Heretic Doctor Useless Consort - C.579 - : Lighting the Wax, Giving the Eldest Princess!

Heretic Doctor Useless Consort

C.579 - : Lighting the Wax, Giving the Eldest Princess!

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Roar! Roar!

A series of deep roars sounded out, as if they came from ancient times, causing the experts to gather! Even the Great Emperor Group felt their hearts tremble.

” .. “All the experts were panting! Staring at the stone pillars in the stone array, he felt that every pillar seemed to have an extremely ferocious demon sealed in it.

Especially when one of the pillars made a cracking sound! When a huge piece of rock was broken, all the experts saw it at the same time. It was a super ferocious beast! Its bloodshot eyes widened.

“This…” Wang Chenxiao’s face turned pale. He only felt that he had swallowed the Explosive Spirit Pill. He was afraid that it was ” worth it ” because he felt that! The ‘owner’ of this eye was no ordinary creature.

The most important thing was that Wang Chen counted the stone pillars on the stone mountain with a smile. There were actually 99 of them! In other words, there were ninety-nine ferocious beasts in this stone mountain.

If they were all unsealed, the fun would definitely be extraordinary. It would probably be even more exciting than the final competition. It was just that no one knew who would survive.

“This is good.” However, there were some experts at the scene who were really excited! After all, the more dangerous the situation was, the more it could stimulate the strength of the participants, and the more people would watch.

‘ I’m afraid someone is going to die. I don’t know who will survive or be eliminated.

‘ I’m afraid that the First Prince of Taiyin and that City Lord Liao will be eliminated in this round. Otherwise, they will die. ” The experts all made their own conclusions, feeling rather nervous.

The atmosphere on the Great Emperor Group’s side also tensed up slightly. It was mainly because the Lunar Emperor was more nervous. He now felt that his eldest son was still able to judge the situation. This was one of the necessary skills of a Great Emperor.

In other aspects, he also looked like a potential talent. He had already planned to go back and appoint a crown prince. He could not afford to lose his son here. Otherwise, his other sons would be even more useless!

Lunar Emperor, don’t worry. If there’s really danger, Princess Kunlun will at least eliminate the person first. ” Emperor Bu Zhou comforted him from the side.

He could tell that this Princess of Kunlun was quite loyal. She had saved the

First Prince of Taiyin several times before, although she had really set him up and put him in a desperate situation the first two or three times.

However, it was all thanks to Little Flower that the First Prince of Taiyin was able to dodge the God-Slaying Spider! The God Slaying Spider’s eyes were about to drill into the Grand Yin First Prince’s eyes. It was really dangerous.

There were many more times after that. The First Prince of Taiyin was almost bitten by a spider. He was the flower of the Kunlun Princess and was saved in time. Speaking of this…

Emperor Buzhou couldn’t help but ask, ” Empress, this Taiyi God Flower feels great. Even the God-killing Spider doesn’t eat it? I remember that the God-killing Spider can bite through anything, right?”

“How would 1 know? It’s good that they can restrain themselves. However, the problem now is whether they can leave this stone mountain before the ghost in the pillar comes out.” the empress replied in a deep voice. Her gaze was fixed on the arena.

Only God knew that she was extremely nervous! No matter how she looked at it, ninety-nine ferocious creatures did not seem like easy opponents. She was afraid that the children would not be able to come out.

Emperor Bu Zhou didn’t have a son inside, so he could be so ” free ” to think about the skills of the Taiyi Divine Flower.

Even Emperor Qionghai was so nervous that his breathing was a little irregular. After all, although his eldest daughter was about to walk out of the stone mountain, she was still three to five feet away.

In the end…

If there really was a chance that it would appear.

“Kacha! ”


The last stone pillar was three feet away from Princess Qionghai and Princess Taixu, but it was ahead of all the other stone pillars! Even the stone pillar that had an eye on it exploded.


One was like a leopard! However, it had sharp horns and five tails. It suddenly appeared in front of the two eldest princesses and released a terrifying aura.

This one was as tall as three or four people, and it had a ferocious face! The ferocious creature with an ancient aura was really an ancient ferocious creature. It scared the two princesses so much that their faces turned pale.

Even the people outside the arena felt their hearts beating faster! His face turned green because…

“Zheng! It was the legendary ferocious beast that devoured hundreds of thousands of human beings in one day and was hunted by the Human Emperor urgently! F * ck! This damn thing, this damn thing actually didn’t die…

“I’m afraid the two Eldest Princesses are finished. Back then, Zheng was killed by one of the four Divine Generals of the Human Emperor! I didn’t expect it to be sealed here.’

“It’s over …” The group of experts immediately displayed their vast knowledge about the origin of this ferocious creature! The source, combat strength, and cause of death were analyzed.

“Damn it!” Emperor Qiong Hai was heartbroken. He was about to walk out! In the end, a “Cheng Yaojin” appeared. What the hell…

Couldn’t he let his eldest daughter have a smoother life? He was about to walk out. This was really…Was he going to die here? For a moment…

Monarch Qionghai could not help but ask Monarch Taixu, ” Monarch Taixu, do you think your daughter has a way to deal with this thing? ” After all, he knew that his eldest daughter would definitely not be able to deal with Zheng.

“l don’t know.” Emperor Taixu shook his head as he stared at the battlefield. He also wanted to know if this sinister and cunning eldest daughter of his could escape.

However …

“It didn’t move! He didn’t take the initiative to attack?” Emperor Yan Huo realized something was wrong and spoke. The other great emperors also noticed something and speculated that these ferocious creatures couldn’t move around freely.

“This is better.” The Lunar Emperor wiped the sweat off his forehead. He felt that he had been worried sick. Unfortunately, he had just wiped the sweat off and had yet to shake it off.


It was identified as a ferocious monster that couldn’t move! He had already started to tear at the faces of Princess Qionghai and Princess Taixu! Everyone outside the arena widened their eyes in shock.

At the same time!

“Body Transformation!” Eldest Princess Taixu had already turned into a ray of light and retreated. Zheng, who had been accumulating power, could shatter his sharp claws! It tore through her illusory light and tore towards her.


The violent tearing force tore Princess Taixu to the ground after shattering her defense! It shook out a powerful energy wave.

” Puff! ” Princess Taixu vomited blood on the spot. A large piece of flesh was torn off, and it was a shocking sight.

At the same time!

” Ah! ” Elder Princess Qionghai, whose cultivation was weaker than Elder

Princess Taixu, was in an even worse state. Her abdomen had been pierced by Zheng’s sharp claws! It was about to be torn apart.

“Jasper Flower! Illusion Sea.”

At such a critical moment, the severely injured Eldest Princess Qiong Hai was split into two! At the same time, her body, which had been stabbed, was instantly torn into countless pieces by Zhengs sharp blade..

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