Since The Red Moon Appeared - C.608 - : Trembling in the unknown (Part 1) _2

Since The Red Moon Appeared

C.608 - : Trembling in the unknown (Part 1) _2

Chapter 608: Trembling in the unknown (Part 1) _2

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Han Bing seemed to be a little nervous as well. She smiled and said, ” you’re the team leader, so you have the biggest responsibility. You need to rest well. Why don’t you sleep on the bed? ”

Then, her face turned red and she added, “”l’m short, so the sofa is more suitable for me.’

“It’s okay.”

Lu Xin glanced at her and smiled. I haven’t been able to rest well outside. It doesn’t matter where I sleep.

“Alright,” he said.

Han Bing agreed and sat on the bed silently for a while.

Then, she opened her box and took out a nightgown with a little strawberry pattern, a sealed plastic bag of undergarments, and exquisite boxes of facial masks, cosmetics, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, special small bottles of perfume, manicure knives, and so on. In addition, there were also clothes to change into, folding hangers, and other items.

However, after she took it out, she sneaked a glance at Lu Xin and covered herself with the blanket shyly.

Lu Xin sat upright on the sofa, his eyes fixed on the neon lights outside the window.

He could also feel the awkwardness in the atmosphere. He could only use this method of looking straight ahead to reduce the pressure on han Bing.

Han Bing sat quietly for a while and said softly, “”Mr. Shan Bing, we’ve been on the road for a few days. Everyone must be tired!”

Lu Xin nodded.

“You’ll feel more comfortable after a shower and a change of clothes,” han Bing said.

“Yes,” Lu Xin nodded.

The journey in the wilderness wasn’t easy, and most importantly, there was no way to take a bath and change clothes.

First, his schedule was urgent and he didn’t have time to shower.

When they were walking in the wilderness, even if they encountered a wild lake or river, they would not dare to go into the water.

So after travelers went through a long journey and finally entered the high wall, the first thing they did was often to take a bath and change clothes.

Han Bing was indeed meticulous and had taken this into consideration …

Just as Lu Xin was deep in thought, han Bing said in embarrassment, “”1 think . Take a shower first.


“You can go ahead,” Lu Xin said with a nod.

Han Bing had considered everything thoroughly, so of course, she had to be sensible. How could a man fight over the bathroom with a little girl?

However, after he agreed, he suddenly reacted.

Something seemed wrong?

After thinking for a moment, he suddenly stood up and said in embarrassment, “”You can shower here. I’ll go to lizard’s room.”

Han Bing’s face had already turned red all the way to her ears. She waved her hands repeatedly and said, ” no need, no need. I’ll just go to Miss Red snake’s room.

she’s probably already in the shower. You girls take a longer time to shower.I think I’ll go to the lizard’s room, ” Lu Xin said with a smile. we men shower and change faster.

As he said that, he picked up the bag and was about to leave, but he stopped and thought for a while. He hesitated and said, ” however, since we’re in this city, we really need to be careful. Even if we’re only separated for a short time, there might be danger …

After pondering for a moment, he said to han Bing, ” how about this? I’ll wait outside. When you’re done, just knock on the door.

“I’ll go to the lizard after you knock.”

“This …”

Han Bing’s face reddened in embarrassment. She didn’t expect Lu Xin to be so considerate.

She was actually too embarrassed to agree to it. After all, Lu Xin was the captain.

However, Lu Xin had already left with the bag as if it was only natural.

The door was closed gently, and Lu Xin stood guard outside.

Han Bing sat at the head of the bed. She felt that her face was red all the way to her ears, and there was a strange feeling in her heart. 𝚏ree𝚠𝚎𝐛nove𝚕.com

After a moment of silence, she made up her mind, picked up her toiletries and cosmetics, and quickly walked into the bathroom.

Lu Xin, who was standing in the hotel’s corridor, also took a puff of his cigarette.

In fact, it was indeed a little inconvenient now. He was even embarrassed to smoke when he was staying in the same room as han Bing.

This was also the trouble of bringing ordinary people out on a mission. Of course, there was no such problem in the original plan. Han Bing’s responsibility was to be in charge of communicating with the people of Black Swamp city after coming to Black Swamp city. Then, under the protection of Black Swamp city, she would provide information and support for his operation. The problem was that they could not contact Black Swamp city for the time being.

In this way, the one who lacked protection the most was actually han Bing.

Lu Xin waited silently for about ten minutes before he heard a soft knock on the door. He immediately felt relieved.

He did not expect han Bing to take a bath so quickly.

But now that she was done, he was relieved. That way, even if something happened, he could rush over in time to help.

Lu Xin suspected that she would rather be contaminated than run out to ask for help when she was naked.

Lu Xin knocked on the door as a response. Then, he carried the bag and headed to the lizard’s room.

I love to bathe. My skin is good …

“Aooo …” put on your bath cap and sing, dance, and dance …

“Aooo …”

Lu Xin pushed open the lizard’s open door and walked into his room. The sound of the lizard’s happy singing could be heard coming from the bathroom. He shook his head helplessly, put down the bag, walked to the window, and sat down on the sofa quietly.

Time passed slowly in the midst of the lizard’s pleasant singing.

Just as the lizard was about to sing “lulalalalalalalalala, ” Lu Xin suddenly raised his head.

He stood up abruptly and looked out of the window. He saw that the bustling city was brightly lit.

In the West, there seemed to be a sudden explosion.

A heart-palpitating feeling suddenly appeared in the deepest part of the night, bringing with it an indescribable sense of trembling.

He didn’t know that this was the moment the inconsequential person appeared in the black Swamp administrative headquarters.

“Plop! Plop …”

Lu Xin felt goosebumps all over his body when he felt that extremely fine sensation.

The room suddenly became extremely quiet, and he could even hear the sound of his own heart beating.

“Is there anything happening there?”

Lu Xin’s brows furrowed slightly as he landed in the direction of the black Swamp city’s main city.

There must have been some kind of powerful mental power that had appeared for a short period of time. It was too far away, and the power was deliberately suppressing it, so he could only sense it very faintly. However, it was only for a short moment, but he could still sense it strongly.

“What is it?”

He thought about it quietly, and the feeling he gave him was even stronger than the first time he entered Happy Town.

That power was located in the direction of blackmarsh capital.

If he had gone straight to the administrative office after entering the city, he would probably have faced that power by now. A strange smile slowly appeared on Lu Xin’s face.

“How terrifying …”

Just as Lu Xin was staring intently in the direction where the mental energy had disappeared, lizard, who was wrapped in a bathrobe, walked out of the bathroom behind him, humming a little tune. He looked up and saw someone standing quietly by the window of his room.

He was so scared that his scalp went numb, and he raised his gun with a whoosh.

When he saw that it was Lu Xin, he immediately put his gun away in fear.

He was only wearing a bathrobe, so she didn’t know where he had taken the gun from or where he had put it away …

“Captain, why didn’t you take care of leader han in your room? what are you doing here?”

As he dried his hair, he moved closer to Lu Xin.


Hearing his voice, Lu Xin turned around and said, ‘”You’re done?”

“Ouch …”

When the lizard caught sight of the expression on Lu Xin’s face, it was so frightened that its hair stood on end and its body shivered.

Facing Lu Xin’s friendly smile, he almost wanted to hide in the bathroom again, but he didn’t dare to.

Her voice trembled as she said in an aggrieved manner, “”Cap- Captain …”

I was just joking when. said. ‘d share a room with you ….