Master Qin’s Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty - C.594: Waking Up – Part 2



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Time flies, indeed!

It was just that his disciple was only nineteen years old with the identity of a first-year university student. Otherwise, she might have eagerly married into the Qin family already.

But since it was her own choice of a partner, and Qin Lu had passed his test so he would let her go with him.

As long as Nan Yan could live happily in the future, that was more important than anything else.

Hua Shifang’s impression of Qin Lu had completely changed since the last time he risked his life to save Nan Yan.

In addition, he also persuaded Sun Chan to treat Qin Lu better.

To this, Sun Chan could only say: the senior brother is the highest authority, and what he says goes.

If the senior brother didn’t oppose it, what could he, the second master, say?

As for Grandpa An Kangpeng, he had entrusted Nan Yan to Qin Lu early on…

In short, tonight’s dinner marked the first official meeting of both sets of parents.

The dinner was delightful, and everyone was pleased with each other, fostering a harmonious relationship.

The next day, someone came to pick up Jiang Nai.

It was someone from the Dark Realm.

The Dark Realm had its own talent cultivation system and training base.

Nan Yan naturally wanted Jiang Nai to be in her territory to feel more at ease.

However, she didn’t tell Jiang Nai, as she didn’t want to provide her with backstage support, allowing her to unlock her full potential through her own efforts and beliefs.

After Jiang Nai was taken away, two days later, the documents came down, and Nan Yan’s genetic experiment passed the review and could begin.

Subsequently, Nan Yan and Zong Jinqi entered work mode, practically staying in the lab twenty-four hours a day.

In the blink of an eye, three months had passed.

Nan Yan’s figure had slimmed down considerably, not going out for a long time and avoiding sunlight and ultraviolet rays, making her skin almost translucently fair.

Only her eyes, due to excessive fatigue, were bloodshot, with red veins visible in the whites.

At this moment, on the laboratory bench, Nan Yan completed the final step of the experiment. In front of her was a test tube filled with a transparent liquid.

Her hand holding the test tube trembled slightly.

“How is it, Yanyan?” Zong Jinqi was more nervous than Nan Yan..

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