Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith - C.4757 - : A pair of mandarin ducks sharing the same fate

Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

C.4757 - : A pair of mandarin ducks sharing the same fate

Chapter 4757: A pair of mandarin ducks sharing the same fate

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Li Moying paused for a moment as he furrowed his brows and his eyes revealed a trace of doubt.

Huang Yueli turned to look at him,” What’s wrong?”

Li Moying pondered for a moment before replying,” Back then, I had experienced countless dangers before I managed to escape successfully. The Elder who had entered the Devil Territory by mistake with me had even died inside. After I left, I read a lot of ancient books and found out the origin of this area. I found that this is actually the ruins of a battlefield where the Devil Clan and the Ancient God Clan fought tens of thousands of years ago.”

Hearing this, Huang Yueli’s eyes widened in shock,” Battlefield ruins? However, we are now in Saint Iniquitous Shadow’s cave! This Cave Dwelling had existed for at least hundreds of thousands of years. It was unlikely to be a battlefield site. Besides, the Saint Iniquitous Shadow wouldn’t have built his cave on the battlefield ruins, right?”

A place where a fierce battle had taken place would have a very heavy Blood Qi. Even the Devil Clan would rarely live in such a place, let alone the Ancient God Clan.

Because although the Blood Qi was helpful to the Devil Clan’s cultivation, the risks were also obvious.

It was fine if they had enough strength, but if they were injured one day and their strength decreased, they would be invaded by the Blood Qi and go berserk. Generally speaking, except for a few extremely extreme Devils, most people were not willing to take such a meaningless risk.

Moreover, evil cultivators were different from the Devil Clan and the Saint Iniquitous Shadow wasn’t some crazy person. The last time she entered the cave dwelling, Huang Yueli didn’t feel any malevolent aura.

Li Moying nodded his head,” I also feel that this place doesn’t seem like a Land of Blood and it’s precisely because of this that I’m puzzled.”

Huang Yueli thought for a while and was totally clueless,” This is really strange. What could the Cave Dwelling of a heretic cultivator have in common with the battlefield ruins? Oh right, there’s another possibility!”

She suddenly thought of something.” Maybe there’s no connection between the two. Those similarities are just coincidences.”

Li Moying shook his head slightly,” The matter shouldn’t be so simple. At least I used the method to avoid the Devil Beasts that I had figured out in the battlefield ruins earlier and it was equally effective in this Devil Realm. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to save you so smoothly.”

When she heard Li Moying mention the earlier incident, Huang Yueli’s curiosity rose immediately.

“Oh right, you reminded me, what did you do just now? Why didn’t those Devil Beasts chase after us?”

“It’s actually very simple. These Devils have long been accustomed to an environment without any aura fluctuations. Once you try to use the Profound Qi in your body, even if you can’t sense the Profound Qi of heaven and earth, it will form a certain fluctuation and the Devils will follow the fluctuation. Therefore, as long as you relax as much as possible and don’t try to mobilize the power in your body, you’ll be much safer.” Li Moying explained in a low voice.

Huang Yueli came to a sudden realization,” Indeed it’s like this. I had some guesses just now, but with so many Devil Beasts chasing after me, I couldn’t make up my mind to give up on resisting and stop all of a sudden…Fortunately, you arrived in time. Otherwise, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to last until now.”

When Li Moying heard that, he suddenly laughed softly,” You believe whatever I say? I told you not to resist, and you really did not resist? What if my judgment is wrong?”

Huang Yueli giggled,” Then we can only be a pair of mandarin ducks sharing the same fate, dying for love here.”