My Cell Prison - C.84 - Book Ownership

My Cell Prison

C.84 - Book Ownership

Chapter 84: Chapter 84 Book Ownership

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Return to the school.

Han Dong naturally doesn’t need to undergo the sacred baptism and stress release.

After parting with Knight Silist, he immediately returns to the Mysterious College.

Only because Mr. Black White asked Han Dong to find him directly after returning to school, he had important matters to discuss.

The [Stargazing Room] has long been transformed into a style of a medieval aristocratic room.

On the sofa next to the fireplace, a ‘stranger’ Mr. Black White was seated.

Compared to the Mr. Black White who wore a black mask last time, it feels like a completely different person.

“The aura has changed…”

Han Dong carefully sat on the sofa across, not daring to stare at the white mask.

Even if he glanced at it with his peripheral vision, there would be a discomfort from feeling completely seen through.

A ethereal and distant voice came from under the mask “You’re lucky to get such a ‘huge’ gain from just a peculiar three-star bounty order.”

This sentence directly indicates that Mr. Black White is already ‘aware’ of Han Dong’s gains.

“Does sir have any instructions?”

“Bring out the book.”

A command-like statement made Han Dong shiver.

Han Dong naturally did not want to hand over the magic book he risked his life and put considerable effort into obtaining during this reward mission.

But…if Mr. Black White really wants to seize it, Han Dong can’t protect it.

A book bound in ‘real leather’, with black stitching marks and an eye in the center, is placed on the table.

Just as this ‘magic book’ made contact with the table, things changed.

A wicked air radiated around the book.

Then, numerous small eyes suddenly grew from the table, even extending outwards.

If no action taken, it might even spread throughout the entire room.

The danger is evident.

Just as Han Dong was about to reach out to stop it.

Snap! Mr. Black White in front of him snapped his fingers.

The ceiling immediately switched to a starry sky status, accompanied by the twinkling of stellar light, these small eyes closed under the strong stimulation, the small granule eyes all retracted into the book, no longer able to spread.

Han Dong completely did not understand this method.

However, these stars did not affect the ‘original eye’ on the book cover… it seemed that this eye used to make the book cover was not a pollutant itself or had a high level that the stars could not control.

Mr. Black White did not stretch out his hand to touch this book, just says lightly-

“About a week ago, During my stargazing, I fell into a short-term ‘surface dream state’ and unintentionally observed an eye sneaking into the Holy City.”

I took it as an ominous omen and sent a part of the Plague Knights to investigate.

I did not expect this eye to appear in this way, you obtained it after many transfers.

Han Dong himself didn’t understand this book, only knowing that it is related to beings beyond the city.

Baker Marcellus only learned the first chapter of the book, and hasn’t mastered it completely yet, he can easily manipulate ordinary people and produce various pollutants.

He even used an evil sacrifice method to bring the beings beyond the city into his body.

This indirectly shows the high value of this book.

Han Dong was planning to hide this matter and read it privately.

Now it’s seen through by Mr. Black White, there’s no need to hide anything anymore, taking the opportunity to ask about the nature of this book.

“Sir, what exactly is this book?”

“[Book of Dead Spirit – Eye Manuscript].

It’s not the original version, but a high imitation manuscript from a ‘master’s hand.

The material used for the cover alone is worth a fortune. The stitching technique and the level of the eye being embedded also surpass the highest stitching level in our Mysterious Department, you can’t imagine the value of this book.”

“[Book of Dead Spirit – Eye Manuscript]?” Han Dong silently repeated it under his breath.

“Higher life outside the city, not only is their basic life form superior to ours …

they are equally intelligent, this book is the work of a master beyond the city. “However, such a work, would actually flow into the Holy City’s abandoned sewer system.”

“A conspiracy? Attempting to use this book to disintegrate the Holy City from within…”

Mr. Black White gave a slight nod, “It’s possible, this book could turn an ordinary knight into its servant if you hadn’t intervened in the event.

Even the talented Knight Silist, after exhausting his physical strength in battle, would be controlled by this book. Within a month, the aristocratic circle of the upper echelons and the [Order of Holy Knights] would all be in turmoil.”


In fact, Han Dong had already sensed the ‘conspiracy’ in advance.

The despicable murder case of the Beke family -9 provoking and controlling the local security bureau -9 the Apprentice Knight or Knight intervenes to solve the problem.

All of these were done intentionally.

Luckily, the final handling of this case involved Han Dong, who is completely unafraid of contamination, and Silist, the outstanding figure among ordinary knights.

Otherwise, it’s unimaginable how the situation would have continued to deteriorate.

Han Dong asked: “I don’t understand, why did the Knight Regiment allow us to assist from the side after knowing the severity of the incident, instead of directly dispatching a large number of knights to purge?”

“Because, I am the auditor of this case! When you submitted the ‘evidence,’ I personally audited the incident. Considering your special nature, I let you continue the investigation in the role of ‘helpers.’

Otherwise, if anyone else had been auditing, the situation would have been as you said.”

“So, you deliberately let me delve deeply into this case, Mr. Black White?” “No….l deliberately let you come into contact with this book.

If you were to be defeated, I would appear directly from the scroll to deal with the Fallen…but you didn’t disappoint me.”

These words made Han Dong’s mind slightly tremble!

All of this was actually in Mr. Black White’s plan. For a moment, Mr. Black White’s figure kept magnifying in his mind.


“Present. ”

“If I were to submit this book directly to the council, the following three situations would likely occur.

Relevant policies will inevitably be introduced shortly, strengthening all aspects of the Holy City’s defense work, and knights may even be stationed in each security bureau to further enhance the Holy City’s internal safety.

The Mysterious Association, Magic Instructor’s Association, and others will carry out investigations on this book and trace its source, so as to launch the next large-scale citywide operation, aiming straight for the creators of the book.

Some mystery scholars who specialize in this field may try to analyze the book, enhancing our understanding of the outside entities.

These are the benefits I could bring to the state by handing over the book.

If I were to give this book to you, what benefits could you bring me? What benefits could you bring to the Holy City?”

The purpose of Mr. Black White asking this question was clear.

If the ‘benefits’ Han Dong offers do not surpass the above three points, Mr. Black White will confiscate and submit this book.

How should he answer?

In fact, Han Dong had figured out the answer in his heart long ago.

“I can read and learn all the contents in this book, and fight for humanity.” Han Dong’s answer left Mr. Black White slightly stunned.

It seemed that this answer was better than he had expected, a rarely seen smile cracked on the white mask.

“Crow…you really didn’t choose wrong, alright! The rest is up to you, I need to rest. ”

Black and White alternated.

Han Dong couldn’t see clearly the face flashing past during the alternation process under the mask.

The breath changed.

It returned to the Mr. Black White familiar to Han Dong.

“Nicholas, being recognized by [White] means I really didn’t get you wrong…Alright! Take the book and go down, let Pasha continue teaching you the basics of Plague studies.

I look forward to your performance in [Fate Space] a week later.

About this book, I will keep it completely confidential here, and you need to be careful yourself.

Once it leaks to the top, I can’t protect you.”

“Thank you, Mr. Black White..”

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