I Am Loaded with Passive Skills - C.2379 - : Seizing the Sun and the Moon (2)

I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

C.2379 - : Seizing the Sun and the Moon (2)

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Chapter 2379: Seizing the Sun and the Moon (2)

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“F*ck! This is a demi-saint?”

The figure of a Berserk Giant suddenly appeared in the air.

This was the manifestation of Jin Ren with his bloodshot eyes that had similarly been affected by the God of Killing domain. It showed up and wanted to kill Wei Feng in one move.

However, in that split second, the second true body’s mind was controlled and affected the main body; this triggered a Spirit Awakening.

During this brief moment of lucidity, the first thing Jin Ren did was not to stay hidden, but to activate the jade talisman that he had given to the Little Frost Ferret in advance.

If he did not send the Frost Ferret into the Apricot Realm, this fellow would probably be split into two instantly.

Even if he sent Little Han in, it would still wreak havoc in the Apricot Realm.

The Frost Ferret was unable to recover from the killing intent for a long time. It was only the Dragon Apricot’s suppression that prevented it from causing any major damage.

They were both demi-saints.

How could there be such a vast difference?

“So actually this place…”

Wei Feng muttered softly and turned to look at the Golden Giant that was mentioned in the intelligence report. His eyes were cold.

“None of you can escape!”


The Berserk Giant let out a maniacal roar.

Within the God of Killing domain, everyone’s killing intent was ignited to the extreme. This was the root cause of Jin Ren’s transformation into the Berserk Giant.

This Penetrating Divine Senses of this domain penetrated and affected everything in the world in an intangible way.

Even the falling rocks in the ruins and the black water outside seemed to have a life of their own as they entangled and killed each other.

“Something is going to happen!”

The moment of loss of control brought endless panic to Jin Ren.

He wasn’t like his original body, and he had far too few trump cards. He didn’t have the power of the Heavenly Ancestor or the Dragon Ancestor. He couldn’t even use the Finger of Disillusionment to complete a defensive counterattack.

He also knew that the essence of the Spirit Awakening was that as long as the enemy’s mental influence was continuous, it would bring Passive Points. Every time the Passive Points increased, there would be a release of control.

The gap between the ‘solution’ and ‘control’ and ‘re-solution’ was almost zero. Ordinary people could not take advantage of it.

However, if the opponent was an old man who had experienced hundreds of battles and had a terrifying battle consciousness, he would definitely be able to seize this opportunity.

Had Wei Feng been through hundreds of battles?

He had not only fought hundreds of battles!

He was known as the God of Killing!

At the instant the Berserk Giant could speak after he landed, but lost control again, Wei Feng relied on his keen battle sense to sniff out that Xu Xiaoshou couldn’t catch his God of Killing domain.

Just like the Demi-saint’s Mysterious Decree, his Penetrating Divine Senses that evolved from the killing intent, could lead everyone to the extreme. It made them shed all their gorgeous outer decorations and embrace the most primitive desire to kill.

The target of his slaughter was naturally Wei Feng himself.

Even though an ordinary person could comprehend it, they would not dare to use this move because this was the ultimate provocation. If they could not take it, they would be gone.

However, when the blade was hard enough, all those who pounced on the flames in search of the sizzling beauty were just like pitiful moths.

“I only have one chance!”

It was almost a battle instinct to swing his saber. Wei Feng however did not slash out with the terrifying Demon Slayer, but chose the Immortal Slay, that pursued speed.

This time, he had the upper hand in the Immortal Slay. Xu Xiaoshou could not disappear in advance.

When he woke up.

A moment in Life and death, the sword divides Yin and Yang.

He would also fall asleep!

At the critical moment, Feng Yujin made his move!

He really didn’t expect that Wei Feng’s Penetrating Divine Senses could turn into a domain form and control the mind of the person inside.

This was totally different from Bazhun’an’s sword cognition.

In the era when Feng Yujin became famous, the Penetrating Divine Senses hadn’t even existed yet.

Now that he had been caught off guard, Feng Yujin felt that it was understandable, but his old face had also secretly turned red.

However, a Holy Emperor was still a Holy Emperor.

Wei Feng had been through hundreds of battles, but how could Feng Yujin be a soft persimmon that could be easily manipulated?

When he discovered that Wei Feng’s abilities were the Way of the Sword and the Way of Killing, he was already on high alert.

If a saber was viewed as a sword, this person could be understood to be a

variant of the ancient swordsman.

Killing was viewed as an emotion. Even the ultimate Way of Killing ultimately had to be attributed to the Seven Emotions and Six Desires that affected people’s most fundamental nature.

Battle consciousness was not only reflected during a battle.

When Feng Yujin completed his transformation and completely replaced MO Mo’s body, he sealed his Seven Emotions and Six Desires.

My heart is frozen, and nothing can invade it.

The God of Killing domain affected the demi-saint level ghost beast Frost Ferret. It made Xu Xiaoshou transform into a Berserk Giant from his disappearing state.

Feng Yujin only felt ripples in his heart, but he didn’t lose control.

To him, Wei Feng…

Was weak.

If he had been a Holy Emperor and grasped the Penetrating Divine Senses, even Feng Yujin would be helpless against this God of Killing domain. This was because he did not have a corresponding level of power, such as the power of the ancestral source.

However, in the case of both geniuses, a difference in realm was a difference in realm!

Feng Yujin was a Holy Emperor and Wei Feng was a demi-saint. The strength of his Penetrating Divine Senses could barely raise Wei Feng’s power to a little of the level of a Holy Emperor’s.

This could cause his state of mind to decline, but Feng Yujin, who had completely transformed into a ghost beast, still experienced ripples even after he froze his own state of mind.

Feng Yujin had already looked up to Wei Feng in his heart.


That was all!

“None of you can escape?” “Have you asked me?”

As the Yama’s Banquet the Immortal Slay slashed toward Xu Xiaoshou, Feng Yujin rebuked him and his form returned to the Holy Path.

He had been shocked by the new form of the Penetrating Divine Senses in the God of Killing domain. He almost buried his fellow Frost Ferret, so how could he dare to underestimate the demi-saint Wei Feng in front of him? 𝗳r𝐞𝐞w𝐞bn𝚘ve𝚕.co𝐦

The Saint Language and the Immortal Slay both stopped in front of Xu


The Four Symbols Secret Realm shook slightly.

At this moment, the trial-takers all over the four branches seemed to have sensed something and stopped what they were doing. They looked up in surprise..