I Possessed a Demon Sovereign - C.626 - : 624. Call Me Whatever You Want

I Possessed a Demon Sovereign

C.626 - : 624. Call Me Whatever You Want

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Chapter 626: 624. Call Me Whatever You Want

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Under Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran’s control, the pitch-black tornado that filled the sky suddenly turned into black lines that weaved through the air.

When Chen Luoyang saw this, he knew that this was the result of the other party pushing the secret arts of the North Sea’s Yan Ran Mountain to the extreme.

The astral winds that seemed to have condensed into black lines were even more condensed and destructive than before.

Those below the rank of a Martial Honor would probably be injured or killed if they touched this black line.

Even the most powerful Martial Saints had to spend a lot of effort to deal with it and not dare to let the black lines touch them directly.

Not only was it powerful, but the black lines seemed to be moving even faster than before.

The area where the two of them fought was enveloped, forming a death zone.

To Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran, attacking and defending were one. While attacking Chen Luoyang, he could also block Chen Luoyang’s attacks and protect the Han Shang.

Judging from the other party’s attack, the injuries left behind during the battle of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty did not seem to have any negative effects.

However, according to the situation at that time, Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran’s injuries should not have fully recovered.

Chen Luoyang carefully observed the other party and gradually came to a realization. This might be some kind of marvel of the Tranquility Heavenly Writing.

It was used on Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran’s body to help stabilize his injuries and prevent him from causing trouble.

It was no wonder that he could barely resist the Empress ‘attack on the mountain. Otherwise, under the influence of Han Shang’s injuries, it would have been useless to guard the mountain gate.

He just didn’t know if this page of the Heavenly Book could help him suppress his injuries, or if it could have other uses?

Chen Luoyang’s mind spun as his hands didn’t stop.

His figure also became erratic in the void.

It was as if it had turned into an invisible moon that was difficult to fathom.

Even Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran, Han Shang, who was at the Supreme Realm, seemed to be unable to lock onto Chen Luoyang’s position.

There were many times when he thought that he had blocked Chen Luoyang, only to realize that it was like a mirage, like a dream.

On the contrary, Chen Luoyang’s continuous counterattacks often caused him to misjudge and miss many attacks, causing him to be in danger.

The seemingly impenetrable defense surrounded by the black lines had a hole due to the Han merchant’s own mistake.

The Martial Honor was extremely sensitive, and Han Shang also had the ‘ Tranquility ” Heavenly Book. He gradually realized that this might be the influence of another page of the Heavenly Book.

The young man in front of him, other than the rumored ” Life ” Heavenly Book, had another page of the Heavenly Book that could confuse people’s minds and deceive them.

This was indeed a difficult enemy to deal with.

Besides the two pages of the Tomes of Arcane, there must be other trump cards.

Up until now, the Han Shang had become more and more ruthless. He wanted to use his advantage in cultivation realm to hurt others and squeeze Chen Luoyang until he surpassed his limits.

However, Chen Luoyang wasn’t afraid at all and was able to deal with it with ease. Even the Life Word Heavenly Book wouldn’t be able to sustain such a consumption.

The current situation was a little strange.

Chen Luoyang, who was at the Martial Saint Realm, was neither hurried nor slow as he dealt with Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran calmly.

Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran, who was a Martial Honor, attacked first, hoping that he could win in the next move.

What the Han merchants were worried about was that Chen Luoyang still had helpers who would attack the mountain while he wasn’t around.

Previously, Chen Luoyang had gone to the East Zhou Empire and no one knew the contents of his secret meeting with the East Zhou Empress. It had always been a sore point for Han Shang and Yan Ran.

The Ancient Gods Clan and the Black Water Absolute Palace naturally had their own worries. However, Chen Luoyang had taken the initiative to start today’s battle, so they had to be prepared.

As the passive party, Yan Ranshan was inevitably at a disadvantage.

Han Shang was still worried that even if he defeated Chen Luoyang now, as long as he didn’t kill him immediately, his sect might still be planted by Chen Luoyang.

Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran’s gaze was gloomy, and no one knew what he was planning.

His attacks became more and more violent. At the same time, he focused his mind and stabilized his soul to resist the influence of Chen Luoyang’s ‘Illusion’ Heavenly Book.

Chen Luoyang focused his mind and fought against it.

However, he soon realized that the power of Mountain Chieftain Han Shang’s attacks seemed to be getting stronger and stronger, showing an unexpected increase.

No, it was not that Han Shang had become stronger. It was more like he had become weaker.

Chen Luoyang raised his eyebrows.

He did not use the Plague Divine Eye, but the other party used other methods first.

It was different from the Great Plague Divine Eye, but it was indeed weakening

Chen Luoyang.

This feeling was like extreme cold, slowly freezing people.

It was as if there was an extremely subtle but all-pervasive bone-piercing cold wind that attacked his entire body. Although the speed was slow, it was difficult to stop.

Even with Chen Luoyang’s current cultivation and strength, he had been silently struck by this move.

Such methods…Cold wave in the North Sea? Chen Luoyang understood.

There were many dangerous places in the mortal world, and a part of the North Sea was famous throughout the world.

The most dangerous one was the cold wave in the North Sea, even the Martial Honors had to be careful.

Yanran Mountain occupied the North Sea, so the mountain gate had to avoid the cold wave to avoid affecting the disciples ‘travel.

However, as the lord of the North Sea, Yan Ranshan had been ruling for many years. He had a deep understanding of everything here.

After a long period of hard work, the predecessors and the Han merchants had already found some ways to trigger and resist the cold wave.

Although the location of the battle had risen into the void, it was still close to the North Sea.

The Han Shang used a secret technique to trigger the cold wave. Under the effects of the cold wave, his days weren’t easy either, but he was much more at ease than Chen Luoyang.

However, the battle was not out of control.

Chen Luoyang had heard of the famous Cold Wave of the North Sea. Although he didn’t know that Yan Ranshan could make use of the Cold Wave to this extent, he already had a countermeasure just in case.

As the black gas swept through the sky, it was as if the boundless sea of bitterness covered the sky. Once the Bitter Sea Demonic Shield was activated, it immediately dispelled the impact of the cold wave of the North Sea.

Although the cold air was endless, it was drowned by the endless sea of bitterness.

Chen Luoyang circulated his cultivation in time to devour and dissolve the cold energy that had already invaded his body.

The Han merchants seized this opportunity to attack.

He didn’t make any movements and suddenly came to Chen Luoyang’s side.

The black lines instantly condensed into one and pierced toward Chen Luoyang’s chest with an invincible aura. All of the power was concentrated on one point of attack, and it was unprecedentedly fierce. It was as if he didn’t even care about his own safety.

Chen Luoyang didn’t panic and fought back with offense.

The formless and traceless “Shadow Moon” slashed towards Mountain

Chieftain Yan Ran.

The opponent’s attack hit Chen Luoyang, but Chen Luoyang’s body shattered like a mirage.

However, Chen Luoyang’s Shadow Moon didn’t hit its target.

Suddenly, black catkins scattered from Han Shang’s body, as if black snow had fallen from the sky.

In the mortal world, Yan Ranshan and the others looked up at the sky. Only a few people could barely see the scene in the sky. The rest were shocked when they saw the black snow falling.

“Black Snow Robe?”

Everyone was nervous and expectant when they saw the effects of their treasure.

Wang Zhaoying and the other core executives held their breaths.

In the sky, the black snow beside Han Shang drifted and helped him block Chen

Luoyang’s ” Shadow Moon. ” Furthermore, there was a moment when Chen Luoyang lost track of the other party.

Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran, Han Shang’s figure, seemed to be covered by the black snowstorm.

” Shadow Moon ” broke through the black snow, but it had lost its original target.

Not only did the Black Snow Robe have a powerful defense, but it could also help the Han merchants hide.

Chen Luoyang couldn’t sense the enemy’s position for a moment, but he could sense that the opponent’s attack, which seemed to have missed, had turned in mid-air and slashed at him with even more ferocity!

He stood still in the air, the dark golden light covering the clouds, and the Indestructible Celestial Demon Body enveloping him.

His powerful defense took Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran’s attack head-on.

However, the other party was a Supreme Realm expert after all. It was not a small matter to concentrate his power on a single point. The Indestructible Godfiend Body could withstand it for a while, but it would soon be pierced through.

Chen Luoyang’s expression didn’t change as he clenched his fist and struck forward.

The Buddha sat cross-legged in the dark sun, and the boundless darkness swept in all directions. 𝐟reew𝗲b𝐧𝚘𝐯𝐞l.c𝚘m

The Black Sun Endless Vairocana’s attack and defense combined together with the Indestructible Godfiend Body immediately made Chen Luoyang’s defense impregnable.

With such a strong defense, even Mountain Master Yan Ran and Han Shang could only cry out helplessly, unable to break through.

No wonder he could break the Black Water Palace’s array…Han Shang thought to himself.

If this kid decided to focus on defense, he would be able to maintain an invincible position against a giant like him.

The Black Water Absolute Palace didn’t have Ji Tianqiong or Ling Cang overseeing it, so they couldn’t harm Chen Luoyang at all.

The Ancient Gods Clan’s Indestructible Celestial Demon Body was known for its defense, which gave the entire Red Dust a headache.

This Chen Luoyang had reached another level, and his defense was so strong that it made one’s hair stand on end.

If a Martial Honor could not break through a Martial Saint’s defense, where could they find a reason to do so?

Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran also noticed that when Chen Luoyang executed the Black Sun’s Endless Descending Rulai, he emitted boundless darkness that was compatible with the aura of the Bitter Sea Demonic Banners.

Their auras supported each other, forming a sealed realm that isolated the outside world and sealed Mountain Master Yanran and Han Shang inside.

Han Shang let out a long breath. He did not want to fight anymore and immediately retreated.

He had the protection of the Black Snow Woven Robe, and his movement technique was extraordinary. He wanted to leave, so he immediately rushed out of the encirclement.

A black gale flashed across the sky and quickly fled into the distance.

When everyone at the mountain gate saw this, they were all shocked.

Their sect leader, a mighty giant, had actually been defeated?

Because of Chen Luoyang’s Emperor Xi’s ancient formation, the Sect Master had even given up on returning to the mountain gate?

If Han Shang could escape, he would be able to intimidate the Ancient Gods Clan and the Black Water Absolute Palace, making Chen Luoyang apprehensive.

If Chen Luoyang really did harm Yan Ranshan, the Han merchants could take revenge on the Ancient Gods Clan or the Black Water Absolute Palace. In the current situation, this was undoubtedly the best outcome.

However, Yan Ranshan could not help but feel anxious.

If the mountain gate was really broken, even if the sect leader could take revenge later, they would not be able to escape the disaster.

However, what was most difficult to accept was that the mighty Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran was actually no match for a Martial Saint?

In the sky, Chen Luoyang’s eyes flashed with a dark golden light as he stared at the fleeing Mountain Chieftain Yan Ran, Han Shang.

He put away the Indestructible Celestial Demon Body and the Black Sun, turned into the invisible Shadow Moon, and chased after Han Shang.

However, just as Chen Luoyang was about to make his move, the Han Shang suddenly turned around and attacked!

The so-called escape was to lure Chen Luoyang into changing his moves, causing him to be unable to defend and reveal his flaws.

Black snow drifted down. His figure was hard to grasp as he used all his strength to attack Chen Luoyang.

At the same time, the Tranquil Heavenly Writing Character was activated to prevent Chen Luoyang from altering his defense.

Everything in the world, including Chen Luoyang, seemed to have stopped for a moment..