his terrifying posture.

I can’t rush, I can’t rush. I’ve transformed into water, so he can’t attack me physically. Besides, I need to consume a lot of spiritual energy to gather water when I transform into a water ball, but I don’t need to consume much spiritual energy to control the current water flow. He can’t outrun me.

With this in mind, LAN Lin was prepared to slowly exhaust Lu Chen to death.

While he was thinking, Lu Chen had already stood up and swung his sword.

Under Lu Chen’s control, the meteor sword’s momentum was terrifying. Not only did the sword Qi tear apart the Sharks around Lu Chen, but the water ball was also torn apart by Lu Chen.

Not only was Lu Chen’s sword Qi 10 meters tall, but it also shot out for 200 to 300 meters. The huge sword Qi that tore everything in its path apart shocked the crowd. Those who were standing in front of Lu Chen subconsciously changed their positions.

However, Lu Chen’s sword Qi was terrifying. It was like how the swordsman dealt with the mud. When the sword cut through the water, the water would flow even more. The water ball was indeed torn apart by Lu Chen’s sword Qi but after the sword Qi subsided, the water world was restored to its original state.

It was indeed difficult to hurt LAN Lin, who had turned into water, with physical attacks.

that guy hasn’t comprehended the sword Qi yet. I have a chance to win. It would be even better if we could fight in the river.

While she was deep in thought, LAN Lin kept spinning the whirlpool around Lu Chen, trying to spin him up. At the same time, more and more aquatic creatures appeared around Lu Chen.

Piranhas, snakes, sharks, all kinds of creatures appeared around Lu Chen and madly bit at his body.

Even though Lu Chen could destroy the water creature with just a wave of his hand, all of his attacks seemed to be useless in the water ball.

Even if the aquatic creatures were crushed, they would only turn into a pool of water. Under LAN Lin’s control, the water around them immediately turned into various ferocious aquatic creatures and attacked Lu Chen.

Lu Chen was a little annoyed by the attacks.

While Lu Chen was annoyed, LAN Lin was helpless. The creatures he created in the water were not weak. After all, the water was contaminated with spirit Qi.

Under his control, the fish could even be considered as illusionary creatures. Under normal circumstances, the enemy would be spun around by the whirlpool in the water and then get dizzy.

In the end, they were torn to pieces by various aquatic savage beasts.

However, Lu Chen’s defense was as strong as King Kong’s and he didn’t even need to breathe in the water. All these made LAN Lin’s ultimate move useless. The huge amount of water power was like a bath for Lu Chen. However, LAN Lin still held on to the hope of victory, ”

“I can’t hurt him, and he can’t hurt me, but I don’t believe he can hold his breath for a day. In the end, I will definitely win.”

LAN Lin wanted to waste time, but at the same time, he had other thoughts.

It was said that water and fire were merciless, but there were still some differences between the two. Compared to fire, water’s ability to protect one’s life was stronger. However, unless it formed a great peak that swallowed everything or a tsunami that swept across everything, the attack power of water was relatively weaker.

This was a weakness that everyone knew. Even the LAN family who had been playing with water knew about it. On the other hand, Lu Chen’s Barbarian King’s bloodline not only had its own strength, but there were also many other skills that were developed on the basis of the Barbarian King’s bloodline, such as the second heart, the six fingers and eight fingers technique.

The LAN family, who played with water, had naturally made up for the weaknesses of their inheritance. The whirlpool technique was one of them, and the ability to turn water into aquatic creatures was another. However, these were all ordinary abilities. As the top genius of the LAN family, LAN Lin also had special treatment from the family.

In the water world that enveloped the arena, three black droplets of water appeared as the water swirled.

Under the cover of the other water droplets, the three black water droplets shot toward Lu Chen like bullets.

“Yes, it’s dangerous.”

In the water world, Lu Chen could ignore most of the attacks. But at this moment, his intuition sent him a warning.

Just as Lu Chen was getting interested, the three black water droplets flew towards his chest.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Three loud bangs rang out in the water world. It was like a bomb had exploded in the water. Violent ripples spread out from the water, and the loud bangs made LAN Lin cheer.

“I hit it.”

While he was cheering, on the other side of the cloud plane, there were also many young talents who revealed happy expressions.

the three elements heavy water was hit quite hard by that force. I almost couldn’t Dodge it.

what are you envious of? I remember that you have the magma fire at home. That’s a true heaven and earth Spirit item, unlike this Tri-elemental heavy water that imitates the refinement of the single-elemental heavy water.

“A World Spirit treasure is indeed powerful. Not only can it increase one’s strength after fusing with it, but it can also make one’s comprehension of the world more compatible. However, fusing with a World Spirit treasure is simply too difficult. I can’t fuse with one without reaching the will realm.”

This was a strange world. There were human beings who could cultivate spirit Qi like superhumans, demonic beasts who could turn their flesh into spirits, and spirit herbs that plants could absorb spirit Qi and turn into flesh and bones.

In such a world, fire, water, and even hard rocks could also mutate.

Unitary heavy water, lava flames, and essence of wind Spirit were all special spiritual items that existed in the convergence of heaven and earth.

However, most of the barbarians cultivated their bodies, so they did not have a high utilization rate of spirit items. It was different in Yunzhou. They were good at controlling the spirit Qi, and the spirit items in their hands could double their strength.

This was the case at the moment. Water was extremely soft and had no offensive power.

However, this was only an ordinary stream of water. The one-yuan heavy water was different. A drop of it was a special spiritual item that weighed tens of thousands of catties. Controlling this water source was like controlling countless mountains.

The three elemental water was a special Spirit Water created by the LAN family. Although it wasn’t as strong as the one elemental water, each of them was still hundreds of kilograms. With the weight and the speed LAN Lin was using, Lu Chen felt like he was being hit by three trucks. It was a powerful blow that could break a human’s body.

It was also because the three elements heavy water was too powerful that such a sound could be heard in the water.

However, when the waves stopped, the confident LAN Lin and the Yunzhou’s geniuses stopped smiling.

At the spot where the three elements heavy water had struck, a huge figure was standing motionlessly in the water. That terrifying heavy blow did not seem to have the slightest effect on that figure.

how is this possible? he’s completely fine after being hit by the three elements heavy water!

“It’s not like it’s fine. That guy didn’t even move!” hey, is that guy really brutal bones? did the barbarians make a mistake? did they send a strong warrior in the realm of will? ”

Looking at Lu Chen in the water, the geniuses of Yunzhou felt helpless. They were very confident and this confidence was not just a blank piece of paper. It was the result of countless battles.

However, at this moment, it was as if their confidence had been snuffed out. The giant was like a monster. All their attacks were just like tickles to the monster. Such a scene really made people feel despair.

He was invincible when it came to meat.

Just by standing on the ground, Lu Chen was able to strike fear into the hearts of the geniuses.

However, Lu Chen didn’t understand the situation in Yunzhou. At this moment, looking at the armor that was shattered into pieces. Lu Chen also felt the horror of the attack.

“Your attack is pretty good.”

Lu Chen was indeed complimenting her, but when she saw the armor was broken and Lu Chen’s hands were unharmed, she couldn’t accept it.

What made him even more speechless was that as soon as Lu Chen released his blood Qi, the armor on his hand recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The Tri-elemental heavy water that LAN Lin had placed her hopes on was completely blocked by Lu Chen just like that. It also made LAN Lin completely give up on attacking.

“Let’s just waste time.”

With this thought in mind, LAN Lin stopped attacking. However, the next moment, a scene that made LAN Lin’s heart tremble appeared.

“Wait, what are you trying to do, Yingluo?”

He couldn’t be blamed for being surprised, but Lu Chen’s actions were indeed a little confusing.

After blocking the attack, Lu Chen opened his mouth wide and swallowed the water.

you’re courting death. I’ve refined the three origins of heavy water countless times, and it has already been contaminated with my aura. Even if you swallow it into your stomach, I’ll still be able to control my three origins of heavy water!

“Bastard, return me my three elements heavy water.”

Because of her anger, LAN Lin’s figure was revealed. A huge face formed by water roared at Lu Chen. It seemed like LAN Lin was very angry.

How could he not be angry? the three elements heavy water was his trump card and could even help him cultivate. Now that it was suddenly gone, his mental state collapsed.

However, Lu Chen wasn’t affected at all.

As soon as the angry face appeared, Lu Chen’s sword came down and the face was smashed into pieces by the terrifying sword Qi.

Unfortunately, LAN Lin was indeed difficult to deal with in the water. The broken face did not kill LAN Lin. Instead, the water in the water world began to churn wildly. It was obvious that the loss of connection with the three elemental heavy water had made LAN Lin anxious.

While he was attacking, Lu Chen also began to move.

your ability is indeed good, but I’ve seen enough. It’s time to end this.

Lu Chen then opened his mouth and swallowed the three elements water.

As Lu Chen opened his mouth, the water from the water world flowed into his stomach.

This scene stunned the angry LAN Lin. The crowd of cloud Prefecture’s people and higher-ups were also speechless.

to condense the power of heaven and earth into water. When facing such an opponent, we used sword Qi to defeat him, freezing everything, and burning fire and water to resist him. But what is this guy trying to do? does he want to

drink it all? “it’s the first time I’ve seen someone attack an enemy with water!

the Barbarian prince is strong, but he’s not smart. The water in the water ball World doesn’t only come from LAN Lin, but also from the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth. If he wants to drink it all, he’ll need at least hundreds of barbarians.

He can’t do it alone.

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