Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady - C.921 - : Having No Descendants Is Big

Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady

C.921 - : Having No Descendants Is Big

Chapter 921: Having No Descendants Is Big

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Li Feng and his wife, who had been rejected by Shen Xi, had no choice but to beg Li Zhe, hoping that Li Zhe would have a solution.

“Zheng Huai is indeed my friend, but if he doesn’t want to save someone, 1 can’t do anything about it. “And as far as I know, Li Jin’s life is not in danger at the moment, right? It’s just that his bodily functions have aged. This isn’t Zheng Huai’s strong point. It’s useless even if you beg him.”

Seeing that Li Zhe was about to leave, Li Feng immediately went forward to hold Li Zhe and begged, “Ah Zhe, my good nephew, can you help Second Uncle beg Zheng Huai? Your little sister is like a marionette now. The second Uncle and Second Aunt are upset. Your Second Aunt cries at home every day. She’s crying until her eyes are going blind.”

Li Zhe looked at Li Feng coldly and said, “This is her fault. She’s already so old, but she doesn’t have any judgment or opinion at all. She even helped outsiders plot against her own family!’

Hai Xi cried. “Ah Zhe, your little sister has suffered this time. As long as you beg Zheng Huai to let her regain consciousness, we will bring her to apologize. Ah Zhe, I beg you.”

Li Zhe’s expression began to show impatience, but Li Zhe felt that Hai Xi was right about one thing. Right now, Li Jin was not conscious and did not realize her mistake at all. This situation was not punishing Li Jin, but punishing Li Jin’s innocent parents.

“l can help you talk to him,” Li Zhe said lightly. “As for whether Zheng Huai is willing to help, I can’t guarantee it.”

Li Feng and his wife nodded happily. As long as Li Zhe was willing to go, they still had hope,

Initially, they thought that Li Jin’s consciousness was only controlled by someone and that there shouldn’t be any major problems. After going to the brain department and the psychiatric department for a lot of examinations and treatment, they realized the seriousness. They also knew that no one could cure Li Jin besides Zheng Huai and another psychiatrist.

It was just that the other psychiatrist was said to have left the country some time ago. They could not find him no matter how hard they tried, so they could only look for Zheng Huai.

However, they didn’t expect Zheng Huai to have such a reclusive personality. They didn’t even see a single hair on him.

That was why they had no choice but to look for Shen Xi and Li Zhe.

Fortunately, Li Zhe had relented, and they could heave a sigh of relief.

After sending off Li Feng and his wife, Li Zhe returned to the living room. At this moment, the living room was in a state of extreme tension.

Li Yuan and Li Peng were sitting on the sofa in the living room with serious expressions. Both of them were emitting a very low frost-like coldness.

Julie. on the other hand. Dulled Menz Yu to sit at the side with a smile on her face and chatted about everything. Just Julie alone was talking enthusiastically.

Seeing Li Zhe enter, Li Peng said coldly, “Now that the company’s matters are almost settled, shouldn’t you explain your matter, Li Zhe? As your father, I’m here to express my and your grandfather’s stance. That is, the two of us firmly disagree with you and Meng Yu. We still want to have grandchildren.”

Julie, who was standing at the side, showed extreme mockery on her face. Then, she said rudely, “Li Peng, if you want an offspring, go find another woman to have one! Don’t you dare have any ideas about my son? My son, how he wants to live his life is his choice.’

Li Peng looked at his wife, who was always jumping around. He was angry and a little helpless. “Julie, I’m educating my son. Don’t be unreasonable!”

Julie was not convinced. She put her hands on her hips and said loudly, “Li Peng, you can’t be too two-faced. I just said not to interfere with my son’s marriage, and you think I’m pestering you? Then isn’t it unreasonable for you to interfere with your son’s marriage? What a joke. You’re already so old yet still doing this kind of unjust treatment. You’re despicable!”

“Impudent!” Li Yuan placed the teacup in his hand heavily on the coffee table beside him. The living room instantly fell silent.

Then, Li Yuan said seriously, “There are three ways to be unfilial. If our Li family ends our bloodline with Li Zhe, Li Zhe will be a sinner of our Li family!’

Julie looked at Old Master Li with a frown and said slowly, “Old Master, there are three ways to be unfilial. The last sentence is: Someone married without saying goodbye. He has no descendants. Ah, Zhe didn’t marry without saying goodbye. He told you and told me.. So according to what you said, Ah Zhe is showing that he has an heir, so he’s not unfilial!”

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