Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady - C.928 - : Kicked Out of the House

Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady

C.928 - : Kicked Out of the House

Chapter 928: Kicked Out of the House

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Shen Xi and the others rushed to the place where Zhao Yuan and Guan Bo were locked up. They saw Zhao Yuan lying in Guan Bo l s arms with blood all over her mouth. Guan Bo l s wrist was full of bite marks. He was pale and unconscious.

Shen Xi’s heart almost stopped.

“There’s still faint breathing,” the person who had gone up to check for breath turned around and said. Only then did Shen Xi’s anxious heart relax.

They rushed Guan Bo and Zhao Yuan to the hospital. After receiving timely treatment, both of them were out of danger.

Looking at Zhao Yuan’s parents who had rushed over and thanked her profusely, Shen Xi felt guilty and guilty.

She knew very well that Li Jin treated Zhao Yuan like this because of her.

Guan Lei knew what Shen Xi was thinking when he saw her expression. He gently held Shen Xi’s hand and said, “Don’t blame yourself too much. The one who started this was Li Jin. She’s the source.”

Shen Xi naturally knew that Li Jin was the source of evil, but she still felt bad for letting Zhao Yuan suffer such treatment.

Guan Lei silently held Shen Xi’s hand tightly. He couldn’t change Shen Xi’s mind, but he could silently support Shen Xi.

Speaking of Li Jin, Shen Xi’s expression darkened. This time, Li Jin must pay the price,

Li Jin, who had been abandoned by his family, thought that it was just a spur of the moment.

However, when she was told that she owed the hospital fees and that her card had been frozen, Li Jin could not take it anymore.

In the summer, Li Jin wrapped her skin tightly and hid back to her home in Hai City, only to find that she couldn’t enter.

After banging on the door angrily and darkening the doorbell, the housekeeper came to the door with a troubled expression. She said to Li Jin, “Miss, the Old master said that from today onwards, you are no longer the Miss of the Li family. Therefore, you are not allowed to enter the Li family’s territory!

Li Jin didn’t expect her grandfather to be so ruthless. It was fine if he didn’t pay for the medical fees, but now he didn’t even let her go home.

“Get my parents out!” Li Jin shouted indignantly. “l don’t believe my parents would treat me like this!”

The nanny frowned and said to Li Jin, “Sir and Madam have already returned to Jing City. They also said that they don’t have a daughter like you.”

Li Jin froze on the spot. After a while, she grabbed the big iron door hysterically and roared, “l don’t believe it. I’m the only child of my parents. I’m the only child of our bloodline. Without me, they have no descendants. Do you understand? No descendants!”

The nanny was shocked when she saw Li Jin’s thin and spotted hands holding the iron door. The frightened look in her eyes made Li Jin instantly cover her hands with her long sleeves in panic.

Li Jin shouted outside the door for a while, but Li Dan ignored her.

Li Jin, who was penniless, had no choice but to leave. She called her cousin, Wang Lei, who was far away in Jing City and then curled up on the bench at the airport.

At this moment, Li Jin was already at her wit’s end. She couldn’t even afford a plane ticket back to Jing City.

Wang Lei rushed over and saw Li Jin wrapped up tightly. She was shocked and asked in surprise, “Cousin, why are you wrapped in so many clothes? It’s summer, aren’t you afraid of getting heat rashes?”

As Wang Lei spoke, she was about to pull Li Jin’s clothes, scaring Li Jin so much that she immediately dodged.

“Cousin, what’s wrong?” Wang Lei asked with a puzzled look.

“l have a conflict with my parents,” Li Jin said simply. “They stopped my card.

Now, only you can help me back to Jing City.”

Wang Lei looked puzzled. “Aren’t aunts always doting on you? Why did you freeze your card?”

Li Jin didn’t know how to explain it to Wang Lei. She just said vaguely, “We just quarreled. Anyway, lend me some money first. When I return to Jing City, I’ll find my parents to return it to you.”

Wang Lei didn’t continue asking. She bought a plane ticket for Li Jin and the two of them returned to Jing City together.

As soon as Li Jin returned to Jing City, she went straight home. As expected, she was locked outside the door.

Li Jin cried outside the door for a long time, but Li Feng and his wife did not open the door.

Wang Lei was confused. What exactly happened? Why were Li Jin’s parents so cruel to not let Li Jin go home?

Hai Xi looked at Li Jin outside the door and felt a wave of discomfort in her heart. After all, this was the daughter she had carried for ten months.

However, what Li Jin did this time was indeed beyond the scope of her forgiveness..

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