Reincarnated As A Demonic Dragon, I Formed A Pact With A Beautiful Female Lord - C.524 - : A New MissionOct 16, 2023


Chapter 524: A New Mission

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Su Wan silently watched Jia Wen kneeling before her.

Mestre and Xu Yuan also watched in silence.

After a while, Su Wan was just about to say something when a familiar prompt sounded in her ear.

[You have triggered the S-class quest, The Prince’s Revenge. Jia Wen was born of violence. He was supposed to grow up in a loving environment, but the cruelty of the royal family caused the death of his father, mother, and sister. The tragedy ignited Prince Jia Wen’s endless desire for revenge. Help Prince Jia Wen complete his revenge. I

[Mission objective: Kill the King of the Holy Kingdom and eliminate all the culprits involved in this event J

[Mission reward: Sacred Heart.]

Su Wan read the system prompt several times. Another S-class mission!.1

Moreover, the difficulty of this mission was much greater than the mission two months ago.

Kill the King of the Holy Kingdom!

Even though the Holy Kingdom couldn’t compare to rhe other famous empires in history, they possessed formidable armed forces. They would have heroes at least at the transcendent level, and possibly even at the legendary level. It would be difficult to kill them.

The difficulty of S-class missions was now a piece of cake for Su Wan. When saw the mission reward, she felt that the danger was worth it.

This was the first time she could ger so close to the Sacred Heart. Although she had a good deal of high-level equipment, especially the King’s Set, this would help her out a lor

At present, she had obtained the Dark King’s Cape and the Dark King’s Crown. If she could obtain the third piece of rhe Dark King’s equipment, her equipment set would upgrade from legendary to demigod level.

But she didn’t know what the third piece of rhe Dark King’s set was, nor did she know where to find it.

Now there was no need to worry about it. As long as she completed this mission, she could obtain a demigod-level artifact that surpassed the combined power of the three top-tier legendary equipment.

Su Wan was delighted. If gods could be killed, what was a mere king?!

The main reason she wanted to help was not for the reward, but because she liked doing good in the world. She looked at the heartbroken Jia Wen and decided to help him.

“Prince Jia Wen, your sincerity has moved me, but I would like to hear your plan first. How do you intend to seek revenge?”

In the elegant Lavender Manor’s reception hall, Su Wan half leaned on the main seat of the long table. She looked at Jia Wen, who was still kneeling in front of her.

Although he had royal blood, it hadn’t brought him power or happiness. Instead, he fell into a state of family destruction and was even used by the Holy King as a means to strengthen himself.

It was truly a tragedy.

Jia Wen lifted his head. The madness and excitement reddened his eyes.

Su Wan was intrigued.

“So… you plan to use the power of rhe Good and Lawful Faction to overthrow the rule of the Holy Kingdom? That doesn’t sound realistic. After all, no one will start a war against a powerful kingdom over baseless accusations.”

Prince Jia Wen’s face fell at Su Wan’s words.

“I have no other choice. I can only take this unconventional path to take my revenge.”

“Jia Wen, are you willing to inherit the throne of the Holy Kingdom and become its ruler?” Su Wan asked.

Jia Wen looked at Su Wan in astonishment.

Was that even possible?

He was a lowly bastard born to a king and lived at a commoner’s house! He only became the third prince because rhe Holy Kingdom had a forbidden technique that could strengthen itself by extracting the bloodline of rhe descendants.

In the end, he was just a spare blood vial for the king.

As someone from rhe bloodline of the Holy Royal Family, why couldn’t Jia Wen become the king when other princes could inherit the throne?

“If you become the king, the hatred can easily be resolved!” Su Wan said. “The kingdom shouldn’t be so evil. You can freely create an ideal nation that exists in your heart. Everyone will bow down to you. If you use external force, you will have to face rhe entire army of the kingdom. Why not start from within? After all, you are a prince.”

The opportunity was there. He could incite an internal fight in the palace. No one would even think he was after rhe throne. It wasn’t uncommon for kings to die in internal strife.

“If you make up your mind, I will fully support you and let you ascend to the throne, Prince Jia Wen. The future is in your hands, and your choice will not only determine your fate bur also the fate of the Holy Kingdom!”

Su Wan would stay in Canglan City for three days. Before she left, he hoped she would get his reply regarding the matter.

However, the prince could take as long as he needed to make his decision. After all, there was no rush. If he agreed, he would be considered a member of her territory.

“Let’s go.” Jia Wen sat in rhe carriage and leaned against the glass window. He was deep in thought as he watched the retreating streets and pedestrians.

The conversation with Su Wan kept lingering in his mind.

The young Lord wasn’t a king, but her words held weight. After all, Su Wan was the legendary Godslayer! Her legendary achievements left him with no doubts. But could someone like him become a king? 𝐛𝐞𝐝𝗻𝐨𝘃𝗲𝗹.𝐜𝐨𝗺

Jia Wen let out a weary sigh. He had never imagined that the Godslayer would pave this path for him.

“Your Highness, we have arrived.” The calm voice of the coachman came from outside the carriage.

Jia Wen instinctively turned and looked outside. Several people dressed in magnificent attire were conversing outside the luxurious residence where he would be staying.

He took a deep breath and opened the carriage door and stepped out.

As soon as the people saw him, they stopped talking. A bald man in his forties approached.

“I told you not to wander around. Which Lord did you meet today?” The bald man looked at Jia Wen in disgust.

“There is a banquet tonight, and you will accompany us. If Archduke Qing You asks you anything, answer according to the instructions given to you. Hurry up and go back to change your clothes. We don’t have time to waste here with you.”

Before Jia Wen could even respond, the bald man scolded him and then turned to continue his conversation with the others..