King's Awakening - C.138 - : Causing Jones Group to Go Bankrupt Directly!

King's Awakening

C.138 - : Causing Jones Group to Go Bankrupt Directly!

Chapter 138: Chapter 138: Causing Jones Group to Go Bankrupt Directly!

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Sayon, South District hospital.

“Ah… Damn! Don’t you fuckers know how to be more gentle!? Are you asking for death!? Bring another doctor over! Get the fuck out of my sight!”

“Get out! All of you get out!!!”

“White Mitchell! Once my grandfather comes back from the Martial Department, I’m going to rip you into a thousand pieces!!!”

From inside the operating room, the ongoing roars of Hans Weiden could be heard, causing the hearts of the Jones Family members outside to flutter anxiously.

With a gulp, Old Madam Jones couldn’t help but swallow, her heart in her throat.

She understood very clearly, if Hans Weiden held a grudge against their family for this incident, then the Jones Family would truly have no place to be buried.

With these thoughts in mind, Old Madam Jones couldn’t help but remind Snowden Jones and the others: “All of you better be more alert. You have to let Mr. Weiden know we’re not in league with White Mitchell!”

Hearing this, Snowden Jones and the others nodded heavily, a solemn look unconsciously spreading on their faces.

Shortly after, the operating room door swung open, Hans Weiden, both hands plastered in casts, appeared before the Jones Family with a face full of resentment.

Upon seeing Hans Weiden’s sorry state, the Jones Family couldn’t help but shudder, their hearts quaking.

When Hans directed his gaze at them, the ruthlessness on his face burst forth without restraint.

“You sons of bitches, daring to show up before me!? Are you looking for death?!” Hans Weiden proclaimed malevolently, his face twisted with rage.

His outburst frightened the Jones Family into wanting to kneel before him.

Seeing this, Old Madam Jones rushed forward with an apologetic look on her face, saying, “Mr. Weiden, please calm yourself, take care of your health. Our Jones Family really had nothing to do with this incident.

That bastard White Mitchell is untouchable, we can’t control him even if we wanted to. 𝖋𝖗𝖊𝖊𝔴𝖊𝖇𝔫𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖑.𝖈𝖔𝖒

We also wish he would disappear, but as you can see, we’re powerless against that bastard.”

Having said this, Old Madam Jones quickly sent a meaningful glance towards Snowden.

Snowden paused before regaining his composure and chimed in, “Yes, Mr. Weiden, even if you lent us ten times our courage, we wouldn’t dare to harm you.

It’s all because of White Mitchell, relying on some Three-legged Cat Kung Fu he picked up in prison, he’s acting lawlessly, not giving anyone the time of day.

To tell you the truth, our Jones Family has also been dragged into multiple incidents because of him. We are victims too!”


Upon hearing their words, Hans Weiden snorted coldly, the resentment on his face not disappearing but rather growing stronger.

Seeing this reaction, the expressions of Jones Family members shifted to severe tension, showing an air of extreme bitterness.

“Mr. Weiden, we came here today to make amends. We’ve already agreed with that bastard White Mitchell that this time, as long as…”

What followed was the Jones Family members hurriedly telling Hans Weiden about their bet with White Mitchell, not daring to leave out a single detail.

After Hans Weiden heard them out, he showed an expression of contempt.

“Fuck! If it weren’t for my grandpa’s visit to the Martial Department, would I need to resort to such means!?” Hans Weiden grumbled irritably.

Obviously, he was fully aware of White Mitchell’s power and knew that the subordinates under his control were no match for White.

If it were anyone else, he would have crushed them completely, without the need for such roundabout methods.

However, his grandfather was not present now, and the skillful fighters of the Weiden Family had all been taken away by his grandfather. For the time being, this was the only way to deal with White Mitchell.

But clearly, given Hans’ impatience, he didn’t want to waste too much time.

So, after thinking for a while, he spoke directly to the members of the Jones Family: “A month is too long, I can’t wait! I don’t care how you do it, but within a week, I want to see the Jones Group go bankrupt!”

A month was too long to wait for Hans. He wished he could instantly see White Mitchell in a worse state than death, and then enjoy his time tormenting Sherry Jones in front of Mitchell.

He wants to let White Mitchell taste the flavor of despair, he wants to torture White Mitchell until his death!!


Upon hearing this, all members of the Jones Family couldn’t help but draw in a cold breath, their faces instantly filled with a grim expression.

Old Madam Jones hesitated for a moment, and couldn’t help but say: “Mr. Weiden, the Jones Group is our…

Hans Weiden disdainfully glanced at Old Madam Jones and impatiently said: “What’s appealing about the Jones Group? Once things are settled, I’ll elevate the Jones Group to a second-tier noble family!”


Upon hearing Hans’ words, joy instantly spread across Old Madam Jones’ face.

A second-tier noble family!

This is what she had desired for most of her life, and now, this wish seemed about to come true!

This was like a dream. From this, one could also see the power of Hans. With just his word, he could pull the Jones family from a third-tier noble family to a second-tier one.

At this moment, the more Old Madam Jones thought about it, the more excited she became, and more stirred up.

She was happy about her decision. Otherwise, how could the Jones Family encounter such a golden opportunity?

“Grandma! Grandma! Agree quickly!” At this moment, Snowden Jones beside her urged.

Old Madam Jones returned to her senses, a smile that couldn’t be suppressed spread across her old face. Subsequently, she guaranteed to Hans Weiden: “Mr. Weiden, rest assured! We, the Jones Family, will make sure this is done perfectly!”

Hans Weiden gave a casual nod, as if he had not felt any pain.

Then Hans Weiden directly warned: “I’ll put my words here. If the task is done well, you’ll definitely benefit. However, if it fails! Hehe… You know the consequences!”

Hearing Hans’ words, the Jones family couldn’t help but shiver, quickly nodding in agreement.

Seeing the subservient nodding of the Jones family, Hans Weiden sneered, then revealed a satisfied look saying, “If you need any help, call me, now get out!”

After these words, Hans Weiden returned to his private ward with the support of his followers.

The Jones Family watched Hans Weiden leave, but their hearts were filled with excitement.

Once Hans Weiden disappeared from their sight, Old Madam Jones began to hurriedly instruct: “Snowden! Now you immediately go to the company and tell your father.

Let him, no matter what means used, or how much money it costs, lay off all the new employees!

I want that damn girl Sherry to see no employees at all when she arrives at the company tomorrow! Go quickly!”

Hearing this, Snowden Jones immediately left the hospital in a rush and went to the Jones Group.

Just as Snowden Jones left, Old Madam Jones’ eyes suddenly grew cold, and she said indifferently: “Sherry, my dear Sherry! Grandma is doing this for your own good!

The future you will surely appreciate the decision Grandma is making now! For now, you will have to suffer a bit!!!”