I Possessed a Demon Sovereign - C.628 - : 626. You’re Already Dead

I Possessed a Demon Sovereign

C.628 - : 626. You’re Already Dead

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Chapter 628: 626. You’re Already Dead

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“Everyone has underestimated you.”

Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran, Han Shang, looked at the young man in front of him. “” Since things have come to this, there’s no point in saying anything else. I just hope that you won’t cut off the inheritance of my Yanran Mountain. We have no enmity with you. Without me, our sect will be the same as the Black Water Palace.

As the leader of the demonic path, Han Shang was very open-minded about such things.

How could he not wish to conquer other experts and rule the mortal world?

As long as it was beneficial to progress towards this final goal, it didn’t matter if there were any old grudges between them.

He only hated himself for being inferior by a single move and not being able to defeat Chen Luoyang. 𝚏𝗿𝗲ew𝐞b𝐧o𝚟𝚎𝗹.com

However, since there were no old grudges, as long as Yan Ranshan surrendered like the Black Water Palace, his disciples would not be purged.

Chen Luoyang’s treatment of the Black Water Absolute Palace showed that he didn’t have his eyes on the Ancient Gods Clan.

Since the Demonic Cult Master could become the Palace Master of the Demonic Palace, he could naturally become the new Mountain Master of Yan Ran and rule the North Sea.

But this did not include ‘King Fuyao’ Han Shang himself.

It wasn’t that Chen Luoyang couldn’t tolerate him, but that Han Shang’s pride didn’t allow him to lower his head, even if he was defeated by Chen Luoyang, even if the other party was the successor of the Supremacy.

“Those who obey me will prosper, and those who resist me will die.” Chen Luoyang said indifferently.

Today, he was here to kill. Whether he could subdue Yan Ranshan was secondary.

In the white jade bottle, he needed to accumulate more Dark Gold Jade Cream.

Searching for Jiang Yi’s information had consumed a wave of energy, so he naturally had to find a way to replenish it.

Comparatively speaking, between Jiang Yi and Han Shang, the priority would definitely be to kill Han Shang. Jiang Yi could still keep him alive to see if the Netherworld God, Specter, would appear again.

“Please pass this to my disciples. They will understand the situation.” Han Shang took out a jade token and wrote a warrant in the air. Light patterns were engraved on the jade token before it gently floated in front of Chen Luoyang.

“Today, it seems like my fate is over. However, I am not someone who will sit and wait for death. If you want to take my life, you will need to do more.” Handing over the jade token, Han Shang took a deep breath and stood in the boundless darkness. Strong winds swept around him, revealing the dangerous and ferocious nature of a trapped beast.

However, Chen Luoyang didn’t put the other party’s desperate struggle in his eyes. After putting away the jade token, he nonchalantly stood with his hands behind his back.

“I admire your backbone, but unfortunately…” “You were already dead the moment you came in,” he shook his head.

Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran, Han Shang, felt a chill in his heart. He suddenly realized that in the darkness around him, two black suns were faintly discernible and rising slowly.

The two dark suns seemed to contain a small ball of light.

At the center of the two balls of light were two pages of the Heavenly Book. One was written with the word ” Illusion while the other was written with the word ” Life ‘

With the support of the two pages of the Heavenly Book, the suction force of the two black suns became stronger and stronger, especially towards the page of the ” Tranquility ” Heavenly Book on Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran’s body. It was even more difficult for him to resist, who was at the end of his rope. He could only watch as the ” Tranquility ” Heavenly Book left him.

Han Shang, the Mountain Chieftain of Yan Ran, wanted to stop him, but he was seriously injured at the moment. Just the instability of the Tomes of Arcane made it difficult for him to suppress his injuries, and they burst out like a flood.

The Tranquil Heavenly Writing instantly flew away from the Han merchant’s body without any obstruction. It was swallowed by the black sun and landed in Chen Luoyang’s hands.

Chen Luoyang stood still and didn’t move. He didn’t have any intention of attacking. He calmly took the Tranquil Heavenly Book and browsed through it. The other two pages of the Heavenly Book also disappeared.

Han Shang was struggling in his deathbed, but he found that inside the black coffin, the aura of death surged from all directions like a tidal wave, eroding his body.

At this moment, he was surrounded by the death aura and could not move. Even if he wanted to fight to the death, he was powerless.

This Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran was like a drowning person. He could only struggle powerlessly and delay himself from completely sinking into the water. However, the final shadow of death was getting closer and closer to him, and he could not even grab onto a life-saving straw.

Just as Chen Luoyang had said, with the Han Shang’s current physical condition, his fate was already determined by being sealed in the black coffin.

Chen Luoyang himself didn’t need to expend any effort to attack. He just needed to stand by the shore and quietly watch the other party sink into the water.

Back then, after breaking through the Black Water Absolute Palace, he took some time to come to the North Sea’s Yan Ran Mountain to study and master this black coffin.

Although he couldn’t say that he had mastered it, he could at least use it.

Chen Luoyang carefully comprehended the profundity of the Tranquility Heavenly Book. After a while, he nodded and kept the Heavenly Book.

Then, he walked forward and arrived beside Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran.

The other party was already on the verge of death and was severely injured.

Under the assault of the boundless death aura, even if he wanted to fight Chen Luoyang to the death, he wouldn’t be able to do so.

Chen Luoyang calmly stretched out his hand, spread his fingers, and grabbed the other party’s head.

Han Shang’s mouth twitched, as if he was smiling mockingly.

“I’ve heard that you’ve cultivated the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Technique.

However, it’s better not to waste your effort now.”

If a Martial Saint wanted to break through to the Supreme Realm, he had to pass the Heaven Pass and break through the Death Tribulation.

Under this natural chasm, the strength of a Martial Honor was far greater than a Martial Saint. There was a huge difference in strength between the two sides.

For this reason, the Sky-Devouring Demonic Technique, Boundless Blood Sea, and the Sky-Stealing Sun -Shifting Technique that Martial Saints used were ineffective against Martial Venerables.

Otherwise, the Ancient Gods Clan and the Blood River Lineage would have all kinds of wicked ideas.

The Han merchant had guessed Chen Luoyang’s intentions when he made a gesture, so he didn’t care.

But soon, Han Shang’s expression changed.

It was as if a black sun had appeared in his field of vision.

Under the cover of the black sun, Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran’s power quickly flowed into the black sun.

Han Shang’s body seemed to move. He wanted to struggle, but he quickly gave up.

” That’s right. I had a premonition when we fought just now that the ultimate technique you cultivated has already surpassed the Sky-Stealing Sun-Shifting Technique, the Sky-Devouring Demonic Power, and the Boundless Blood Sea. Han Shang slowly closed his eyes.

Chen Luoyang waved his other hand in the air, and a black pearl flew out from Han Shang’s body.

After taking the pearl and examining it, he casually asked, “Is this the treasure you used to gather thousands of divine souls to protect yourself?” Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran closed his eyes and remained silent.

Chen Luoyang gave a playful smile. Recently?”

…. “Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran, Han Shang, opened his eyes and frowned as he looked at Chen Luoyang with difficulty.

“Looks like it is.” Chen Luoyang looked at him.

Han Shang was silent for a while before he suddenly said, ‘”‘This black coffin was previously unearthed in the Western Qin Imperial Capital, but it was rumored to be related to the Black Water Absolute Palace. Where did you obtain this black coffin?”

Chen Luoyang smiled and didn’t reply. He played with the Thousand Soul Pearl with his fingertips and muttered to himself, “”Many people know that you have the Heavenly Book, but no one has ever known about this thing before. It’s very secretive. I’m afraid it’s not just a protective treasure?”

He looked at Han Shang. ” You were too passionate about the war of the Eastern

Zhou Dynasty. You were especially eager to break through the imperial capital,

Sky Seal City. Could it be that you want to avenge Blood River Patriarch? ”

Everyone guessed that you had other intentions for taking such a risk, but they couldn’t figure out the reason. Now, it seems that no one knew that you had such a hidden treasure.

So, what do you want from the Eastern Zhou Dynasty’s Tianfeng City is related to this treasure. Can you combine the two to achieve great things?”

Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran stared fixedly at Chen Luoyang.

The pain and weakness caused by the black sun devouring his cultivation base were all thrown to the back of his mind.

After a while, Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran, Han Shang, let out a breath. “”1 admire you.”

He didn’t say anything else. He closed his eyes again, his face ashen.

“You’re welcome.” Chen Luoyang smiled. The Black Sun that had been squeezed dry by the other party expanded and swallowed this big shot who was at the end of his rope.

Chen Luoyang’s gaze returned to the Thousand Soul Pearl in front of him and he pondered silently.

After thinking for a moment, he put away the Thousand Soul Pearl and left the black coffin.

When he reappeared, he was already outside Yanran Mountain.

Just like when he had first arrived, Chen Luoyang leisurely stood at the foot of the mountain and looked at the mountain gate of the demonic path’s holy land.

The only difference was that there was a corpse floating in the air beside him.

The corpse of Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran, Han Shang.

Everyone on the mountain was dead silent.

Although they already had a bad premonition just now, when they saw their sect master die, everyone was still stunned on the spot.

Chen Luoyang didn’t say much and just waved his hand.

Han Shang’s corpse floated in the air and flew up the mountain.

There was a slight commotion on the mountain. Wang Zhaoying and the others had complicated expressions, but they still took the body of their sect master first.

Seeing the token placed on the corpse, everyone looked at each other, speechless for a moment.

After a long time, someone broke the silence and said indignantly,” Do we have to surrender to the person who killed Master and serve him as our master?! ”

” Calm down, ” an old man beside him said. ” This is the last order of the sect leader. It’s to protect our lives and also to protect the sect’s inheritance. ‘

“It’s true that the Sect Master is waiting for me, but are we really that spineless?” Another elder said in a low voice.

The Black Water Palace surrendered, and Ji Tianqiong abandoned them. Today, our sect is different from them!

I, Yan Ranshan, have been working hard for thousands of years. Is it just for today? The sect leader has just died in battle, and we immediately surrender to the enemy?

A few thousand years ago, there was no Yanran Mountain in this world, so why would we hesitate to fight to the death?”

His words made some people feel ashamed and some people’s blood boil.

However, someone else shook his head. ” As long as there’s life, there’s hope. We’re not as good as them today, so we should work hard to get back at them. The situation in the mortal world is changing rapidly. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? The sect leader thought of this point, which is why he wants us to stay here and be useful.”

The group of Yanran Mountain martial artists had a disagreement. They were in a deadlock and soon split into two factions.

However, Chen Luoyang didn’t seem to care about this. He leisurely sat by the stream in the mountains and admired the Tranquil Heavenly Book. The afterglow of the setting sun sprinkled on his body, making him look pure gold.

The peaceful scene was suffocating.

Everyone understood that the Demon Empress could not wait forever.

Today, we must break through Yanran Mountain.

If they didn’t submit, they would be destroyed.

The dispute on the mountain became more and more intense. In the end, a conflict broke out and even a short fight broke out.

The fight soon stopped.

The formation that protected the mountain gate was removed, and the strong wind layer that had not dissipated for years slowly disappeared.

Chen Luoyang dusted his clothes and stood up. Under the setting sun, he walked with his hands behind his back towards the other party’s mountain gate..