Reincarnated As A Demonic Dragon, I Formed A Pact With A Beautiful Female Lord - C.522 - : The Value of the Disgraced PrinceOct 15, 2023

Reincarnated As A Demonic Dragon, I Formed A Pact With A Beautiful Female Lord

C.522 - : The Value of the Disgraced PrinceOct 15, 2023

Chapter 522: The Value of the Disgraced Prince

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Two things caught Su Wan’s attention.

The fifth upgrade of the Magic Music Box had been completed. After several months of intense research, the Magic Music Box was now very close to playing tapes.

The production line of the Magic Music Box had expanded more than tenfold, with daily output increasing significantly.

The production line incorporating alchemical technology would soon be put to good use. It would lead to a substantial increase in production capacity.

To broaden sales and market reach, the initial release of the Magic Music Box included ten magic sound tapes. Most of the songs were performed by dark elves, but the standout was a girl with an exceptionally clear and melodious voice from the territory.

The production of magic sound tapes was much simpler than that of the Magic Music Box.

After two months of extensive expansion, the present daily output was astonishing.

Once the production line incorporating alchemical technology was operational, the production capacity of magic sound tapes would experience a significant surge.

A vast industry had emerged and was waiting for the territory to occupy the Blue Planet. Such rapid progress was a good thing.

Before them lay an immensely vast market, where the purchase would soar.

“Timo, we have been too restrained. Increase resource investment tenfold, and 1 need the production output of the Magic Music Box to double. If there is a shortage of manpower, go find Angel and have her allocate more people to you,” Su Wan instructed.

If they needed more gray dwarves, they could coordinate with the Tasirian Lords Association, where Lords from various main planes could meet their demands!

Offline transactions could never be replaced by online ones for various reasons. The transaction fee was one of these reasons. Online transactions also made it impossible for many businesses to flourish. Offline transactions were easy for buying and selling.

It was unclear whether Timo was shocked or hopeful for the grand plan.

The production cost of each Magic Music Box was numerous rare resources. If they achieved their target, the daily consumption of resources would be astonishing.

Timo felt dizzy. He had never seen such a vast number of resources in his life. He had to take a few deep breaths just to calm himself.

“Lord Su Wan, your order is all that matters. I’ll get to it right away!” said Timo.

The market was right in front of them, but they couldn’t make money because of issues with the production capacity. It was quite frustrating.

The production of ice cream couldn’t be neglected, either. With the Tasiria Plane under their control, Timo would discuss with Angel and allocate an area specifically for cultivating Light Flowing Grass.

Although seventy percent of the population in the Tasiria Plane had been slaughtered by Archduke Blood Fury, there were still two to three million people alive and well.

These people were sufficient to provide the necessary manpower.

At the same time, Timo would arrange several cities as ice cream production bases. He hoped to increase the ice cream production capacity tenfold within a year!

Ice cream was different from the Magic Music Box. The production of the Magic Music Box required technology, while the only thing required for ice cream production was research and development.

If large-scale food workshops were constructed, their goal could be easily achieved. The only limitation was the supply of raw materials.

The Magic Music Box followed the technological route, while the Night Devil Troops followed the path of low-cost reproduction.

Both were equally important for the territory.

Timo was somewhat frightened.

The Magic Music Box alone was incredible, and they were deciding to increase ice cream production by a hundredfold… His heart couldn’t handle it.

“The territory is capable of achieving all of this,” Su Wan said in reassurance.

By integrating the strength of the players, the resources at their disposal had taken a leap forward.

They could boldly expand and reform the Tasiria Plane without the need for second thoughts.

They needed production bases, so the Tasiria Plane would become one.

After giving instructions and letting Timo handle things on his own, Su Wan and Xu Yuan left the Dark Castle.

After counting the number of people Bayion had brought with her, they summoned the Red-Eyed Black Dragon.

The dragon quickly departed with Bayion and her team on his back. They headed to Canglan City.

This time, they needed to be quick, as there were too many matters in the Tasiria Plane that required personal attention. The territory also had countless affairs to deal with.

Su Wan planned to meet with Nami, receive the reward for the previous S-rank mission, and present an additional gift on behalf of the Tasirian Lords Association.

She was looking forward to seeing Nami’s expression upon receiving the gift. Additionally, she wanted to meet with Archduke Qing You.

The fact that a legend like Archduke Qing You had sent his daughter on such a long journey was remarkable.

Su Wan wanted to meet him and confirm about the situation with the Holy Kingdom. It would either be a peaceful settlement or a bloodbath.

Xu Yuan’s act of personally killing a god in front of billions of people caused an uproar in the Tasiria Plane. Although some were curious about him, no one dared to approach him.

The Third Prince was obviously a scapegoat who was sent to scout the way and take the blame.

The next step was to see what role Archduke Qing You played in all of this. They needed to determine if he was a friend or a foe.

Mestre’s face soured. The Lavender Business Guild was her establishment, and she wouldn’t allow anyone to destroy her hard work!

“According to the information from our spies, it seems that the Third Prince is not willing to participate in this operation,” Xu Yuan said.

Xu Yuan narrowed his eyes. ‘Who would be willing to be a scapegoat in this?’

“Can we secretly contact the prince? Perhaps we can gain some unexpected clues,” asked Mestre.

The seemingly insignificant and disregarded prince might have some value after all, especially considering his bloodline from the Holy Royal Family.

“Can our intelligence secretly pass a message to him?” 𝘣𝘦𝘥𝘯𝑜𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝘤𝘰𝑚

“No problem. Although the prince has guards around him, no one pays much attention to him anyway,” Mestre said.

Just as they finished speaking, they heard footsteps outside.

“Lord Su Wan, Lord Xu Yuan, President Mestre, there is a distinguished guest requesting an audience outside the manor. The leader claims to be the Third Prince of the Holy Kingdom.” A half-feathered person entered the room.

“It seems that we have quite the connection with this prince. Bring him in!” Xu Yuan was curious.

The half-feathered person had initially thought the outsider was using a false identity, but to his surprise, Xu Yuan acknowledged the prince without hesitation. Were they going to receive the prince personally?

Seeing that neither of them stood up, the half-feathered person didn’t waste any words and turned to leave.

Soon, the half-feathered led a young man in black leather armor into the hall. His short golden hair shone in the light.

This young man bore a profound weariness, and his eyes displayed maturity beyond his age.

Only someone who had experienced countless hardships and tasted the highs and lows of life could have such eyes..