Rather Than The Son, I’ll Take The Father - C.151Jun 11, 2023


The light, which had changed to a bloody color, increased in size menacingly like a warning light. Reflected in the white snowfield, it seemed that the whole world was dyed red.

Kadan’s attention was turned to the sudden anomaly. I asked, knowing Kadan was listening.

“No? Then how about handing over a part of my body? Kadan has an angelic face, so you’d look good with pink eyes, too. Immortality is a bonus.”

Kadan’s eyes glazed as the word immortality was uttered. His greed was vivid and palpable.

On the other hand, the light has lost its reason. The light exploded and engulfed everything within my field of view in red. In the aftermath of the world brightening like an ominous omen, the beast that had been watching from afar was also reflected in my eyes. There were also the wolves that I saw earlier. f𝑟e𝙚𝒘𝗲𝚋𝚗oѵ𝘦𝙡. c𝒐m

Of course, I thought, absurdly, that the light that was supposed to have an ego would react. But it went too far.

“Did I inherit it for no reason…….”

As I showed signs of regret, the light gathered in one place. It soon returned to its original golden color and swayed like the tail of an irritated cat.

Ah, annoying.

Could it be that the power possessed this type of intelligence, so that’s why the beast said that it would be better to die once and pay the price cleanly?

SO it wasn’t actually an excuse to separate with Aedis?

As it turned out, the light with the very annoying personality kept looking at me.

Before my eyes, it made a small arrow the size of a little finger and pointed it at Kadan.

It seemed to be asking if it could get rid of him.

In the first place, it was a power that I accepted with the purpose of getting rid of Kadan forever. Still, I hesitated due to the anxiety caused by the rampage just now, but the light read my thoughts on its own.


I grabbed at the light. It felt like touching fine sand baked in the sun.

“If you’re not going to obey my will, don’t do anything.”

Then, the light began to weep bitterly.


It was an unpleasant sound. It was sharp, like nails mercilessly scratching at the eardrum.

But I was the only one who simply frowned.

The light’s cries affected everyone but me.

Gilbert sat down and plugged his ears in pain.

Kadan was about to approach me because his eyes were blinded by immortality but also stopped for a moment.

Kadan tried to create an opaque barrier, but he sighed and withdrew his breath as if it didn’t work.

I didn’t feel sorry for the two of them at all, but I didn’t want to hurt distant monsters, so I tried to stop the light. Kadan spoke first through the crying.

“Is this your new pet, Sister-in-law?”

Even though it was mixed with annoyance, it was still a voice without tension.

“At that time, that half-human, half-beast, you only raise strange things. My ears will rot.”

Kadan slowly closed the distance like a beast with delicious food in front of him.


The light cried out again. It was less unpleasant than before, probably because the volume had been significantly reduced.

It sounded like a chick chirping. It must have been hurt quite a bit by being told not to do anything.

Whee, whee.

It was enough to catch Kadan off guard and bring Gilbert back to his senses. I shouted as Gilbert hurriedly ran toward me.

“Run away!”


“It’s not something you can deal with.”

“…… and you?”

“I’m in a better position than you.”

Well, I didn’t look any better.

Without waiting for my answer, Gilbert blocked Kadan’s way.

With his back to me, Gilbert couldn’t see my expression.

It was also true that I couldn’t see all of Gilbert’s actions.

But whatever Gilbert did, it made Kadan stop. Besides, it seemed that it annoyed Kadan more than the light’s cries.

“You shouldn’t treat the body I’ll use so harshly.”

“Back off, Father.”

Hearing the hardened voice, I lowered my gaze.

Drops of blood were splattering around Gilbert’s feet.

Did he hurt himself?

Kadan tilted his head and laughed.

“Does your other father willingly back down when asked?”

“At least…… he didn’t ignore it.”

“I guess he treated you well enough that you answered right away? As expected, my younger brother has a weak heart. I said he could just kill you.”

Gilbert’s shoulders trembled.

“…… what did you say?”

Kadan grinned.

“Originally, I was thinking of throwing you and Regen into the desert. But it was a waste~ I would have gone through a lot.”


“So I contacted my brother. There are kids who look just like me, so it’s okay to take out your anger as much as you like thinking it’s me. Instead, I asked him for forgiveness.”

“What you said to me…… that’s different?”

“What? What did I say to you?”


“I don’t remember, but I think it was a lie?”


Have you ever heard such rubbish?

I was at a loss for words at Kadan’s attitude toward his biological son. The light pricked me.

As I turned around, it made two small arrows pointing at Kadan and Gilbert respectively. It was like asking my will if it was allowed to handle both.

Are you thinking of not going wild anymore?

I turned to Gilbert’s back.

“Then Father…….”


“In spite of your words…….”

Gilbert seemed to have finally realized how much compassion Aedis had extended to him. But only at this moment.

It was too late.

Gilbert killed Regen and a brother he didn’t even know the name of in the desert. Aedis saved Regen, but the brother died. And he never once regretted it. Rather, in front of me, Aedis was framed for doing it.

…… Besides, it was not just this. The atrocities committed against commoners and servants could not be counted.

Threats. Violence. Murder.

It was always Gilbert’s work. While tarnishing the prestige of the Kallakis family.

I sighed as the light changed the arrow pointing at Gilbert to Kadan.

I was fearful that Gilbert looked milder compared to Gilbert in 〈Esmeralda’s Crescent Moon〉 even though he lived just like this…….

Because the light changed its direction, both arrows now pointed to Kadan. It remained to be seen whether Gilbert would really keep his promise and never appear in front of me again. Anyway, Gilbert was not someone I had to kill with my own hands.

The agitation and trembling were only brief. Gilbert had made up his mind and murmured in a low voice.

“…… then.”

It was a dry voice. Did he have no strength to cry? Was it a waste of energy to despair?

“Then I can’t send Maevia even more.”

It was only for a moment, but I failed to manage my expression.

Can I refuse that filial piety?

I stared at Gilbert, who jumped at Kadan with a sword made of blood. There might be a price to pay for that ability when he had lost his aura, but I didn’t feel any sympathy at all.

He seemed to think that protecting me from Kadan was a bit of atonement. I guessed he was trying to pay off his debt to Aedis.


As I bit my lips, the light stopped and shot arrows and question marks in the direction of the two.

“Yes, that’s right. I’m confused, too.”

Besides, my rear was cold, too. I had been sitting comfortably while Gilbert was enlightened, and Kadan lost his patience.

When the light noticed me about to rise, it busily made a chair.

It looked like a throne because it sparkled with golden light.

I gave up on facial expression management altogether and declined.

“It’s okay. I’ll just sit down here for now.”


“….… Are you crying like that on purpose, knowing that I’m weak?”


I shook my head and moved my arms. I asked it to stop the spread of the poison, but I didn’t know why it moved so well.

Well, I also stabbed the same part on purpose to comfort Monica.

I wrinkled my nose because I didn’t want to stab my shoulder again.

“The sightseeing ends here. What should we do now?”

Then the light wriggled and distanced itself from me.

“What’s the matter?”

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Kadan kicking Gilbert. Kadan was on the verge of running toward me as I could give him immortality. I beckoned to the light.

“Come here.”



“Gilbert won’t last long.”

Did you suddenly become unwilling to help?

The confused light read my thoughts and hesitated. Then, as if it didn’t know, it suddenly inflated in size like a wave and attacked me.

As all the light was absorbed by me, the world went dark again.

At first, it just felt warm. It didn’t hurt.

It seemed that my eyesight improved……. right? Did my ears get better?

I blinked and raised my head. I was standing still, but the scenery was unfamiliar. Thanks to that, I had no time to be surprised by the fact that I could see very well in the dark.

“…… what?”

There was something completely different-looking where Kadan should have been.

What was that?

The traces of rags and stitches left on Kadan’s body were clearly visible.

Far from angelic…….

It was Kadan’s true form.