Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! - C.605 - : Mist


Chapter 605: Mist

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The female ghost’s tone was resentful. When she spoke, she spoke in a slow voice that was unique to ancient people. Her face was half covered, making people break out in cold sweat.

William analyzed, “If the groom was killed in the dark, there should be some traces left. Even if he was eaten, there should be some blood or bones.’

The flirtatious ghost also analyzed. “But the groom disappeared. This means that the groom is the murderer!”

William frowned. “Then why did the groom scream?”

The flirtatious ghost rested her chin on her hand. “Maybe he screamed on purpose? To confuse us.”

William said, “It’s possible… but the groom isn’t a beast. He can’t eat people, right?” He realized that he was discussing the case with a ghost, and his shoulders shrank in fear.

The flirtatious ghost: “Continue analyzing. Don’t stop.”

William: ‘

When the female ghost heard William’s analysis, she said weakly, “No, my husband’s scream was real. He was not pretending…”

For a moment, everyone felt like they were in a fog.

Lucas said calmly, “Let’s look for more clues.” The scene of this haunted house was an escape room. Now, he had figured it out. His father should have cleared the place. There was no ghost played by the staff in this haunted house’s secret room, but they had encountered a real ghost by a freak combination of factors, and it was in the same scene. But no matter what the situation was, since the female ghost appeared in this scene, it meant that there was some commonality. For example, there must be some clues left in this scene that could help solve the case.

William nodded. “Back to the crime scene!”

Lucas shook his head. ‘Check the backyard first.”

They had already checked the main house, but they had yet to check the backyard. If there was something hidden behind, wouldn’t they be able to keep spying on their movements?

In the end, everyone agreed to inspect the backyard first. Now, everyone felt that there was something hidden in the dark, spying on their movements. In order to prevent that thing from running out of the backyard, this time, a few evil spirits guarded the courtyard door.

Amelia took out a red string. One was wrapped around the female ghost’s head, and the other was tied to the red wedding dress. Then, she handed the rope to the cowardly ghost. “Brother, help me hold it.”

The cowardly ghost smiled gently and said in a soft voice, “Yes, I’ll hold it.” He held the red string with one hand and rubbed Amelia’s head gently with the other. “Be careful.’

Amelia nodded, then dragged up her purple-gold sledgehammer.

The layout of the backyard was a little similar to the main room. In the middle was a relatively large boudoir. The boudoir was divided into an inner and outer room. One side was the bedroom, and the other was the Sewing Pavilion. There were two rooms on both sides of the boudoir. They were relatively small and looked like the place where the maids lived. One of the two small ear rooms on the east side had just been smashed by Amelia. The doors and windows had been smashed open, and one could see the layout inside at a glance. There were two very small beds. The other ear room was similar, but it looked more like a washroom with a huge bathtub.

The few of them walked towards the two ear rooms in the west.

Amelia stared at one of the rooms and could not help but grip the purple-gold hammer in her hand tightly.

Henry pushed open the door of the first room. It was in a mess. There were some scattered tables and chairs, iron basins, and so on. After checking around, there was nothing. There was only the last room left. Henry was about to open the door when Amelia called out, “Third Uncle, let me do it.”

Henry had been frightened by the red wedding dress just now. He was already afraid, but because he was the only adult here, he could only brace himself. Now that he heard Amelia say this, he subconsciously wanted to retreat, but he quickly shook his head. “Mia, stand behind Third Uncle. Third Uncle, come.”

Amelia tilted her head. “Third Uncle, are you sure?”

Henry was speechless. Mia seemed to have asked the same question earlier, and then he’d seen a ghost…

Henry’s expression was bitter. “I…”

Amelia was understanding. She held Henry’s large hand and shielded him behind her. “Let me do it. All of you, stand further away.” When she said this, she kept staring at the door of that room. Here, here, the groom must be hiding inside!

Amelia swung the purple-gold sledgehammer and smashed the door!

Henry’s mouth twitched. He thought Mia was going to push open the door…

After a whoosh, Amelia took a step back and threw out the Spirit Binding Net, Eight Trigrams Compass, and so on.. William’s eyes widened as if he had seen a golden steamed bun!

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