Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! - C.621 - : Company Secret

Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker!

C.621 - : Company Secret

Chapter 621: Company Secret

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“Time to start eating school breakfast,” Mrs Walton said.

Amelia’s eyes lit up. “Okay!’

Mrs. Walton was speechless. She was sad. Was her cooking not good enough?

The study on the second floor opened and George went downstairs. When he saw Amelia, he said, “Mia, so early today?”

Amelia gulped down half a cup of soy milk, wiped her mouth, and said, “Yes, go to bed early and wake up early!’

George glanced at Seven above Amelia’s head and said calmly, “Seven, come down.”

Seven tilted his head and saw Gold, who was in an ambush position behind George. He immediately shouted, “No!”

Everyone: “…” This parrot had really become human!

When Amelia was almost done with breakfast, Eric and Dylan had just woken up. Eric had supervised his construction site last night. Dylan had gone to the hospital to look after Harper. He had just returned. He took a shower and went

downstairs. Andrew had woken up late because of the emergency last night.

There were eight brothers in the Walton residence, and five of them were here,

“Eldest Uncle, aren’t you going to the company?” Amelia asked.

George was sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed. His black suit made him look cold and serious. “l have to go on a business trip later, so I won’t be going to the office in the morning.”

Amelia tilted her head, and so did Seven. The man and the bird looked at George curiously.

Amelia asked, “Where is Eldest Uncle going on a business trip? Will you be back tonight?”

George closed the tablet and picked up Amelia, who was walking over, and placed her on his lap. His cold voice had a hint of gentleness. “Not so quick.

About half a month.’

Amelia was surprised. “You’ll be gone for so long! What for?”

George smiled. “This is… a company secret.” He had to talk about the contract before buying the island and the subsequent design of the amusement park. George did not want to tell Amelia about this yet. When she was five years old, he would give her this island as a birthday gift.

Amelia immediately covered her mouth and nodded seriously. “l understand. Then Mia won’t ask anymore!” Confidentiality was a huge secret. It was very serious.

Seven shook his head. “We won’t ask, we won’t ask.”

George was amused. Mrs. Walton nagged at the side. “What time is it? Emma is still not up. School will start in two days. How will she manage? Mia, go up and wake her up. The manager of the clothing store will come in with clothes later. You guys can pick a few new clothes to wear when school starts.”

Amelia slipped out of George’s arms. “Okay,” she said as she ran upstairs.

In Emma’s room, she was sound asleep. She was hugging a pillow. One of her feet had fallen to the side of the bed, touching the floor. The other was straddled over the duvet.

Seven blinked his green bean-sized eyes and shouted, “What kind of position is this? It’s quite unique!’

Amelia nudged Emma and said in surprise, “Sister Emma, how did you sleep? You almost fell to the ground!”

Emma opened her eyes in a daze. The moment she saw Amelia, her impatience to get out of bed dissipated. She muttered, “Ah… I had to pee. I was going to get up to go to the toilet, but I was too sleepy…” She seemed to want to get out of bed to pee, but when she went down one leg, she fell asleep?

Emma sat up. Suddenly, she cried out and said, “l can’t take it anymore. I’m going to pee my pants…” With that, she covered her butt and ran to the bathroom.

Amelia was stunned for a moment before she asked suspiciously, “You’re about to pee your pants. Why are you covering your butt?”

Seven tilted his head. “Otherwise should she cover her mouth?”

Amelia: ‘

After waking Emma up, Amelia was about to go find William when she heard

Alex shout from downstairs, “Mia!”

Amelia’s eyes lit up. “Daddy, I’m coming!” She thumped down the stairs and leaped down when there were two more steps. Alex caught her.

Amelia laughed happily and asked, “Daddy, next time I jump down from the second floor, can you catch me?”

Alex said, “Of course. I can catch you from the tenth floor, let alone the second floor!”

Mrs. Walton coughed heavily.

Alex changed his tone and said, “But that’s dangerous. Let’s not do that.”

Amelia: “Yes, yes!’

Alex told Amelia about the bald man they had captured and everything they had asked. At the moment, they could only confirm that he was the one who pasted the human skin on Henrys body. He was also the one who released the bride in the red wedding dress in the Haunted House. As for why the bride in the red wedding dress listened to the bald man, they could ask the bride in the red wedding dress later..

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