Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! - C.619 - : Someone Very Good at Catching Ghosts

Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker!

C.619 - : Someone Very Good at Catching Ghosts

Chapter 619: Someone Very Good at Catching Ghosts

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Moon clutched at her heart. It had hurt a little before, but now it hurt like fire.

It hurt and burned.

“Despicable!” Moon gritted her teeth and endured the pain as she quickly left.

As expected, she would encounter ghosts if she walked too much at night. However, she had only encountered real ghosts previously. This time, it was humans. Humans were even more terrifying than ghosts!

At the entrance of the amusement park, a slender man watched Moon leave coldly. He had walked all the way from the south to the north to collect ghost soldiers, ghost generals, and some restraints, curses, and so on. As long as he controlled the otherworldly items well, they could help him do many things. For example, some rich people would spend a lot of money to ask for a child.

He could send a lecherous ghost to overdraft the life of a rich person and

make the rich people feel that he could do it. Another example would be some female celebrities in the entertainment industry who wanted to become famous and beg him. He could send a ghost to them. There were also some people who wanted to kill people but were afraid of the law, so he could accept them. The price doubled… Later on, more and more people begged him. He also had more and more money, but he was seriously short of people. Once, he met a talented man in a wilderness temple and accepted him. He even gave him a female ghost in a red wedding dress. The man recognized him as his master and helped him earn money and accept missions. He was a very important subordinate, but he was caught today. He came to the haunted house to find some traces, but he couldn’t find anything left behind from the battle. Right on the heels of that, he saw Moon.

“Recently, there’s a very powerful person catching ghosts… Who exactly is it…” The man frowned and looked at Moon’s back. His intuition told him that the powerful person was not Moon. Every time that person caught a ghost, all traces would be erased. Be it the cameras or the traces at the event location, they would disappear. With such a meticulous mind, it was impossible for it to be a child, so the person he was looking for was definitely not Moon.

“I’ll find you for sure…” Something powerful, human or otherwise, had to be his. Something that couldn’t be used by him was his enemy. Because in this line of work, it was either decent or deviant, and the man was well aware that he walked the deviant path and would one day be strangled by decent people, so he was going to nip all crises in the bud.

The man returned to his residence. It was a very luxurious villa. A disciple walked over to change his clothes and wash his hands as he said, “Master, a woman has been begging for talismans for a long time. She’s the manager of a certain clothing brand and often goes to a wealthy family to deliver clothes. She said that she wants to go to a particularly rich family tomorrow and wants to ask for a peach blossom talisman.”

The man sneered. “Peach Blossom Talisman? I’m afraid it’s more than that.”

The disciple replied respectfully, “Master is right. She wants a talisman that sticks to a man’s body so that he can fall in love with her at first sight and be loyal to her.”

The man looked bored. He didn’t like to take such small orders.

The disciple added, “The woman gave 500,000 yuan. She said that she had saved up all her savings.”

The man took a sip of tea and leaned comfortably against the soft couch with his eyes closed. “Forget it, give it to her.” Small money was also money. He was so rich now that he had someone to serve him when he ate, drank, and dressed. He had earned it bit by bit. He did not get rich all of a sudden.

The disciple took a talisman and respectfully left.

Outside the door, a good-looking woman had been kneeling for most of the day. From dark to late at night, she was about to collapse. At this moment, the man who received her came out and handed her a talisman. ‘You’re lucky to have met my master. Take the item and stick it on anyone you like when he’s not paying attention. My master’s talismans are all very powerful. Once you lock onto a person, they will automatically burn and hide.”

The woman took it respectfully, surprised and delighted. “Then do I need to do anything?”

The man opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but he didn’t want to. The woman gritted her teeth and took off her golden bracelet. “Little Master, this is just a little respect. I hope you don’t mind…” She was about to vomit blood. She had spent 500,000 yuan of savings, and now she gave up a golden bracelet! But it didn’t matter. She was going to the Walton residence tomorrow. As long as she could succeed, this little thing wasn’t worth mentioning!

After the man’s golden bracelet, he said, “When you go back, put some of your blood into this talisman and soak it completely.”

The woman thanked him profusely and left. When she got home, she sat weakly on the sofa. She was going to the Walton residence tomorrow. Not everyone could go there.. She might only have this one chance in a year…

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