My Descendant Begged Me To Help Him Just After I Became A God - C.591 - : The Dao Yan’s Rage


Chapter 591: The Dao Yan’s Rage

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“I heard that the first three Zenith Heaven Immortals have obtained the supreme treasures of the Dao Ancestor. Each of them has three!”

“Didn’t you obtain the inheritance?”

“How many Zenith Heaven Immortals are there in the current Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm?”

“The Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor, Immortal Beidou, Dao Lord Nirvana, Ancestor Xuan Ti, Great Paragon Ksitigarbha, a total of five.”

“My Dao Sect has a Zenith Heaven Immortal. Anyone who enters my Dao Sect can comprehend the Dao of the Zenith Heaven Realm.”

Most of the believers in the Mental Wander Realm were discussing the existence of the Zenith Heaven Immortals. From the Taiyi Realm to the immortal cultivators in the mortal world, all of them were fascinated.

Originally, the Mental Wander Realm had already formed classes of different levels. However, the impact of the Zenith Heaven Realm was too great, so the news spread far and wide.

As the Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor and Dao Lord Nirvana became Zenith Heaven Immortals, and they were the first three Zenith Heaven Immortals, the battle between Buddhism and Daoism became even more intense. From reality, it had spread to the Mental Wander Realm.

In addition, Ancestor Xuan Ti’s sect also began to rise. Immortal Beidou and Great Paragon Ksitigarbha did not belong to any sect and stayed away from conflict.

Great Paragon Ksitigarbha had become a Zenith Heaven Immortal in the fifth millennium after Ancestor Xuan Ti became a Zenith Heaven Immortal. He kept a low profile, and it was only revealed by Bai Qi. Other than the first three

Zenith Heaven Immortals, the Dao Ancestor also met Ancestor Xuan Ti and Great Paragon Ksitigarbha alone.

The supreme treasures Jiang Changsheng gave the first three Zenith Heaven Immortals were a Heavenly Dao Spirit Treasure and a merit technique tailor-made for them. As for Ancestor Xuan Ti and Great Paragon Ksitigarbha, he only taught them each a merit technique.

The Great Merit Divine Technique could evolve thousands of merit techniques. These almighty experts who bore the responsibility of the Immortal Dao would definitely obtain merit, so it would be a waste not to use it.

Ancestor Xuan Ti and Great Paragon Ksitigarbha were also extremely grateful to Jiang Changsheng. They could sense the high hopes the Dao Ancestor had for them.

Unknowingly, their karma with the Dao Ancestor had become closer.

After so many years, even though the karma backlash brought about by Jiang Changsheng moving the ancient Immortal Dao to the present had not completely disappeared, it did not affect him much. Occasionally, he would meet some beings from the Fourth Heaven Realm, but it did not affect him much.

After the birth of these five Zenith Heaven Immortals, no new Zenith Heaven Immortals had been born. Some mighty figures were too anxious and failed, such as the former second person in the Immortal Dao, the Kunlun Leader.

Jiang Changsheng would not give any more pointers about the Zenith Heaven Realm. He had already said what he needed to say, so the rest could only depend on themselves.

Of course, Jiang Changsheng would still try his best to support the people around him.

For example, Mu Lingluo and the Sword God.

Ever since the Sword God revealed his extraordinary attainments in the Sword Dao, Jiang Changsheng would visit him in his dreams and tell him the true meaning of the Zenith Heaven Realm.

Jiang Changsheng really hoped that there would be a Zenith Heaven Immortal among his old friends. However, promoting mortals was already a heaven-defying thing.

In the dark void, a seven-colored path of light crisscrossed to the depths. Within the path of light were colorful stars that gathered together to form a resplendent and beautiful starlight that illuminated the dark void.

A figure walked on the colorful path. It was Shi Yantian, who wanted to save Jiang Changsheng in the past.

Shi Yantian looked no different from a million years ago. There was a benevolent expression on his face and wrinkles appeared between his eyebrows out of habit.

As he walked, other figures gradually appeared on the seven-colored path. All of them looked like humans, but their emotions were obvious in their expressions. Shi Yantian walked calmly and did not interact with anyone.

After a long time.

A figure suddenly bumped into Shi Yantian, but it was only a light bump. There was no malice in it. Shi Yantian glanced over and asked, “What are you doing here? I am a sinner now.’

It was a handsome young man in white with a blue belt around his waist. On his face, there was a wide smile.

“Your crime is nothing. Besides, the Dao Yan has something more important to do. Since they have already recruited you, what’s there to be afraid of?” The young man smiled.

His appearance attracted the attention of many Dao Yan cultivators around him.

Shi Yantian snorted and said, “It’s true that my crimes can be overlooked, but you are Little Yan Saint. If you approach me, you will definitely be used by someone with intentions to bring up the past.”

The young man called Little Yan Saint hugged his shoulders and said with a smile, “I just have the title of little. What’s wrong with you? Ever since you came back, you seem to have changed into a different person. In the past, you were the one who pestered me when you wanted to save me. Why is it the other way around now? Don’t tell me you know how Lu Yantian died?”

At the mention of Lu Yantian, many people immediately looked over.

Shi Yantian’s expression did not change as he said, “I don’t know. Even if I knew, I would not say it. The Dao Yan’s sins are already so deep that we cannot cause another disaster.”

Little Yan Saint curled his lips and said, “Sigh, you took the wrong path. If we didn’t belong to the Dao Yan, how many times would you have died if you were placed in another orthodoxy?”

The Dao Yan was domineering in their actions, but they were extremely open-minded internally. In addition to the necessary obedience, the right to speak here was very free. There were no lack of benevolent and sad people like Shi Yantian. There were even more exaggerated pessimists who would not be punished no matter what they said. The Dao Yan might even stimulate their emotional talent.

Shi Yantian smiled and was too lazy to refute.

Little Yan Saint rolled his eyes and said, “You want to know what this mission is about?”

“What is it?”

“About the vitality of the Great Dao, about the counterattack against the

Mysterious Fate and the Town Hall, this time, the higher-ups are really angry.

The death of the Sword Envying Yan Saint is still a thorn in the Dao Yan’s side.” Little Yan Saint said in all seriousness, his words filled with excitement.

At the mention of the Sword Envying Yan Saint, Shi Yantian also revealed a worried expression.

Only they knew the shock caused by the Sword Envying Yan Saint’s death in the Dao Yan. This was a Yan Saint. Moreover, this was the first time in tens of millions of years that a Yan Saint had fallen, especially when the Mysterious Fate and the Town Hall besieged the Dao Yan.

The Dao Yan had been accumulating anger for millions of years!

Little Yan Saint continued, “According to my understanding, it has been thirty million years since the Dao Yan gathered all the Yan Saints, Yan Lords, and Yantians like this. We are going to do something big, and heroes will definitely appear in chaos. In this war, I will definitely remove my title of ‘Little’!”

At the thought of the upcoming war, Shi Yantian’s worries increased greatly. How many people would die next?

He could not help but think of the Dao Ancestor in the Endless Void.

After so many years, he wondered how powerful the Dao Ancestor was now.

He only knew that the Furious Flame Yan Lord died because of the actions of

Lu Yantian, and they both died at the hands of the Dao Ancestor. As for the Sword Envying Yan Saint, he did not know. He had thought about whether it was the Dao Ancestor, but he felt that it was impossible.

More and more Yantians descended, most of them in a hurry. At the end of the colorful path, a door of light began to appear.

Little Yan Saint talked non-stop, but Shi Yantian was no longer listening. His thoughts began to drift.

Ever since the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm gave birth to five Zenith Heaven Immortals, Jiang Changsheng’s thoughts had become even more settled. He did not particularly look forward to the next Zenith Heaven Immortal, so he cultivated in peace.

In fact, after the first three Zenith Heaven Immortals were born, it also eased the tense hearts of those Immortal Emperors, causing no Immortal Emperor to be born for a long time.

Years passed.

Jiang Changsheng suddenly opened his eyes. He calculated with his fingers that he had been in seclusion for 110,000 years.

He looked outside the Myriad Gods Support Formation. At that moment, someone was fighting there. It was the Sword God. He was fighting a being with an aura similar to Great Darkness Conquering Sky.

During his years of seclusion, there would often be beings approaching the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm. Most of them would choose to take a detour, but there would always be ignorant existences. However, they were all suppressed by the Immortal Emperors, with the Zenith Heaven Immortals not taking any actions.

Terrifying existences like Great Darkness Conquering Sky were rare, so Jiang Changsheng did not open his eyes.

However, another strange aura had appeared this time. This meant that the existence behind Great Darkness Conquering Sky might have targeted the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm.

Jiang Changsheng began to calculate the strongest experts in various distances.

The strongest expert in the area had reached 1.96 million Heavenly Dao incense points, and the other party was not near the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm.

When Bai Qi saw that Jiang Changsheng had woken up, she immediately came over and carefully said, “Master, there’s something I don’t know if I should say.”


Jiang Changsheng said calmly. He began to listen to the thoughts of all beings. This was also his habit. He wanted to confirm that the Immortal Dao had not gone astray and let everyone down.

Bai Qi sighed and said, “Master, you should know the Kunlun Leader, right?

Because he has yet to reach the Zenith Heaven Realm, he left the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm alone and went to the boundless world. Will his actions cause more Immortal Emperors to leave? The Zenith Heaven Realm is indeed too difficult to reach.’

Before the birth of the five Zenith Heaven Immortals, the Immortal Emperors were filled with hope and gathered their strength to push forward. Now that five Zenith Heaven Immortals had been born, they finally felt despair.

It seemed like they could not reach the Zenith Heaven Realm even if they continued to cultivate.

Such a thought caused the mentality of many Immortal Emperors to change. Some who were unwilling to give up began to go to the extreme. For example, the Kunlun Leader had also begun to study the method of merit and luck, while others began to return to the Taiyi Immortal Realm. In any case, Immortal Emperors were immortals. Instead of wasting time in the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm, it was better to return to the Taiyi Immortal Realm and enjoy life.

Jiang Changsheng said, “If someone wants to go out and explore, then go ahead. It’s not as if Immortal Emperors don’t have the ability to survive in the boundless world. As for the impact, I don’t care how many Immortal Emperors there are right now. What I care about is how many Immortal Emperors there will be in the future.

Bai Qi admired his words.

Her master was always more open-minded than she had imagined.

Jiang Changsheng continued, “Tell Ziyu that from now on, those who ascend can no loonger return. Those who violate this rule will have their Immortal Emperor’s Dao Fruit cut off.”

Bai Qi nodded and immediately set off for the Immortal Emperor Ascension Platform.

Even though Jiang Changsheng could contact the Celestial Emperor directly, leaving these matters to Bai Qi to convey would also increase Bai Qi’s status and the importance of this matter.

The Dao Ancestor sent a voice transmission to the Celestial Emperor. It was a completely different concept from the Dao Ancestor sending someone to see him.

After Bai Qi left, Jiang Changsheng suddenly wanted to cultivate the Formless and Invisible Freedom Technique. It was a good opportunity for the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm to increase their vitality and send some existences to the boundless world to gather intelligence for him.

He had a feeling that the Formless and Invisible Freedom Technique had a deeper mystery that could only be understood after cultivating it and using it.

He began to circulate his energy according to the inherited memories. He forgot about his surroundings and focused on cultivating the ultimate technique.

The Formless and Invisible Freedom Technique was more difficult than he had expected. It took longer than the time he had taken to cultivate his Divine Power. It was as if he had re-cultivated the Dao Technique.

After ten thousand years, he finally mastered the Formless and Invisible Freedom Technique.

He was prepared to first create a race that was similar to gods. A race of people that were born with powerful strength but could not reproduce..

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