Since The Red Moon Appeared - C.605 - : The strange Council (2) 1

Since The Red Moon Appeared

C.605 - : The strange Council (2) 1

Chapter 605: The strange Council (2) 1

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“Creak …”

Back in Black Swamp city, in front of the administrative office building.

Two black cars drove along the cleared streets in the distance and stopped in front of the building.

On the high steps, a woman in a black professional suit immediately jogged down to welcome him. Behind her, the armed guards in charge of security were carrying all kinds of weapons in their arms. There were submachine guns and standard weapons. At the same time, they also became alert.

They each held their guns tightly and stood on both sides like javelins.

The moment the car stopped, someone quickly stepped forward and opened the door. Four people got out of the black car.

From the first car, a young man with dyed blonde hair and a finger-thick gold chain on his neck and a young girl with heavy makeup and a nose stud on came out.

They appeared in between two rows of armed soldiers, looking a little out of place.

However, their expressions were very relaxed. They glanced at the soldiers on both sides and even laughed.

He seemed to find the serious looks of these soldiers very fun.

From the second car, a man in a black trench coat with braids got out. He looked to be in his thirties or forties. He had a mature temperament and strong facial features. He was wearing a straight trench coat and a pair of shiny black leather shoes, which were very expensive.

The person who got out of the front passenger seat was a man with greasy hair and a bag on his shoulder.

“We welcome all the experts from Long Lake City who have come to support us.

The woman who had come down from the administrative office greeted them respectfully. She extended her hand from a distance.

I’m Shen Yi, the external head Secretary of the black Swamp city’s main administrative office. I’ve been waiting for you all for a long time.

She had light makeup on her face and a standard professional smile. She enunciated each word clearly.

“Hehe .

Looking at her outstretched hand, the hip-hop young man and the girl with heavy makeup who got out of the first car just laughed, as if they felt that this way of greeting was very old-fashioned. This woman’s polite and somewhat reserved look in front of them was also very funny.

The middle-aged man with a ponytail didn’t even look at her. He just raised his head and looked at the administrative office.

Aiya, Secretary-General Shen, hello, hello …

The greasy-haired man with a bag on his back hurriedly came up to shake her hand and said with a smile, ” we rushed over as soon as we received the call for help from Black Swamp city. Let me introduce you. This is the captain of our Long Lake city’s Special Investigations Department. You can call him Black Jack. We are all people who follow Captain Jack. You can call me old K. Over there are diamond and heart.

“I’ve long heard of your great name.”

The head Secretary of Black Swamp city’s administrative office extended her hand to the man with a ponytail, a polite smile on her face.

However, the man with the ponytail still refused to shake hands with her. Instead, he walked up the stairs. The Secretary’s hand was left hanging in the air, but there was no dissatisfaction on her face. She retracted her hand and bowed slightly to him.

“. ‘Il have to trouble you this time …”

The team of experts from Long Lake City walked straight into the black Swamp city’s main administrative Hall. They passed through the heavily guarded Hall and took the elevator to the 14th floor of the main administrative building. They entered a conference room guarded by guards. The bright lights inside were somewhat piercing, making people squint their eyes. After getting used to it, they realized that the conference room was already full of people.

The meeting room was huge, and all the lights were on, making it unusually bright.

In the middle was a long conference table, and across the table were people with serious expressions. Some were wearing suits, and their white collars were already brown from their sweat. Some were in military uniforms, constantly wiping their sweat with handkerchiefs, and some were looking up nervously.

“Please take a seat.”

Secretary-General Shen invited them to sit on the chairs in the meeting room. He stood at the side like a service staff with his hands on his stomach. He bowed to them and said, no one would want to see something like this happen to Black Swamp city. Long Lake City is willing to lend a helping hand and send experts to help us solve the problem. Black Swamp city is deeply grateful for this.

Whether it was the captain of blackjack or his teammates diamond and heart, they all just smiled and didn’t answer him.

The captain of blackjack was expressionless, and he had an aura that kept people away.

The two young men, diamond and heart, seemed to have a mocking expression on their faces no matter what they saw.

Old K was the complete opposite of them. He quickly smiled and replied, you’re too kind, Secretary Shen. In the face of the threat of special pollution, we should help each other and abandon our prejudices so that we can better tide over the difficulties.

Then, he turned to look across the long conference table and smiled. the people from the black Swamp city’s administrative headquarters are all here? ”

“Yes, this is the black Swamp city’s chief of administration, Mr. Zhou. This is the city Defense Minister …” Secretary Shen nodded.

She introduced them one by one, explaining their identities in great detail. Those who were introduced by her all laughed and nodded to the people of

Long Lake City. At the same time, they seemed to be even more nervous.

Aiya, Hello, leaders. Look at how nervous you are. We’re late .

No matter if it was black Jack, diamonds, or hearts, they didn’t seem to be interested in these people, their expressions lazy.

Old K, on the other hand, greeted them one by one with a smile and said,

we’ve already read the information on the pollution problem that Black Swamp city is currently facing. Please rest assured, leaders. Our Captain has a very rich experience in dealing with special pollution. “More than half of the special pollution that broke out in Long Lake City was resolved by him. Not long ago, he personally killed the strange creature in the S-Class forbidden zone around

Long Lake City.” since you have the experience of dealing with the strange creatures in the S-Class restricted area, I believe the problem in Black Swamp city should not be a problem.

“That’s great.”

Secretary Shen bowed slightly to the man with a ponytail and smiled respectfully. “I’ll have to trouble you.”

The group of officials from the main administrative Hall across the long conference table also nodded with embarrassed smiles on their faces.

The man with the ponytail looked around the conference room expressionlessly, not listening to her words.

Old K smiled. you’re too kind, head Secretary. This is what we should do. At this point, he paused slightly and raised his head again. He smiled and said,

‘ however, we’ve been ordered to come here and help Black Swamp city solve its problems. Shouldn’t black Swamp city show some sincerity as well? ”

The head Secretary, Shen Yue, who was wearing a professional suit, smiled respectfully and said,”What sincerity?”

of course it’s the friendly mutual assistance agreement between Long Lake City and black Swamp city.

“Long Lake City has already shown goodwill to Black Swamp city many times, no?” old K laughed.

of course, we don’t understand the specific terms. We need the officials of the high-wall cities on both sides to discuss it. As a special support team, we’re only responsible for investigating and solving the special pollution problems you’ve encountered. Even It Black swamp City nas objections to our Long Lake proposal, it’s fine. It’s a discussion between both sides. What we’re concerned about now is Black Swamp city’s attitude.

The Secretary General of Black Swamp city maintained his smile and said, “”l’m sorry, I can’t make the decision …”

“You can’t make the decision?”

The smile on old K’s face disappeared as he looked at the conference table. “What about them?”

The Secretary-General’s smile was still very standard. He said,”They can’t …”

Old K chuckled when he heard her words. He turned to look at diamonds and hearts and spread his hands.

Black Jack was expressionless, he nodded slightly. freew𝚎bn𝐨𝘃𝐞𝗹.𝗰𝚘𝗺

Old K smiled and looked at Secretary Shen. He said,

then I’m very curious. If they can’t do it, then who can make the decision in your Black Swamp city now? ”

The smile on Secretary-General Shen’s face did not change. Even the curve of his lips did not change. He chuckled and said,

“Could it be that they are the only ones you see in this room?”

As she spoke, she took out a small button from her pocket and pressed it lightly.

When she did this, Black Jack and the others all glanced at her indifferently.

However, all she did was press the remote control, and with a beep, the light in the conference room suddenly dimmed.

At the same time, there was the sound of curtains falling. The black curtains hanging on the left and right sides of the wall suddenly fell down gently, stirring up a thin breeze. Behind the curtains, there were pairs of faint lights that rang out in this dark environment.

Behind the conference table, the Chiefs and ministers in the administrative Hall suddenly looked extremely frightened.

The sweat on his forehead gushed out like water.

Some of them were so nervous that their bodies went limp and almost slid to the ground.

Behind the curtains were white walls, and on the white walls were huge faces.

Each face was two to three meters tall, and their expressions were dull. Embedded in the wall, they looked like pale white embossed, and their expressions were vivid. Some looked like they were sleeping, some were awake, and some were crazy. Because the lights around them were dim, they looked even more pale and weird. In their pure white pupils, there seemed to be a real gaze looking over.


The moment these faces appeared, diamond and heart stood up at the same time. They stood back to back and stared at the sides.

Old K’s eyes darkened and he stuffed his hands into his pockets.

The man with the black ponytail, whose code name was black Jack, slowly raised his head. His face, which had been expressionless all this time, actually revealed a faint smile. He spoke in a soft voice, from the moment I couldn’t find the contact, I suspected that the pollution in Black Swamp city was worse than I imagined.

but I still didn’t expect that the ability users of your Black Swamp city are even more useless than I thought .

in just a few days, the entire city’s administrative structure has been controlled by these strange things .

His voice became lower and lower until it was almost inaudible. however, this is actually quite good

He suddenly stood up when his words were almost inaudible..