Reincarnated As A Demonic Dragon, I Formed A Pact With A Beautiful Female Lord - C.545 - * Xu Yuan’s Wish of Becoming A GodJan 08, 2024

Reincarnated As A Demonic Dragon, I Formed A Pact With A Beautiful Female Lord

C.545 - * Xu Yuan’s Wish of Becoming A GodJan 08, 2024

Chapter 545* Xu Yuan’s Wish of Becoming A God

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Even m the modern age, fans of idols become even more frenzied when faced with things they love.

When encountering things they adore, the desire within their hearts to possess them became incredibly intense.

Mestre, the president of the Lavender Business Guild, didn’t go to the stores to check personally.

She was well aware of the allure of the Magic Music Box. 𝘧𝘳𝘦𝘦𝓌𝘦𝘣𝑛𝘰𝓋𝘦𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝓂

Now, her concern was not how to sell them, but how to rapidly increase production capacity.

She needed to sell the Magic Music Box to every corner of the Main Plane as quickly as possible. This process required a massive quantity.

In her visionary blueprint, the Magic Music Box wasn’t just a tool for earning resources; it also carried authority and influence.

“President Mestre, can the Magic Music Box really create stars that everyone will obsessively worship, as the owner claims?” asked the half-feathered person.

“Really? How do you know that Lord Xu Yuan isn’t nurturing gods?” Mestre slowly lifted her head and looked at the half-feathered person before her.

The words stunned the half-feathered person. He slumped and lowered his head. He trembled and prostrated on the ground. He didn’t dare speak.

Some matters were taboo, and he had no right to pry into them. Even hearing about them was sinful.

Canglan City was caught up in fanaticism due to the Magic Music Box. The territory was not idle either. Just today, they obtained a blueprint for an upgrade.

The conditions for territory upgrade were multifaceted, including the fulfillment of resources like gold, wood, stone, and iron ore, as well as the requirement for a certain quantity of supreme technologies and hero units. Fortunately, all these conditions had been met.

Su Wan looked at the system notifications and felt excited.

After all, meeting these many conditions wasn’t easy.

Even though tens and thousands of people had been transferred from the Tasiria Plane, it would still take some time to fulfill the upgrade requirements without their support.

Without hesitation, Xu Yuan confirmed the upgrade.

A yellow light enveloped the city, and the buildings began to be modified by a mysterious power.

The territory upgrade required 20 hours to complete.

To ensure the residents’ safety, they were sent to the Eternal Land, while the military guarded the city.

Xu Yuan and Su Wan didn’t leave. They stood in front of the city wall and silently gazed at the city that now entirely belonged to them.

After a long wait, the light shrouding the city finally dissipated, and Xu Yuan felt expectant.

The system prompts kept appearing.

[The territory has successfully upgraded to Level 5.]

[The Lord’s Mansion has been expanded by 100 units of open space, and the territory has expanded by 2000 units of open space.]

Xu Yuan felt sentimental.

The territory had finally progressed from a weak and small domain to something no one dared ignore. The journey had been long, but it had been worth it.

Reaching Level too was no longer impossible. Xu Yuan could now aim to become a true god!

Xu Yuan floated in the sky and looked down upon this transformed territory.

The densely packed buildings were replaced by open spaces.

The only things that hadn’t changed were the arrow towers on the city walls. They still stood behind the walls.

Xu Yuan smiled as he took it all in.

He could imagine that, with the territory’s construction capabilities, these open spaces would be filled in no time.

Beside him, Su Wan felt proud and happy. This territory belonged to her and Xu Yuan, and their will determined the destiny of all who lived within.

They had the power.

She took a deep breath to calm herself.

She opened the attribute to check the requirements for the next upgrade.

Former Frenzied Runner – Ancient Trampier

[Territory Core LVL 6 Upgrade Requirements]

[Land Area: 50 square kilometers (not achieved)]

[Total resources of 100,000 tons (not achieved)]

[Possess 50 buildings (not achieved)]

[Population of 100,000 residents (not achieved)]

[Technology needs to advance to Master Level (not achieved)]

Su Wan shook her head with a wry smile.

The other requirements weren’t an issue, but the Master-level technology was particularly troublesome.

If it weren’t for the heavy allocation of resources into technology, meeting the requirements for several Supreme-level technologies might not have been achieved this quickly.

The upgrade is now complete. Notify the residents to return to the territory.” As she landed back on the ground, she turned to Timo.

The Construction Department needed to swiftly come up with building plans now.

Chaos was imminent. The territory needed to possess even stronger defensive forces. Hopefully, the city could become an impregnable fortress!

Although they had the Eternal Land as a backup and the Eternal City was still under construction, the territory was the foundation of everything.

“Lord Su Wan, Your Majesty Xu Yuan, I’ll do it immediately!” Timo’s face turned red with excitement.

As one of the earliest residents to join the territory, his dedication to the city was no less than anyone else’s, and his anticipation was strong.

“Go and make arrangements.”

Several black dots quickly flew in from the distance.

It was an urgent message from Mestre.

A sense of unease arose in Xu Yuan’s heart. He reached out to take the letter and read it.

He let out a sigh and handed the letter to Timo.

Timo’s face turned solemn after reading it.

The sect’s army was already gathering. Perhaps they would launch the final assault on the Crimson Moon tomorrow.

A major change was imminent, and preparations needed to be accelerated.

The Furnace City in the underground world had two million Alchemical Bombs in total and ten thousand improved versions of the Mega-mouth Cannons.

These numbers would have been staggering six months ago, but now they were far from satisfying.

It was simply not enough.

The scale of this war was still unknown, and these strategic reserves could only support a few major battles. More was needed!

They had no choice but to allocate workers from the production of the Magic

Music Box to manufacture Alchemical Bombs.

Timo felt somewhat helpless.

Even though they had prepared for this war months in advance, time was still too short.

Producing sufficient supplies was difficult. The shortage of personnel alone could slow down production efficiency.

Alchemical weapons were not something ordinary individuals could produce.

Perhaps they could have Mestre negotiate with the Qing You Pavilion Chamber of Commerce to purchase a batch of gray dwarves.

At any cost, they had to boost their strategic reserves.

This war would undoubtedly be more brutal than anyone could imagine.

Construction of the arrow towers couldn’t be halted either. Every 20 meters, a tower could be seen rising.

Furthermore, the production rate of top-tier heavy crossbows like the

Dragon-Hunting Crossbow needed to be increased.

Resources needed to be mobilized without the need for further approval.

The construction of the Eternal City also needs to be sped up,” Xu Yuan said. “That place will be our last retreat. If there’s a shortage of personnel, go to the Dark Region City and find Amolin. Within a month, the basic framework of the Eternal City must be ready. It must be the kind that can be deployed in war!

“In that case, the number of resources we need will be outrageously high.” Timo took a deep breath..

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