Rather Than The Son, I’ll Take The Father - C.158Oct 04, 2023


It was a friendly time without any worry for the first time in a long time. I looked at Regen, who had changed into the clothes I chose. It matched well with my dress that Aedis had picked out.

“If you wear it like this, we will look like a family.”

I exclaimed and laughed, and Aedis came behind my back.

“Eve, hair.”

It was a bit tangled while wearing a dress.

Aedis grabbed my hair cautiously.

However, the sense was even more sensational and nervous.

His long fingers passed over my nape.

Obviously he touched my skin like a feather and moved on in a moment, but the effect was amazing like he touched me with a strong stimulus like a flowing current.


When I was too aware and jumped reflexively, Aedis immediately pulled his hand.

“Sorry. I will do it.”

At this rate, I will attack you first.

I combed my pink hair with my hands and covered my face that would have been red.

Aedis’ eyes shook like a blue star at dawn on the surface of the water.

“Your Grace.”

Sarah called me with a tone that indicated she was sorry to interfere with the fun time. The maid turned away from me with cloudy eyes and also came out of the door.

“The prince is looking for you. He sent me with a message that he wanted to see you right now.”

I frowned.

“With Aedis, too?”

“That is…… ”

Oh, does he want to meet me alone?

As soon as I saw Aedis, I was stunned, but I understood it, however impure the intention seemed.

“I see.”

I looked back at Aedis.

“Aedis, I’ll go. Please take care of Regen.”

I pressed my hand to my forehead. How can I be happy to meet with the guy who asked me about my chest size? It’s obvious that he will talk nonsense anyway.

When I arrived, Euraus was sprawled in his chair and stood in a hurry.

The chick appeared and crossed the carpet to hide under the desk while the employee’s eyes popped out and focused on Euraus.

…… You’re not an ordinary chick, though. If you decide to, you can make yourself visible.

I started to speak.

“Did you call, Your Highness.”

Euraus apologized, and pulled a chair for me to sit down.

“I showed you an ugly side. I’m sorry.”

Instead of asking if he was alright, I tried to look dignified, but perhaps my tone showed too honestly.

“Why did you change your tone?”

“Is it not good?”

“But, but I’m sure you’ll like your birthday gift.”

“Oh, I’m really looking forward to it.”

I spoke in a soulless voice.

“Can you dismiss the employees for a while? I really need to be with you for a minute. I won’t make you anxious.”

Euraus made a benevolent look. The chick stuck under the desk was seriously considering pecking Euraus’ shoes.

I gestured to the maid. When the maid dismissed the employees and left, he pushed the unidentified documents on the desk.

“What is this?”

Euraus smiled.

“Divorce documents.”

“…… What documents?”

Euraus interpreted the reason for my shock to suit himself and said gently.

“It’s a divorce document I prepared for you. If you sign it, I’ll plead with His Majesty.….”

“How arrogant of you to meddle.”

“Maevia, I really prepared it for you. Who but me would save you after you became the wife of the Grand Duke?”

Well I don’t need it.

“I mentioned before, but I have no idea of getting help from you.”

Again, Euraus misinterpreted my words.

“I understand. That monster is scary.”

“No…… Whoo.”

My stomach boiled so I stopped and took a breath.

Monster? Aedis?

I raised my body. Euraus flinched at my actions and soon realized that I had reacted sensitively.

“I can make you empress. Divorce will not hurt your fame.”

What does he mean by empress?

The small chick was on the verge of running toward Euraus’ shoes. But it read my thoughts and changed its mind and ran from the desk.

I nodded slightly to the chick. Soon, a very light light began to rise from the walls on all sides. It was a faint change that was difficult to notice without careful attention.

The employees waiting outside were blocked from the conversation by the light wrapped in the wall. I only answered.

“I don’t want the place of the empress.”


“I don’t know about the emperor’s place.”

“What…… ”

“Was that a disrespectful statement? But even so, what can a prince who is not even a crown prince or an influential figure do to the Grand Duchess who has a monster as her husband?”

“……. ”

I was not going to do anything for the currently falling family.

Even if three families, including my family, come out and pull down the imperial family.

Maybe it was not so bad for Charlie and Monica to be the next emperor. Someone would be better than that guy or Gilbert in the novel.

“I, I…….”

Euraus’ shoulders trembled. His complexion was gray with a cold sweat. It was a bit severe. It was like seeing the vassals that were pressed by Aedis’ momentum.

Is it because of the power of the beast?

But it was not as strong as when I killed Kadan.

I tilted my head to the side.

“Well, the documents are at least useful. As a fire starter.”

I threw the divorce documents into the fireplace without hesitation.

Listening to the sound of the paper burning, I snapped my fingers in the air, and the dim light barrier that blocked the sound disappeared. Euraus blinked blankly.

“Am I dreaming… ? Obviously I had something to tell you…….”

It was a reaction like someone waking from being hypnotized. He couldn’t remember the conversation that he had just a few seconds ago with me.

I glanced at the chick and said beast to Euraus.

“Goodbye, Your Highness. And I hope you don’t call me separately in the future.”

I actually meant: If you want to maintain your VIP status, don’t run your mouth carelessly.

“I’m, I’m sorry. I’m in bad shape.”

Euraus walked out, wiping at the cold sweat that soaked his clothes.

I looked back at the chick.

“…… I think I should learn how to handle you well.”


“I hate the Prince of Euraus, but it’s a separate issue to play with your abilities. It wasn’t a dangerous situation.”

It was just a X-ed situation.


It was an unusually unpleasant crying sound.

“Thank you for thinking about me. But if we set the standards, we will be able to get better than now.”

“Ppii ppii.”

I rubbed my cheeks and composed my expression. Aedis and Regen were waiting, so I had to go back.

However, the employees who should have been waiting in the corridor had disappeared.

“Huh? Aedis?”

There was Aedis standing alone by the door.

I was bewildered and looked around. Seeing that Euraus did not faint and returned safely it seemed Aedis had just arrived.

I couldn’t hear the sound of him talking to the employees.….

Still, I gladly asked.

“Are you worried?”

“If I still have the qualification to worry about the wife, it would be.”

It was a soft melting voice. But it was creepy.

The blue eyes that slipped towards me also sank dark and deep like the deep sea with the floor.

“Aedis? Is something wrong?”

“Yes. There is.”

“……. ”

Why are you so serious?

I frowned because I thought Kadan came back to life.

The words slowly spilled from Aedis’ lips.

“The wife saw Kadan’s essence, and you saw my essence.”

“……. ”

“Is that why?”

“So, what do you mean?”

“Is that why you don’t want me to touch you?”


“Did you want to divorce?” 𝘣𝑒𝑑𝘯𝘰𝘷𝑒𝘭.𝑜𝘳𝘨

“Have you been listening?”

Aedis’ face was distorted as if he was about to cry right away.

“At first, I tried not to listen to it. I thought I could be restrained as usual. But I didn’t, and I was already not trusted by the wife.”

Huh…… Did you think I was blocking the sound after telling the chick because of you?

But I didn’t know Aedis was listening. I quickly explained.

“It was to keep the employees from listening. What will happen if the Grand Duchess receives divorce documents from the prince…. ”

“You don’t have to explain.”

Aedis lowered his eyes. The long eyelashes covered his cheeks.

I tried to explain gradually from the beginning.

“Aedis, the divorce document.”

“I don’t want to hear it.”

“Can you listen for me?”

Aedis sighed and bent over.

“I can’t listen to it. It’s hard.”

“……. ”

Aedis’ head touched my stiff shoulder.

“I am nothing without you.”

He leaned against me and muttered.

Thanks to that, I was able to realize.