Heretic Doctor Useless Consort - C.575 - : Best Teammate Deceiver of the Year!

Heretic Doctor Useless Consort

C.575 - : Best Teammate Deceiver of the Year!

Chapter 575: Best Teammate Deceiver of the Year!

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At this moment, Ye Qianli was thinking to herself, ” Is this the useless talent that I exchanged for with the trumpet flower? This was really the end!

“Little flower, little flower, I’m sorry, sob sob sob …” Ye Qianli missed her trumpet flower dearly. After all, if she had her flower, she might be able to collect all the God-killing Spiders!

Only the heavens knew that her little flower had previously nurtured a small God-killing Spider, but it had turned into many! However, he had put in so much effort. Now, there were so many of them, but Little Flower was gone.

The more Ye Qianli thought about it, the more heartbroken she felt, especially when she thought about what would happen to her if Little Flower was gone in the future. Many of the medical skills she had learned were based on flowers.

For example, during surgery, the small flower was the best ” supplement ” for major blood loss. The small flower could also replace the scalpel and enter some more sensitive parts. It could even repair the brain nerves, and so on…

“Prince Taixu, running like this is not a solution!” While Ye Qianli was in pain, Liao Zongming asked.

At this moment, he really did not dare to ask his sister what to do anymore. They had all been tricked by her. If they continued running! He was also running out of stamina. The First Prince of Taiyin behind him was probably going to faint.

“Return to the Nether River.” Rong MO had already come to a conclusion. After all, at this time, they could only count on the awesome Netherworld River. This also made the First Prince of Taiyin immediately erupt with his peak strength!

After all, the Netherworld River was not far away! He was almost there. He saw hope. About thirty feet behind him, the Spider King was ready to attack! He was ready to jump into the air again.

And this time! Before it jumped, it even let out a terrifying “chi” sound, and its entire body was covered in a terrifying blood-black color. It looked like it was about to use a big move.

The Grand Yin First Prince gritted his teeth and ran even faster! He was worried that this time, even the silly water of the Kunlun Princess, who had tricked people to death, would probably not work.


“Hmm?” The Grand Moon First Prince, who was running for his life, found that the sense of danger behind him had suddenly disappeared. The Spider King seemed to have disappeared? Was there a trap?

“Hey! Help me take a look. Where is the Spider King?” The Grand Moon First Prince couldn’t help but shout. He was already numb to the other little spiders and wasn’t afraid of them anymore.

But not the Spider King! Although that thing was not very big, it looked like a ferocious bird or beast, making his scalp go numb.

“What are you looking at? Quickly jump into the river!” Liao Zongming didn’t care about him. He took the lead and jumped up. He used all his strength to jump more than two meters high and several feet high! He quickly plunged into the Netherworld River.

At this moment, Liao Zongming felt like he was in heaven! Great-grandma, it scared him to death. There were so many spiders… fr

“Plop.” Rong MO also jumped into the river with Ye Qianli in his arms, leaving the Grand Moon First Prince running for his life. Grand Moon Emperor, who was watching from outside, felt sad and made up his mind! After he returned, he had to train his eldest son’s body.

The physical strength of a Rank-9 talent was inferior to that of a Rank-7 talent. This was really … How embarrassing! It was really…

However, the Grand Moon First Prince, who had run to the river’s edge and finally jumped into the Netherworld River, still didn’t understand where the Spider King had gone.

Not to mention that he did not understand, the group of experts outside the arena! The emperor group didn’t understand either, because they also realized that the Spider King had disappeared! There were even some stronger experts like Emperor Taixu who he discovered…

” Don’t you guys feel that there are fewer God-killing Spiders, especially those that are near the Spider King? Those that are more powerful are much fewer. Emperor Taixu asked.

“No, I haven’t.” Emperor Qionghai saw that the shore of the Netherworld River was still densely packed with God-killing Spiders. Some of them were even crazy and had already entered the river!

However, it was gratifying that the Lunar Emperor discovered that these God-killing Spiders died after entering the river. After all, they didn’t have dragon energy to protect their bodies, and they weren’t super demonic creatures. Naturally, they died after entering the river.

Seeing that the God-killing Spiders were rushing to their deaths, the Great Empress was relieved. She was afraid that the Nether River would be useless against these God-killing Spiders.

At the same time, in the arena, the Grand Moon First Prince, who had finally caught his breath in the Netherworld River, asked, ” Did you sense where the Spider King went? ‘

“No, I haven’t.” Liao Zongming let out a long sigh. He was already ” lying ” in the river. He felt like his lungs were about to explode from running. He had almost been tricked to death.

Rong MO didn’t say anything, and the First Prince of Taiyin didn’t ask him.

After all, this person wasn’t very friendly. He looked at Ye Qianli and asked, “Princess Kunlun, what do you think? ‘

“It’s hard to say.” Ye Qianli didn’t notice it either. Her heart ached for her flower. What a pitiful flower. Why was it gone?

Rong MO glanced at her without batting an eyelid. After all, his powerful spiritual power allowed him to sense that something seemed to have ‘ swallowed ” a large group of God-killing Spiders, including the Spider King.

Rong MO wouldn’t believe it if he said that it was the power of the Dragon Mountain Ruins.But looking at the expression of the person in his arms, it didn’t seem like she was the one who did it?

But it was hard to say. Junior Leopard was actually very clever. She might be putting on an act for others to see. After all, the First Prince of Taiyin was not one of them. freewebnove(l)

However, Ye Qianli said, ” What should we do now? We don’t know when our innate powers will recover, and I don’t even know if I can recover. Are we going to stay here forever?”

“l don’t think it’s a good idea. There are also things in the Nether River, except for the Blood Demon! There must be other demons. We can’t even use our current talent. Staying here is simply waiting for death.” The First Prince of Taiyin immediately denied.

Liao Zongming probed, ” Little Missy, can you study your talent and help us remove the seal? ‘

“l, I’ll try…” Ye Qianli could only say that. She was also in despair. If she could turn back time, she would not want to awaken this talent.

However, the opportunity for her talent to awaken came very quickly. It came almost as soon as she fused with the Human Emperor’s talent to perfection! It was a feeling that he could not block even if he wanted to.

However, at this moment, the Magic Box mysteriously said, ” Silly, I feel that the Spider King and the God-killing Spiders seem to have been ‘swallowed.’ It’s a little like the work of the Taiyi Divine Flower. ‘

“What do you mean?” Ye Qianli didn’t understand. Didn’t she lose her little flower? She couldn’t even sense Little Flower’s existence.

“Could it be…” The Magic Box pondered for a moment and said, ” This is my speculation. Do you think that Little Flower has been turned invisible? It’s still there, but you can’t sense it anymore. However, it can sense your thoughts.”

After all, the Magic Box had observed that when the Spider King and the God-killing Spiders disappeared, Ye Qianli was especially eager for the Taiyi Divine Flower. This made sense! That was why it made such a guess and not just blindly.

Therefore …

“Let me try!” Ye Qianli suddenly understood something.. She gathered a drop of Taiyi Primordial Water in her palm and swallowed it herself!

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