My Descendant Begged Me To Help Him Just After I Became A God - C.584 - : Changsheng Is Him


Chapter 584: Changsheng Is Him

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As Fairy Xiaohe walked, she stared at the multicolored light on her right. The figure in the multicolored light kept changing, allowing her to comprehend the past.

Gradually, the figure of the past became unfamiliar, which made her realize that she had begun to peer into the future.

She recalled that when the Dao Ancestor preached the Dao, he said that the Zenith Heaven Realm transcended the past, present, and future. Could it be that the Dao Ancestor was guiding them to the path of the Zenith Heaven?

She admired the Dao Ancestor even more. The Dao Ancestor was filled with expectations for the juniors of the Immortal Dao and was not afraid at all.

Even though those mighty figures in the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm would occasionally preach the Dao, most of them would hide their skills and only communicate with each other. If it were someone else who was in the Zenith Heaven Realm, they would definitely not reveal the intricacies of the Zenith

Heaven Realm. They probably wished that there would be no more Zenith

Heaven Immortals in the Immortal Dao so that they could consolidate their status. After all, the Immortal Dao had only been established for less than a million years. The Martial Dao had been developed for so many years, but the strongest Martial Dao expert was weaker than an Immortal Emperor.

Fairy Xiaohe’s thoughts did not stay for long. Soon, she was attracted by her future self.

In the future, her temperament would be even more outstanding. Every move she made would have a profound bearing that transcended the rules. She had a premonition that she would become a Zenith Heaven Immortal in the future. In fact, in the past thousand years of cultivation, she often saw herself in different timelines.

Along the way, Fairy Xiaohe did not notice that the number of people around her was decreasing.

Gradually, she was the only one left on the stone steps.

After an unknown period of time, Fairy Xiaohe opened her eyes and found herself in a bright and vast hall.

There were prayer mats in front of them, and several Dao seekers had already sat down. They were the Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor, the Kunlun Sect Master, and other top mighty figures.

She saw the figure of the Dao Ancestor sitting on the Divine Throne of the

Great Dao Origin that was reputed to be the supreme throne of the Immortal Dao. On both of his sides were Mu Lingluo and Bai Qi. White Dragon revealed its true form and occupied the position under the throne.

She hastily retracted her gaze and began to look for a prayer mat to sit down. “Xiaohe, come to the front row and sit in front of me.’

Bai Qi’s voice sounded. It was a sound transmission that only she could hear.

Fairy Xiaohe hesitated for a moment before choosing to walk towards the front row.

More and more Dao seekers woke up and quickly found a suitable mat to sit down on.

Jiang Changsheng’s face was obscured by the divine light. He was sizing up Fairy Xiaohe, but she could not feel his gaze.

The last one to wake up was Su Yin. All the Immortal Emperors were curious about him. His cultivation was low, but his physique and blood qi were extremely powerful. It did not make sense.

After all the Dao seekers sat down, Jiang Changsheng said, “All of you represent the top forces of the Immortal Dao. I look forward to seeing all of you promote the Immortal Dao in the boundless world. Therefore, I am willing to assist all of you to take another step forward towards the Zenith Heaven Realm.”

As soon as he said that, everyone was moved and excited. Even the Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor felt waves in his heart.

Promote the Immortal Dao!

The Dao Ancestor wanted to give them the responsibility of promoting the Immortal Dao!

They did not feel any pressure, only infinite expectations.

The most important subject was the Zenith Heaven Realm. Would a Zenith Heaven Immortal appear after this sermon?

Jiang Changsheng’s voice carried a trace of Dao intent, causing the listeners to not be able to hear his original voice. However, this kind of Dao voice could calm their hearts and make them no longer impetuous.

Jiang Changsheng began to preach the Dao and directly talked about the Zenith Heaven Realm. Even Su Yin, who was not an Immortal Emperor, was intoxicated.

Lotuses continued to grow in the dojo. Sometimes, the fairies scattered flowers, and sometimes, a gentle breeze blew. All the listeners fell into a wonderful and mysterious state of comprehension.

They forgot about time, forgot about their own Dao, and immersed themselves in the mysteries of the Zenith Heaven Realm.

Jiang Changsheng used his own strength to lead them to pry into his past, present, and future so that they could experience the horizons of the Zenith Heaven Realm in advance.

Fairy Xiaohe stood outside her transcendence and looked at her past and future. She was filled with emotions and some things were gradually put down. After an unknown period of time, Fairy Xiaohe suddenly discovered someone.

Fellow Daoist Changsheng.

She discovered that she had many experiences with Daoist Changsheng. However, as she stood there and looked around, she could not see the complete experience of that Daoist Changsheng.

Her attention was attracted by Daoist Changsheng.

Gradually, she began to put herself in the perspective of Daoist Changsheng. From life to death, from one lifetime to ten thousand lifetimes.

She finally understood why she had only met Daoist Changsheng twice. She could not search for him even if she wanted to. It turned out that she had met two Daoist Changsheng during those two encounters. To be precise, they did not belong to the same world.

Almost every time the sermon ended, Fellow Daoist Changsheng would die in his own fate. However, he would grow up from the cycle of reincarnation and continue to pursue the Dao. Moreover, he seemed to remember her.

In her future encounters, she met Daoist Changsheng again. He still remembered her, but she was still alive, and he was constantly experiencing death. The gap between their cultivation was getting larger and larger.

Fairy Xiaohe’s heart sank. She felt a desolate sense of fate from Daoist Changsheng. What was he carrying?

Compared to Daoist Changsheng, her hardships seemed to be nothing. She also lost far less than Fellow Daoist Changsheng.

“Are you sure what you saw is true? Are you sure you’re right?”

An illusory voice sounded and woke up Fairy Xiaohe.

Fairy Xiaohe opened her eyes and looked at the tens of thousands of alternate dimensions from a transcendent perspective.

That’s right.

What she saw must be true?

“That voice just now was… the Dao Ancestor?”

Fairy Xiaohe was secretly surprised. She did not understand if the Dao Ancestor was guiding everyone or if he was specially guiding her.

She did not dwell on this problem. Instead, she was thinking about what she had seen and heard.

Daoist Changsheng was constantly experiencing reincarnation. Could it be…

How could someone continue to experience reincarnation while retaining their memories?

Moreover, she noticed that every time Daoist Changsheng listened to the Dao, his condition would change.

She suddenly thought of the mysteries of Zenith Heaven Realm that the Dao Ancestor had mentioned.

Could it be that Daoist Changsheng was a Zenith Heaven Immortal, and his main body was releasing his will into the past, present, and future?

No wonder every time he listened to the Dao, Daoist Changshengs state was like a completely different person. Was that just a projection of his will? Fairy Xiaohe immediately thought it through and her thoughts completely entered a new realm.

Within the Purple Cloud Palace.

As Jiang Changsheng preached, he observed all the listeners in the hall. Fairy Xiaohe, who had received his special care, did not disappoint him and had already walked down the right path.

The Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor, the Kunlun Leader, Great Paragon

Ksitigarbha, Future Buddha, Dao Lord Nirvana, and other top Immortal Emperors were the same. Immortal Emperor Beidou who created three clones was also pretty good. This Immortal Emperor could be considered a rising star with rapid momentum. If he were born in the same period as the Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor, the second person in the Immortal Dao might not be the Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor.

Jiang Changsheng’s gaze landed on Su Yin, who was at the back. He wondered if that kid could bring him more surprises.

Time continued to pass.

The sermon lasted for a long time. After all, there were no mortals in the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm, and the Immortal Emperors had nothing urgent to do. Therefore, Jiang Changsheng was willing to preach for a longer time.

Five hundred years later.

The sermon continued, but an old friend made Jiang Changsheng reveal a gratified expression.

That was the Sword God.

The Sword God’s sword intent had directly stepped into the Taiyi Golden

Immortal Realm, but his cultivation was still far from it. This was special. The Sword Dao had yet to become a special school in the Immortal Dao, and cultivation of the sword had yet to rise.

Jiang Changsheng recalled their first encounter. At that time, the Sword God had been traveling for several months, and his sword intent drove millions of swords to challenge Jiang Changsheng. At that time, the Sword God’s elegance in the Martial Dao World had the aura of an immortal cultivator. However, Jiang Changsheng’s footsteps were so fast that no one around him could keep up.

The Sword God’s cultivation talent was not outstanding. Like other old friends, he relied on his relationship with Jiang Changsheng to reach this point. However, his comprehension of the Sword Dao had always been good. It was just that the Immortal Dao lacked a top sword immortal to guide him.

Perhaps he would become the number one sword immortal in the Immortal Dao and lead the path of a sword cultivator.

Jiang Changsheng wanted to see more branches of the Immortal Dao, not just the cultivation of magic power and the cultivation of the physical body.

Ultimately, the sermon lasted for 1300 years.

After the sermon ended, the listeners woke up one after another and revealed expressions that indicated they were not satisfied.

Jiang Changsheng said, “In the future, anyone who has reached the Zenith Heaven Realm can voluntarily roam the outside world and promote the Immortal Dao. The first three people who reached the Zenith Heaven Realm can come to the Purple Cloud Palace. I will reward them with a Heavenly Spirit Treasure.”

As soon as he said that, everyone in the hall was excited. The Immortal Emperors thanked the Dao Ancestor one after another.

Jiang Changsheng waved his sleeve and everyone’s vision blurred. When they opened their eyes again, they were already outside the Purple Cloud Palace.

Immediately, several Immortal Emperors bowed and left.

Fairy Xiaohe looked at the entrance of the Purple Cloud Palace with a complicated expression.

If that Daoist Changsheng was the will of a Zenith Heaven Immortal, then Daoist Changsheng’s true identity was self-evident because there was only one Zenith Heaven Immortal currently.

Coupled with the Saint Mother of Fortune’s enthusiasm for her, everything pointed to the truth.

Fairy Xiaohe calmed herself down. She raised her hand and bowed to the Purple Cloud Palace before turning to leave.

Since she said that they would meet at the end of the Great Dao, she naturally had to calm down and cultivate. She could not let him wait too long.

The Purple Cloud Palace had recovered to its original state. Mu Lingluo quickly returned to her seat and began to comprehend the Dao. After this sermon, she had too many insights to put into practice.

Bai Qi was not in a hurry. She had never paid much attention to cultivation as long as she was not lagging behind too much.

“Master, if we send those Zenith Heaven Immortals out, will they establish themselves and abandon the Immortal Dao in the future?” Bai Qi raised her concern.

Jiang Changsheng answered, “There will definitely be. However, if they want to abandon the Immortal Dao, they have to cut off their Immortal Dao luck and Dao Fruit, reconstruct their physical body, and cultivate other Daos. In the boundless world, no place can allow them to have so much time to take another path. Moreover, they cannot abandon the Immortal Dao after reaching

the Zenith Heaven Realm.”

He knew the feeling of being in the Zenith Heaven Realm best. In any case, it was impossible for him to give up on the Zenith Heaven Realm and cultivate other Great Daos again. It was the same for him and the other cultivators.

Jiang Changsheng did not want to be afraid of the pursuers behind him. He only wanted to develop the Immortal Dao more so that the pursuers would never catch up to him, but would only be filled with yearning for him, refusing to give up.

Bai Qi asked, “Do I need to give special care to Jin Chanzi?”

Jiang Changsheng had acknowledged Jin Chanzi’s prophecy, which made Bai Qi feel that he was very useful. Perhaps he could use Jin Chanzi to help his master avoid some trouble..

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