Heretic Doctor Useless Consort - C.582 - : Carrying Junior Leopard Away

Heretic Doctor Useless Consort

C.582 - : Carrying Junior Leopard Away

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Only the Qionghai Clan possessed the poison of viburnese flowers! Only those who have awakened the Jade Flower talent can develop a subtle poison. The poisoned person will gradually enter the bone marrow because of the poison, and will develop love for the poison caster until they obey orders.

From a certain perspective, the Viburne Flower Poison was similar to Foxy’s Heaven Enchanting Spell. However, the Viburne Flower Poison had an even better characteristic. It was extremely easy to cast! There was no need to accumulate power to operate. The process of poisoning was relatively simple, and there was a gradual process. It was very difficult to detect and stop.


“When did she poison him? That’s impossible, right? Have you seen it before?” Wang Chenxiao felt that even if the poisoning process was relatively simple, the Viburnese Flower Poison had to be applied twice! The first time might have been easier, but the second time would have to be at a close distance.

With Prince Taixu’s ability, Wang Chenxiao felt that he would not fall for it! So Eldest Princess Qiong Hai was lying? In order to survive.

It’s not impossible. If she asked the Grand Yin Demon Cultivator to poison her, don’t forget that the Grand Yin Demon Cultivator was also in the Nether River. Who knows what he did? ” Gong Mingche said worriedly.

Meanwhile, the empress in the group of emperors suddenly understood what the meaningful smile of Princess Qiong Hai meant when she floated out of the

Netherworld River.

This made her subconsciously stare at Monarch Qionghai. However, Monarch Qionghai, who was obviously also dumbfounded, frowned and looked at Monarch Taixu when he felt the look in the Great Empress ‘eyes.

Emperor Taixu’s expression was naturally very unpleasant. After all, this Eldest Princess Qiong Hai dared to poison him, the Crown Prince of the Taixu Realm. This made him feel very embarrassed.

“Emperor Taixu, when we leave the ruins, I will definitely ask Qiong Yu to detoxify the poison.” Qionghai Monarch could only say this. After all, although Qionghai Clan had this heaven-defying ability, they all knew where to use it and where not to use it.

The Great Void Realm was the strongest realm among the nine realms. Not only was Emperor Taixu’s cultivation unpredictable, but there were also many experts in the Great Void Realm. There were also many gods in the Imperial Palace of the Great Void Realm. It was no different from courting death.

“If it wasn’t for this critical situation, I’m afraid your daughter would never say it.” Emperor Taixu replied indifferently. At the same time, he was paying attention to the arena.

‘ Roar! ” Zheng had basically recovered, and the seal on its body showed signs of cracking. At the same time, it had already fixed its eyes on Princess Qiong Hai.

However, what surprised everyone was that Prince Taixu was completely unmoved! It was as if everything Princess Qiong Hai said was nonsense and had nothing to do with him. He didn’t even hear it.

However, Ye Qianli was a little anxious. After all, she knew the characteristics of the Viburum Flower Poison, so she wanted to do something. At least, she couldn’t let Princess Qiong Hai die now.

However, just as she was about to move, Rong MO grabbed her hand and pulled her away. Not only did he not let her do anything, but he also took her away from the scene.

“Prince Taixu…” Eldest Princess Qiong Hai was stunned. She thought that Prince Taixu did not believe her, so she used all her strength and said a little loudly, ” I let the … ”

She wanted to say that she had asked the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator for help, but before she could finish, the Dragon Qi of the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator had already approached her and was devouring her Dragon Qi.

However, at this moment…


Zheng had already torn it apart with his claws, and as expected, his attack had spread out a hundred feet. It looked like he was about to tear apart Princess Qiong Hai, who had no way to resist.

“l “When Qiong Hai Emperor saw this, his heart was in his throat. He didn’t know if he could make it in time. His eldest daughter would be torn apart!

Whether he could still be eliminated depended on this moment!


However, at this moment, the seal was completely broken! It completely stretched out its huge body from the stone pillar. It was like a super hyena, possessing a pair of demons! The blood- shot giant eyes had already spurted out a violent aura.


As soon as the seal was opened, it tore at the Eldest Princess Qiong Hai, who was about to be eliminated! Its speed was even faster than Zheng, who had attacked first.

For a moment…

Qionghai was ready to close his eyes again! The Dragon Qi of the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator seemed to be frightened and swallowed Princess Qiong Hai r s Dragon Qi in one gulp.

“Buzz.” Princess Qiong Hai r s pitiful body was instantly enveloped by the power of laws of the Dragon Mountain Ruins. She was about to be teleported out.

” .. “Qionghai Emperor felt like his heart was racing. However, he should be safe now. After all, he was enveloped by the rules of the Dragon Mountain Ruins. Even if he hadn’t disappeared in time, he should be fine.

Princess Qiong Hai also thought so. Before she disappeared, she shouted at

Prince Taixu, “”Prince Taixu, you will definitely…”

She wanted to say, ” You will definitely regret your choice today! ” However, before she could finish speaking, she realized that something was wrong.


“Chi chi!”

A sharp blade! It actually tore at the light of law of the Dragon Mountain Ruins, tearing the power that enveloped Princess Qiong Hai, as if it was about to shatter!

This …

“Heavens! The power of a…a…is actually going to tear apart the rules of the Dragon Mountain Ruins? Then, is it coming out? Do we have to run?”

“No, no, no way. This, this, this is impossible, right?” The group of experts was so frightened that they stuttered. They only felt that if this Pi came out, even a Great Emperor might not be a match for it! Heavens.

At this moment, even Ye Qianli looked back in shock. Then, her right eye helped her clearly see that the dragon had really been torn apart and enveloped Princess Qiong Hai r s nomological light.

Such a scene shocked her! That was the rule of the Dragon Mountain Ruins, but in the end…lf it could actually tear it open, then it…

Thinking of this, Ye Qianli put her arms around Rong Mo t s neck and jumped onto his back. She said in a deep voice, ” Let’s run. ‘

“Alright.” Rong MO understood her concern, but he also knew that the situation would be different from what she had imagined. But of course, he did not say anything. He carried his soft little leopard on his back and quickly left the scene.

“Ah! “Wait for us…” Liao Zongming, who had been watching the show, was shocked. He quickly caught up, and he had to use his Universe Ring to barely catch up.

” And me- – ‘t The Grand Moon Prince was also a little flustered. He was afraid of being left behind. Although there were times when he cheated his teammates, when he wasn’t cheating, he was a goddess teammate! So powerful.

However, just as they ran, a layer of extraordinary aura appeared in this area! The Grand Princess Taixu and the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator were shocked.

At this time, the dragon energy of the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator had returned to his back. Zheng did not attack the dragon energy. When it found that Princess Qiong Hai was enveloped by the rules, it stopped. However, it was watching and desperately trying to break the seal.

At the same time”Roar!”

The Pi let out an earth- shattering roar as its claws tore into the nomological light! He was about to tear the rules apart like tofu! He had also torn apart Princess Qiong Hai!

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