My Descendant Begged Me To Help Him Just After I Became A God - C.587 - : Higher-level Zenith Heaven


Chapter 587: Higher-level Zenith Heaven

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“It’s alright. This is my grandfather’s idea. Haven’t you always been curious about our orthodoxy?”

Jiang Jian chuckled. He was very excited about returning to the Immortal Dao.

When Fate Lord Heguang heard that, he asked, “Your orthodoxy has already developed into the boundless world?”

Jiang Jian nodded and said, “Speaking of which, I don’t know much about our orthodoxy. I was born in the Great Dao Void, but I am not sure if our orthodoxy belongs to the Great Dao Void, or perhaps it comes from the boundless world.”

Fate Lord Heguang felt that it was reasonable. Dao Lord Undying could not possibly tell his descendants everything. Moreover, he felt that Dao Lord

Undying’s orthodoxy could not have come from the Great Dao Void. That Great Dao Void might only be one of the areas where the Immortal Dao had spread itself. This was normal. The Mysterious Fate would also develop some Great Dao Void and accumulate some basic resources.

The man and woman did not speak, but their eyes were filled with curiosity and anticipation.

Fate Lord Heguang looked at them and said with a smile, “The two of you have to cultivate well with your master. When you go there, you better not be arrogant. ”

These two people were Jiang Jian’s disciples in the Mysterious Fate. This was also a match made with Fate Lord Heguang. However, because Jiang Jian was getting stronger and stronger, the Mysterious Fate felt that they could not pay unilaterally. Therefore, they proposed this idea to Fate Lord Heguang, and Jiang Jian readily accepted it.

The man’s name was Tong Ci, and the woman was Tong Xue. They were a pair of siblings, and their father was a Fate Saint from the Mysterious Fate. Their status was extraordinary.

Tong Ci smiled and said, “Senior Brother, don’t worry. We admire Master’s strength the most. How can we be arrogant?”

Tong Xue nodded with an obedient expression.

Both of them were quite famous in the Mysterious Fate, and they were considered first-rate prodigies. However, in front of Jiang Jian, their attitude was very humble. That was because the reason they could become Jiang Jian’s disciples was not because of an internal arrangement, but because they had worked hard to obtain it. There were many Mysterious Fate prodigies who wanted to acknowledge Jiang Jian as their master.

As an outsider, Jiang Jian had caused a huge commotion in the Mysterious Fate. He had also proved through battle that he was not inferior to the prodigies of the Mysterious Fate.

The four of them chatted as they flew towards the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm. With Jiang Jian leading the way, Fate Lord Heguang flew very fast.

When they arrived near the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm, they sensed the aura of a battle.

Fate Lord Heguang asked in surprise, “Someone actually dared to provoke senior?”

Jiang Jian calmly said, “It was not my grandfather who took action. There are many powerful existences in the Immortal Dao. Besides, if it were my grandfather, the battle would not be in such a deadlock.”

Fate Lord Heguang felt that it made sense. When he was besieged by the Seven Devils of the Dust Ruins, Dao Lord Undying easily suppressed them with a cauldron. That kind of strength was indeed not something an existence of his strength could shake.

He could sense that the people fighting in the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm were similar to him. The strongest among them was similar to the Seven Devils of Dust Ruins.

They continued forward.

After a while, they saw the people who were fighting. The battlefield was vast and divided into dozens of battlefields of various sizes. Among them, the most eye-catching one was a golden Buddha that emitted golden light from hundreds of millions of miles away. He had thousands of hands and looked extremely domineering.

It was the Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor!

He fought dozens of outsiders alone and was not at a disadvantage.

Other than that, there was another person who was extremely eye-catching.

This person was not the Kunlun Leader, Ancestor Xuan Ti, or Dao Lord Nirvana. Instead, the eye-catching figure was the Sword God. He stood on a sword with his left hand behind his waist and his right hand controlled tens of millions of magic swords to form ever-changing sword formations.

Tens of millions of magic swords alternated between spreading and gathering like fireworks. It was a spectacular sight, and he had also attracted the besiege of many enemies.

The Sword God, who had become a Taiyi Golden Immortal, had completely released his talent in the Sword Dao. His sword intent had surpassed that of an Immortal Emperor.

Similarly, Fate Lord Heguang was also attracted by the Sword God. The Sword Dao was widely used in the boundless world, and there were also many people in the Mysterious Fate who dabbled in the Sword Dao.

“This person’s attainments in the Sword Dao are extraordinary. Could he have obtained the inheritance of the Sword Dao from the ancient era?” Fate Lord Heguang praised.

A long time ago, the origin of the Sword Dao was a transcendent orthodoxy. They lived on swords and nourished their souls with it. Even after their orthodoxy was destroyed, the influence of the Sword Dao had always been there. Now, there were still experts studying the Sword Dao in various transcendent orthodoxy, including the Mysterious Fate.

Jiang Jian recognized the Sword God, and a smile appeared on his face. He was both happy and proud to see his old friend’s current elegance.

“That is a senior of mine who cultivated with my grandfather. He is known as the Sword God in our orthodoxy.” Jiang Jian introduced.

“Oh? This sword intent is indeed worthy of the name of the Sword God.”

Fate Lord Heguang smiled and agreed with him while Tong Ci and Tong Xue spectated the battle with great interest.

On the other side, Jiang Changsheng was also watching the battle from the Purple Cloud Palace.

Even the strongest Immortal Emperors only had a strength value of around 10,000 Heavenly Dao incense points. The strength values of the enemies were several times theirs. Disregarding the strongest experts who had yet to attack, the top Immortal Emperors were all facing existences that were more powerful than them.

For example, among the enemies the Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor faced, there was an existence with a strength value of 40,000 Heavenly Dao incense points, nearly three times that of the Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor.

However, the other party could not do anything to the Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor.

Even though these top Immortal Emperors could not reach the Zenith Heaven Realm as quickly as Jiang Changsheng, they had a strong foundation because they had been in the Taiyi Golden Immortal Realm for a long time.

Jiang Changsheng discovered that the Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor was currently breaking through the shackles of the Zenith Heaven Realm. After this battle, the Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor would enter the metamorphosis phase of the Zenith Heaven Realm and his strength value would soar.

The Kunlun Leader, who had always been at the forefront, could not find the opportunity to break through. Instead, there was a latecomer who surpassed many of his predecessors.

Immortal Emperor Beidou!

That’s right, according to Jiang Changsheng’s calculations, after this battle, Immortal Emperor Beidou would also step into the Zenith Heaven Realm.

He did not expect that Daoist Beidou would become the third person in the Immortal Dao. He had surpassed the Kunlun Leader, Ancestor Xuan Ti, Great Paragon Ksitigarbha, Dao Lord Nirvana, and other existences.

“The Zenith Heaven Realm is a new starting point. The structure of the Immortal Dao will always change in the future. I can’t judge it with my previous judgment.”

Jiang Changsheng thought silently. He did not panic in the slightest when faced with the charge of those who came later.

He had become a Zenith Heaven Immortal before he was 30,000 years old. This record could not be broken for a long time in the future unless he far exceeded the Zenith Heaven Realm and led the Immortal Dao to an unimaginable height. At that time, someone could naturally reach the Zenith Heaven Realm before turning 30,000 years old.

“Everyone is about to reach the Zenith Heaven Realm, and I will be taking another step forward. What should be the next realm of the Zenith Heaven Realm?”

Jiang Changsheng revealed a thoughtful expression.

That’s right, he was about to usher in a breakthrough!

It had been more than 1.2 million years since he reached the fifteenth level of the Dao Technique. He was finally about to break through.

According to his senses, the Zenith Heaven Realm should also be divided into stages. After breaking through, he would only be a higher-level Zenith Heaven Immortal.

As he spectated the battle, he thought about the name of his next realm.

This war in the outer realm lasted for a long time. When Fate Lord Heguang, Jiang Jian and the others arrived, they also joined the battle, but they could not end the battle quickly. They fell into a fierce battle alongside Fate Lord

Heguang. The one who performed the most strongly was Jiang Jian. Even the Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor and Immortal Emperor Beidou turned their heads sideways.

There was no such coincidence in the world. Jiang Changsheng had calculated the arrival of the four of them and started the war. He had his own plans.

The war lasted for several months before it ended. The invaders could not gain an advantage for a long time and could only retreat.

Jiang Jian and the others also received the gratitude of the Immortal Emperors. The Immortal Emperors of the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm knew each other, but only a few of them knew Jiang Jian. Under Jiang Jian’s introduction, Fate Lord Heguang successfully got to know the Immortal Emperors.

The Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor and Immortal Emperor Beidou left quietly. They were prepared to enter seclusion to attain the Zenith Heaven Realm.

Fate Lord Heguang was shocked by these Immortal Emperors. There were many existences that surpassed the Unrestrained Heaven Realm, which was not simple. According to Jiang Jian, these people had all ascended from the Great Dao Void over the past million years.

After a short conversation, the four of them entered the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm. The purpose of Fate Lord Heguang’s trip was to escort the three of them and observe the Immortal Dao at the same time. He did not disturb Jiang Changsheng and left after staying for a few years.

Meanwhile, Jiang Jian brought Tong Ci and Tong Xue to visit Jiang Changsheng.

After entering the Purple Cloud Palace, the three of them came to Jiang Changsheng and bowed.

Tong Ci and Tong Xue could not see Jiang Changsheng’s true appearance, so they became increasingly nervous.

Jiang Changsheng sized up Jiang Jian and said with satisfaction, “Not bad. It seems like you’ve gained a lot from the Mysterious Fate.”

From the gains, he had even surpassed the Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor!

However, Jiang Jian did not embark on the path of the Zenith Heaven Realm.

Since he could not cultivate the Immortal Dao in the Mysterious Fate. he only cultivated in the path of Mysterious Fate. Right now, his strength value was approaching 40,000 Heavenly Dao incense points, which was very impressive.

Of course, by the time the Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor reached the Zenith Heaven Realm and shook off Jiang Jian, he would still have to chase after him for a long time.

Jiang Jian smiled and said, “The Fate Lord has indeed treated me well.

Grandfather, these two are my disciples.”

He briefly introduced Tong Ci and Tong Xue.

The siblings said in unison, “Greetings, Ancestor Master.”

Jiang Changsheng raised his hand and two white jade bottles flew to them and landed in their hands.

“Take it as a meeting gift. The effect of using this pill to temper your physique is pretty good.” Jiang Changsheng’s attitude was very kind and he did not put on airs.

Jiang Changsheng was happy that Jiang Jian had brought the Tong siblings with him. After all, he rarely experienced such a feeling. His children and grandchildren cared too much about the disparity between their statuses, so it was hard for them to be as casual as Jiang Jian.

This was more like a family. It was also appropriate to bring his disciple for his elders to see.

Of course, if he did it too many times, Jiang Changsheng would probably be annoyed.

Humans were like that, a contradiction.

In any case, this was the first time Jiang Changsheng experienced such a situation. At the very least, he enjoyed it.

Jiang Changsheng listened to Jiang Jian talk about his experiences over the years with relish. Tong Ci and Tong Xue would add from time to time, especially Tong Xue, who was very active. When she talked about her master’s glorious days, she was full of emotions, as if she was singing a show. Mu Lingluo and Bai Qi found it interesting, and even the sleeping White Dragon was attracted.

After a long time.

Jiang Jian asked his two disciples to wait for him outside. Tong Ci and Tong Xue hastily bowed and turned to leave.

Soon after, Jiang Jian said with a straight face, “Grandfather, this battle will certainly attract the attention of the Mysterious Fate. Is this really a good idea?”

He was also shocked by the Immortal Emperors of the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm. With so many existences that surpassed the Unrestrained Heaven Realm, the development of the Immortal Dao was too fast.

Jiang Changsheng smiled and said, “If the Immortal Dao wants to establish themselves in the boundless world, they can’t hide in the dark. It’s also a good thing for them to come into contact with the Mysterious Fate.”

Bai Qi smiled and said, “Jiang Jian, don’t underestimate the Immortal Emperors of the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm. Some of them are already about to

reach the Zenith Heaven Realm.. Once three Zenith Heaven Immortals are born, do we still have to be afraid of the Mysterious Fate?”

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