Master Qin’s Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty - C.591: Jiang Nai’ s Choice – Part 2

Master Qin’s Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty

C.591: Jiang Nai’ s Choice – Part 2

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Qi Sizheng switched off the laptop, his face turning grim. Even though he was getting older, his psychological endurance was still strong. However, seeing these things still made him feel uncomfortable.

It’s simply a destruction of humanity!

“The United Nations explicitly prohibits genetic experiments to prevent such incidents. Therefore, after discussion, we rejected the proposal Mr. Zhou submitted,” said Qi Sizheng.

Qi Sizheng could somewhat guess that the reason Qin Lu came back and showed him these things was probably for this matter, intending to persuade him.

“Nowadays, many countries are secretly conducting human genetic experiments. Master Qi, have you ever thought about what impact it would have on our country if other countries were really able to cultivate genetically modified mutants using genetic technology? Regardless of which country, having a group of humanoid killing machines, unaware of pain, incredibly strong, and even possessing mutant abilities, would be disastrous for our country,” Qin Lu asserted.

“Do you really think that those hostile countries wouldn’t use this to threaten us?” Qin Lu didn’t beat around the bush with Qi Sizheng, he was straightforward.

“No one can stop what my little girl wants to do,” Qin Lu thought to himself.

Qi Sizheng was rendered speechless by Qin Lu’s direct questioning.


He knew all too well that those hostile countries would stop at nothing to target them.

If they were to truly research genetically modified humans, it would spell disaster for our country!

Qi Sizheng’s tone turned severe, “Qin Lu, do you realize that if we do the same thing, how are we any different from them?”

“To conduct such experiments, they must be carried out on human subjects. Even monkeys and apes cannot be used as guinea pigs. It’s simply impractical, and no department would approve it.”

“Master Qi, why do you only see one side of the issue? Everything has two sides. Although genetic modification requires human experimentation, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s only used to harm humans.” “Why do you think Professor Yun is still safe and sound?”

“You mean Yun Zhi’s illness…”

“Genetic technology is a double-edged sword. How it’s used depends on the wielder, and I believe in Yanyan. Her intention is to save lives.”

“Another motivation is for our country.”

Qin Lu’s words left Qi Sizheng silent.

He stood up and paced back and forth in the living room.

After a while, he spoke in a low voice to Qin Lu, “I’ll give you an answer within three days.”

Qin Lu nodded, “Thank you, Master Qi.”

After Qin Lu left, Qi Sizheng put on his coat, had a car prepared, and went outside.

After leaving Qi Sizheng’s place, Qin Lu checked the time and went to pick up Nan Yan from the University.

Recently, Nan Yan had been spending most of her time with Zong Jinqi researching. She had already informed Zong Jinqi about Shen Junqing and Bai Chen’s situation. Only after witnessing the condition of the two did Zong Jinqi understand why Nan Yan was adamant about starting genetic research. He also understood why Nan Yan was willing to leave the country to pursue this.

Knowing that she was eager to save lives, Zong Jinqi wholeheartedly assisted her.

The freshmen were still undergoing their one-month military training. Qin Lu showed his face at the security guard and drove the car in directly.

The car parked outside the Biochemistry Department’s office building. Qin Lu sent a message to Nan Yan.

Qin Lu: [When are you coming home?]

Nan Yan, who was drinking tea in Zong Jinqi’s office, received the message and replied: [I’m leaving now.]

She planned to go home early today. Old Madam Qin knew that Old Master An was in the capital, and with Hua Shifang and Sun Chan’s presence, she wanted everyone to have a meal together. She would also have to pick up her grandfather and master later, so she couldn’t go home too late.

After sending the message, Nan Yan stood up and said to Zong Jinqi, “Dean, I should go.”

Zong Jinqi nodded. “Go ahead.”

Since returning from the meeting, Nan Yan no longer had to come and go like before. She attended classes and left school like ordinary students.

She probably wouldn’t have much free time left. If the proposal was approved, she would spend her time in the laboratory. She wouldn’t come out until she had results.

So after the dinner today, who knew how long it would be until the next one..

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