Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady - C.923 - : Similar Methods


Chapter 923: Similar Methods

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At this moment, Zheng Huai suddenly realized that Li Zhe was even more ruthless than him. If Li Jin woke up and stayed with her body day and night, Li Jin would go crazy again, right?

Li Jin was brought by Zheng Huai into the treatment room that was filled with all kinds of equipment. When Zheng Huai came out again, his expression was surprisingly solemn.

When Li Feng and Hai Xi saw Zheng Huai like this, their hearts almost skipped a beat. They were so afraid that even their voices were trembling. “Doctor Zheng, did something happen to my daughter? Did something happen to the healer?”

Zheng Huai shook his head at Li Feng and Hai Xi. “The treatment will be successful. She’ll be fine. She’ll probably wake up soon.”

Hearing words, Li Feng and Hai Xi both heaved a sigh of relief. The two of them rushed in to see Li Jin.

Zheng Huai called Li Zhe and Meng Yu to the side and said, ‘I l found that the method of hypnotizing Li Jin and the method of hypnotizing Xi have some similarities.” It’s just that Xi seemed to have gone through the entire process, but Li Jin only went through a part of it.”

“What?” Meng Yu’s eyes widened slightly. He glanced at Li Zhe and said, “You mean, the person who hypnotized Li Jin and Xi is very likely the same? In other words, Gu Chen could also be the mastermind behind the Li Industries Corporation incident?”

Zheng Huai shook his head and said, “I can’t be sure. I’ve always believed that Gu Chen was the one who hypnotized Xi, but this time, it seems that he might not have done it. Maybe there’s someone else beside him. Otherwise, why would he attack Li Industries Enterprise? He won’t get any benefits, right?”

Li Zhe suddenly smiled coldly. “Why not? He has always wanted Ah Yu t s life.

That thing we did overseas might have been his doing. Seizing the Li

Industries Corporation might just be a matter of convenience.”

“Let’s go,” Li Zhe said, pulling Meng Yu.”Let’s go ask that traitor Li Nan!”

Even though Li Nan was a collateral relative of the Li family, over the years, the Li family industries had not mistreated them. They had even given them 10% of the shares, allowing them to live freely.

In the end, this group of dogs colluded with outsiders to plot against them. As expected, they were enemies. Some people were ungrateful.

Zheng Huai also followed him eagerly. He was curious about the person who kept challenging his medical skills.

Li Nan didn’t expect Li Zhe and the others to come to see him. “What’s wrong, Li Zhe?” he asked with a smile. “Are there any other crimes that haven’t been pushed on my head? Are you here to continue exploring?”

Li Zhe did not answer Li Nan’s impolite question. He only looked at Li Nan indifferently and asked, “Li Nan, I just wanted to ask you. Is there someone else behind you?” You were forced to do these things?”

Li Nan was confused by Li Zhe’s question. He looked at Li Zhe suspiciously, wanting to see if Li Zhe was playing any tricks.

He knew very well that he had done everything himself. There was no one behind the scenes.

Seeing that Li Nan was only looking at him warily without saying anything, Li Zhe continued, “After all, you are a member of the Li family. So, if you say that you were hypnotized to do these things that you are not aware of, I think the judge will consider it appropriate.”

Li Nan instantly thought of Li Jin, who was controlled by him. Then, his eyes widened, and a light of hope shone in them. “Why did you help me?”

Meng Yu and stood quietly at the side and watched as Li Zhe tried to trick Li Nan, but it was obvious that Li Nan had not realized this yet.

Li Zhe said with disdain, “I’m not helping you. I just can’t persuade my grandfather. You know, my grandfather is a nostalgic person. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have given you 10% of the shares for no reason and allowed you to be active in Li Industries Industries all these years.”

Li Nan sized up Li Zhe’s face suspiciously. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in Li Yuan’s nostalgia, but he didn’t believe in Li Zhe’s compromise.

However, it had to be said that as long as Li Zhe didn’t force him, he could indeed push all the evil things he had done to someone controlling his consciousness, just like Li Jin.

“The hypnotist you found for Li Jin is not bad,” said Li Zhe. “Why don’t you just pin the blame on him? Don’t worry. As long as you behave yourself, the Li family won’t pursue you..”

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