Rather Than The Son, I’ll Take The Father - C.160Oct 04, 2023


I had answered like that, but I didn’t know what Aedis was thinking.

Aedis bowed his head to me as I put on a worried look.

His lips covered my own softly. It was a kiss full of tenderness.

Gradually leaning over, Aedis laid me down somewhere.

It wasn’t on the hard desk or table. Feeling a soft blanket, I looked around in bewilderment.

I had only focused on kissing my husband, but in that moment everything had changed, including the ceiling and the wallpaper.

It was a room similar to my bedroom in Morgana’s mansion, but certainly not the capital.

Moonlit flowers danced outside the window. I could see an endless expanse of sea water.

Oh, it must be the same island that Aedis took me to before.

…… It’s perfect.

I liked the house near the Crystal Gate, but this place was vastly different. Aedis discovered this island himself and furnished it for me.

I felt as if I had fallen into another world without even the beast here. No one could disturb us.

Taking advantage of the moment when Aedis's lips were separated from mine, I said.

“When on earth did you do the movement magic…….”

Again, his lips pressed against mine.

Right, you don’t want me to protest do you?

Although I was dissatisfied, it was not enough to refuse Aedis’ kiss, so I responded enthusiastically.

At first, I thought it would end in just us having time together. But Aedis showed no intention of returning to Cyclamen Castle tonight.

“Regen will not wait.”

Aedis spoke in a conclusive manner, as if he had already dealt with the issue.

My chest tightened with tension. If I were to speak now, my voice would surely tremble. But there was nowhere else to turn my gaze except toward Aedis.

The curtains fluttered and moved of their own accord, covering the windows.

Having completely isolated this little space from the world, Aedis pleaded.

“Look at me, Eve.”


Stark gazes poured in, as if peering into the inside. There was obviously a mix of desire.

Maybe my face was red like it was right before it exploded. Still, I mustered the courage to face him.

Aedis’ mouth curled up.

“Please keep your eyes on me.”

He raised my hand and made me stroke his face.

“…… I will.”

His smile deepened at my answer.

“That’s all I need.”

Aedis slowly lowered my hand that had been holding his face.

Thanks to that, I was able to caress Aedis’ cheek, neckline, and collarbone to my heart’s content.

And with my eyes, I indulged in his expression, which blushed and distorted whenever I touched him.



“Make me yours.”

In the dark, his eyes glowed with a hungry blue light.

He looked like he was going to eat me, even though he was the one who asked me to make him mine.

I nodded slowly.

The night was ripe.

* * *

It was the day before my birthday, and the day the celebration began.

I arrived after spending a passionate night on the remote island, but well…… Usually, the main character of a party shows up late.

Besides, I had taken a bath and did not delay too much.

Well…… Of course, I didn’t bathe alone.

“It’s done.”

I carefully raised my eyelids.

In the mirror was a beautiful woman dressed in a wine-red velvet dress. I could have looked plain because of the calm and antique image that velvet gave me, but since my hair was pink, it was a useless worry.

Aedis pinned my hair just enough to keep it from falling out, then let some fall down over my ears.

My ears were still tingling from his bullying all night. Despite such shameless circumstances, the reflection in the mirror made me look more like a queen than a fairy tale princess. It was elegant, but it didn’t look overly aged either.

I smiled mischievously.

“Thank you for helping me.”

Aedis had helped me dress alone because he had left marks everywhere. Whether the handmaids knew the circumstances or not, they would cry because they weren’t able to adorn me.

It was winter, and it was a relief that we were in the north. It was natural that not only me, but all nobles wrapped their bodies tightly.

Aedis smiled and held out his hand.

“Shall we go?”

He wore a formal dress with accents the same wine red as mine.


I also put my hand on Aedis’ arm with a smile on my face.

The celebration went smoothly.

There were incidents such as a couple of feeble nobles fainting as soon as they saw Aedis, and Tollyman crying with emotion.

…… The whole hall was shiny, so nobles who never had to worry about money for the rest of their lives muttered from time to time that they wanted to take just one thing.

I danced with Aedis in front of the nobles who watched with nervous eyes.

Next it was my father’s turn. My father studied my joyful face.

“I’m relieved you seem to be doing well. I’m so glad.”

I closed my eyes and smiled.

“How am I doing well? I didn’t know that Mother and Father would accept the prince’s request to accompany me.”

“I was going to leave it up to you because he proudly presented the divorce papers.” 𝚋𝚎𝚍n𝚘v𝚎𝚕.𝚗𝚎𝚝

Eureus was hunched over in a corner, while Charlie and Monica chatted with their mother. Just now, Azena was getting close to Monica. It was a peaceful time.

“I am happy. With very good parents, a husband and a son.”

I winked, and my father laughed as if he couldn’t help himself.

I also danced with Regen, but he said that he suddenly had something to prepare, so he left after only one song. In the meantime, the day’s party was wrapping up.

After the crowd had left, Raven also stuck out his head. I welcomed Raven.


“E, Eve.”

The cute-looking boy hesitated, not knowing if he could approach me. I smiled and held out my hand.

“Would you like to dance? Since you are no longer a crow, I will accept you as my partner for a while.”

Raven was delighted, but hesitated.

“That…… But, I don’t know anything about dancing…….”

“It’s okay because I dance well. Trust me.”

I led Raven into the dance hall.

Raven was also in a hurry to match the beat, but in the end he left the flow entirely to me.

I laughed out loud and took Raven’s hand and turned around.

Raven pulled my hand with a slightly flushed face.




“Yes, just speak comfortably.”

“If you get tired of the Master, marry me later…….”

“The dance is over.”

A cold voice cut off Raven’s speaking.

Aedis came over and grabbed Raven’s head.

I think I just heard a crack?!

“Ra, Raven? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

Raven tried to smile, but his complexion was rapidly turning pale.

“But I heard something like a skull cracking…….”

Raven changed his words as if the pain had slowly started to spread.

“No…… not okay…….”

Aedis ignored Raven, who was about to leave for heaven, and offered his arm to me.

“Eve, would you like to get some fresh air?”

“What if Raven dies in the meantime?”

“I’m sorry, but he won’t die.”

Is that something to feel sorry for!

I obediently followed Aedis even though I looked bewildered.

Aedis’ gaze lingered on my wedding ring for a moment before sliding away.

In winter, although it was in the north, the temperature on the terrace was cool.

I had reached the point where I was just going to let my husband use his hand anyway.

Aedis stared at me as I muttered that it was nice that the weather was cool.

My heart was tickled at the gaze as if he was looking at the most lovable person in the world.

“Happy birthday, Eve.”


“Is it midnight already?”

Aedis laughed at my reaction.

“It’s worth it to keep checking the time again and again.”

I laughed along with him.

“Thank you for congratulating me first. Will you celebrate next year’s birthday and the one after that?”

“You’re asking something obvious.”

Aedis kissed me lightly on the lips.

“You should also get a present, Eve.”

“What is it?”

“I prepared it in a document because I couldn’t bring them with me…….”

Aedis pulled sheaves of papers and showed them to me. Without checking closely, I thought it must have been a land document.

“…… let’s just kiss some more, shall we.”

I put my arm around Aedis’ neck, shaking off the ominous thought that I might end up with the whole empire after receiving vast lands as a birthday gift every year.

It was then.


“…… huh?”

Was that Regen’s voice?

I opened my eyes wide.

Soon the door to the terrace opened slightly. Regen pushed his head through first.

His silver hair, which had been neatly combed, had returned to its usual fluffiness over time.

Regen pricked up his ears like a pure white rabbit and looked this way, then saw me and smiled broadly.

“It’s Mother!”

I couldn’t control my bewildered expression and asked.

“Just, just now…… What did you say?”

Regen ran over and held out a bouquet with his small hands.

“Happy, happy birthday, Mother. And…….”

Regen gulped.

Then he smiled, a bright smile that he had never shown before.

“Thank you for being my mother.”

It was the perfect birthday present.

I threw…… , No, I let go of Aedis’ neck and hugged Regen.

“Me too……I feel the same way. Thank you for accepting me into your family. I am very happy to be able to meet Regen and be Regen’s family.”

Regen wiggled in my arms.

“Then can I sleep with you tonight?”

“Yes, of course! Let’s keep sleeping together!”

This time I truly meant it.

I could swear I had no intention of offending Aedis.

But why did my back tingle…… ?

But before I could even think of turning to Aedis, Regen got my attention again.

“I like Mother the best in the world!”

“For me, Regen is the best…….”

“You didn’t mean to say the best. No way.”


My mouth snapped shut hearing Aedis’ sullen voice.

Then, Regen stepped in instead of me.

“Oh, I will never back down today! I want to sleep together…… with Mother!”


“Father, you can sleep alone!”

I rubbed my itchy face.

A war between the father-and-son was about to begin.