My Ceo Husband is Sworn Enemy - C.60 - The Cheapest Woman is the One who Pays _1

My Ceo Husband is Sworn Enemy

C.60 - The Cheapest Woman is the One who Pays _1

Chapter 60: Chapter 60 The Cheapest Woman is the One who Pays _1

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When I initially decided to marry Gu Yuanzhou, although Song Shixiong was very supportive and encouraging.

However, Wu Lijuan was against it.

When I first started dating Gu Yuanzhou, she told me to keep my eyes open, and not to be fooled by a scoundrel.

But at that time, I was already blinded by love, believing that meeting Gu Yuanzhou meant finding my soulmate.

I simply couldn’t listen to anyone’s advice.

Yet, when the actual wedding day came,

Wu Lijuan didn’t oppose anymore, instead, she prepared a rich dowry for me.

She organized the details of the ceremony.

She said she had never had a daughter in her life, so she treated me as her own, and all the wedding rituals followed those of the Song family’s daughter.

Gu Yuanzhou was a poor boy then, and to make him presentable,

We didn’t ask for a penny from the Gu family as a betrothal gift.

We even provided a wedding house, a car.

Even the hotel where the wedding was held, and the cost of hiring the emcee, all were undertaken by the Song family.

You could say, when Gu Yuanzhou married me, I already gave everything.

Concerning the wedding, my mother-in-law worried about all the details. After my glamorous wedding, she fell ill for a week due to overwork.

However, the only thing that upset her was.

The Gu family not only didn’t contribute any money, but they also didn’t even invite any of their relatives to the wedding. Even Gu’s parents didn’t show up.

Looking back on all these now, I suddenly felt very bitter.

I was really stupid then, even when not a single person from the groom’s family gave their blessings, I still rushed headlong into it.

It devalued me.

Indeed, men are realistic; they don’t cherish things that come easily.

For a moment, all these past memories filled my mind.

It was only when Ding Yinuo called me several times that I turned to look at him and asked,

“What’s wrong?”

“Is my analysis incorrect?”

He asked me.

“I always feel that my mother-in-law didn’t mean what you said! She told me before that if I hadn’t married, she would advise me to break up with Gu Yuanzhou. But since we’re married, we should live a good life and take good care of the children. So, I think that she did accept Gu Yuanzhou later on.”

In fact, after our marriage, Gu Yuanzhou’s performance was very good.

Every year during holidays, no matter how busy he was, he would make time to drive me and our two children to my mother-in-law’s home.

He never skimped on buying presents for my aunt and uncle. He would move boxes of Maotai, a type of high-end liquor, into the home.

Truthfully, after I had our first child, my mother-in-law had a very good impression of Gu Yuanzhou.

She often praised him to me.

She wouldn’t possibly demean Gu Yuanzhou now, would she?

I couldn’t figure it out.

For now, I don’t have any other ideas and am only taking Ding Yinuo’s words as truth.

“Can this disease be cured?”

“Depends if there’s a kidney source. If there is, she may still live for a few more years…”

“My mother-in-law is like my birth mother, so please do me a favor. Please give her a kidney source as soon as possible. I know it’s selfish of me to ask. But I really want her to live.”

Ding Yinuo stared at me for a long while, before replying,

“I’m sorry. Kidney sources are designated through a waitlist. Just because she is your relative, it doesn’t mean that we can deprive someone else of their chance to live.”

Which didn’t surprise me at all.

I nodded.

After all, I’m not his friend. There’s no reason for him to agree.

To be honest, saying such words is simply self-torture.

When I got out of the hospital, I didn’t say another word to him.

It was nightfall by then.

I walked into the internet cafe.

Actually, I already guessed that Annie is the mastermind behind my ordeal.

However, to find the other people involved, I’ll need to put in more effort.

I plan to hack into Annie’s phone to find some clues…

But hacking into a phone system is much more complex than invading an email system. I tried several times, but failed.

Just when I was feeling downcast, my QQ avatar on the computer suddenly blinked. Shiqi, who hadn’t been online in over a decade, had sent me a message.

“Having trouble?”

“Yes, master, can you teach me a few moves?”

Like a drowning man who had caught sight of a lifesaver, I immediately grabbed onto the straw of hope.

“Start screen control I’ll handle it!”


I took the initiative to apply for him to control my computer, and he connected quickly.

Strings of characters flashed across the screen, then the computer screen went black…

Once the computer rebooted, the screen control had disconnected.

But Anne’s WeChat interface had automatically logged in on the computer. Flipping upwards showed her chat records from the past week.

I was overjoyed and went through each line of conversation. As expected, I found many valuable records from here.

I took screenshots of these chat records and then copied them to my mobile hard drive before shutting down the computer and leaving the internet cafe.

Afterwards, I opened QQ on my phone and wanted to chat with Shiqi some more…

“Master, how have you been these years?”

Once upon a time, when I was playing that dungeon game, there was a task in it where a master took an apprentice. If you found a higher-level master within the same faction to do the task, you could gain more experience and equipment.

At that time, Shiqi was recruiting disciples in the world chat, and I sent him a private chat.

From then on, I followed him as a disciple. He led me every day to level up and PK. I would call him master out of habit.

At this time, he didn’t reply to me.

Looking at the darkened icon, I didn’t bother him anymore.

After all these years, he must have likely gotten married and started a family.

It’s better not to disturb him.

The next morning.

When I arrived at the office, I saw a few women huddled together. They were chatting and laughing, spitting saliva as they spoke animatedly.

These two women, Xu Yun and Ye Mengna, were Annie’s lackeys…

As soon as they saw me enter, everyone fell silent.

Actually I’d been listening all along.

They were just saying that I was trying to climb the corporate ladder, that my heart was higher than the sky, but my fate was frail as paper.

That I had a face that could ruin a man for a thousand years, but didn’t have the destiny to be a wealthy matron.

How ridiculous, I was a daughter from a wealthy family. Who gives a damn about being a wealthy matron?

In their eyes, the highly successful President Gu,

Without my support, he would have never gotten to where he is today.

Actually, I didn’t care about these women. But now they’re affecting my work – I must remove them all.

I walked up to Xu Yun.

“It was you who spread the rumors about the president, right?”

Xu Yun got nervous when she heard my accusation, “You’re talking nonsense!”

“I’m not. Annie told me… She has already sold you out.”

To prove my point, I showed her the screenshot of Annie’s WeChat conversation. 𝐟𝗿ee𝘄𝗲𝗯𝐧o𝘃el.𝐜o𝚖

Actually, this WeChat screenshot was a private chat between Annie and Luo Zizhou where she said: I’ll tell you something funny, that idiot Xu Yun has really done…

After Xu Yun saw it, her face turned pale immediately.

Half an hour later, Annie and a few other female employees including Xu Yun were all called to the president’s office.