Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor - C.631 - : Common enemy of the world (Part 2) _1

Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor

C.631 - : Common enemy of the world (Part 2) _1

Chapter 631: Common enemy of the world (Part 2) _1

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“Who Do You Think You Are to have designs on Princess yanyu’s people?” “Get lost!” The middle-aged woman scorned.

The shrine master struggled for a long time before he finally lowered his head and led all the shrine members out.

Before he left.

He cast a deep glance at Xia qingchen.

Xia qingchen let out a regretful sigh. your luck is really good! he said.

If he used the heaven grudge root now, he would have lost the chance to kill him in one strike.

If it wasn’t for this middle-aged woman’s obstruction, the shrine master’s heart would probably have been pierced by thousands of arrows from the heaven grudge root and he would have died without an intact corpse!

Unfortunately, the shrine master and the middle-aged woman noticed it.

The woman went up to size Xia qingchen up and said, “”So, you’re the moon.

You’re really far away on the horizon but right in front of my eyes!”

She was the emissary that Princess yanyu had sent to the sky moon Hall in search of the person who had defeated her on the universal board. After many fruitless searches, he came to sky moon, ready to try his luck.

To see if he would appear.

That was the reason for the current scene.

Xia qingchen returned the command token and said, “”Thanks, but I don’t need it.”

The middle-aged woman was stunned.

Clearly, he didn’t expect that Xia qingchen would reject him.

The hall of wonders was a place that many people in the sky moon Ridge dreamed of.

It wasn’t a place that could be entered just because one was talented in martial arts.

He also needed other abilities.

the hall of eccentrics doesn’t restrict personal freedom. No one will stop you wherever you want to go, and … The middle-aged woman paused. you don’t need it. Don’t your clansmen and your sect need it? ”

With this status, no one would dare to touch them.

If there wasn’t .

Xia qingchen glanced at his father, then at the people from the star cloud sacred land.

He silently took back the token.

“Commandery Princess yanyu will be glad of today’s decision.” Xia qingchen mumbled.

The middle-aged woman was stunned.

This Xia qingchen .

Why did it seem like it was Princess yanyu who had gained a huge advantage?

However, these were all insignificant matters, and she didn’t want to get to the bottom of it.

“When can we leave?” The middle-aged woman asked.

wait a few days, ” Xia qingchen said. I have some things I need to do.

He had once promised that after skymoon travels, he would remove the insects from the ancient soul fruit tree.

The agreement could not be broken.

Moreover, he was about to leave sky moon Ridge. He had to say goodbye to his father, aunt, Yue Mingzhu, and white Lotus saintess.

He looked up and suddenly found that Yue Mingzhu and the White Lotus saintess were nowhere to be seen.

“Where are they?” Xia qingchen’s heart clenched.

It might have been because there were too many people and the temple had captured him.

it seems like the moon Pearl ran away first. The White Lotus saintess chased after it. Wu Jinlong pointed in a direction.


Why did he run?

All of a sudden, Xia qingchen immediately realized.

He had revealed moon’s identity by using the man and sword as one.

As for Yue Mingzhu, she had revealed her true feelings to moon and had even made a fake friendship with moon to become her partner.

Now that they were exposed, Yue Mingzhu probably felt that she wouldn’t be able to raise her head in front of Xia qingchen.

wait for me at Xiahou divine gate. Xia qingchen immediately gave chase.

At the edge of the dream swamp.

An extremely mighty ship was anchored in the dream swamp.

The moon Pearl leaped up and was about to step on the water and jump onto the giant ship.

“Stop!” The White-Lotus saintess caught up in time and drew her sword to Yue Mingzhu’s neck.

She was the only one who knew that the moon Pearl was leaving.

At this moment, he was trying his best to make her stay.

elder sister xuexin, I’ve already said that I want to leave brother qingchen. Please don’t stop me. Yue Mingzhu’s expression was complicated.

Xia qingchen? ” the White Lotus saintess furrowed her brows. I can return Xia qingchen to you!

Yue Mingzhu looked at her deeply and asked, “”Can you really do it now?”

The White Lotus saintess opened her red lips and hesitated for a moment.

After a long time, he slowly said,”if it’s to return to you, sure!” The two of you were already in love.”

Yue Mingzhu’s fingers moved away from her soft sword and went forward to hug her gently. She whispered in her ear, “”Don’t lie to your own heart.”

That trace of hesitation was enough to explain everything.

no! the White Lotus saintess clenched the hilt of her sword. even if there is love, I can cut it off!

Yue Mingzhu looked at her with a smile. love has been born. The roots are deep. It can’t be cut off!

Most of the time, the White Lotus saintess was the elder sister.

However, she was more inexperienced than anyone else.

Yue Mingzhu laughed and slowly retreated. “Goodbye, sister xuexin.”

The White Lotus saintess shook her head and said, “”Why do you have to leave?”

She did not understand.

What made Yue Mingzhu want to leave?

“Now, I can tell you,” Yue Mingzhu said with a smile.

She opened her eyes again, revealing a pair of purple eyes that were like amethysts.

“So?” The White Lotus saintess said.

She had seen Yue Mingzhu’s purple eyes before and knew that she was pretending to be blind.

“I have a pair of purple eyes, and I have another identity, Dark Moon,” Yue Mingzhu said with a faint smile.


The White Lotus saintess’s expression changed and her eyes turned sharp. “You are … The purple-eyed witch?”

Purple eyes might be rare, but they did exist.

Can be used with Dark moon’s identity.

There was only one person!

Dark Moon priest-purple-eyed witch!

She was a female devil who killed people like flies and made people tremble in fear.

The number of killings she had committed was too numerous to be recorded!

He was the common enemy of the entire Liang Jing, no, the world!

Everyone had the right to kill him!

There were too many terrifying legends about her!

She couldn’t believe it.

The strange moon Pearl was actually that bloody demoness!

“Now, do you know why I’m leaving?” The purple-eyed demonic woman looked at the White Lotus saintess’s shocked expression and smiled desolatedly.

if I get together with brother qingchen, I will only bring him harm.

The White Lotus saintess put down her soft sword slowly.

He did not stop the moon Pearl from leaving.

Xia qingchen and the purple-eyed demoness were people from two different worlds.

One was the female devil.

One was a leader of the righteous sects.

Indeed, they couldn’t be together, and there wouldn’t be any result.

The purple-eyed demoness smiled, but her smile was filled with sorrow. please help me apologize to big brother qingchen. I’m sorry for leaving without saying goodbye, and I’m sorry for hiding my identity … As Yue Mingzhu laughed, tears suddenly rolled down her face.

She knew that this farewell would be forever.

After today, they would never meet again.

The bits and pieces of the past could only become memories.

“Why am I crying … Isn’t this the result I wanted to see the most?” Yue Mingzhu wiped her tears.

But her tears were like a kite with a broken string.

He couldn’t finish wiping it.

“I won’t cry! Big brother qingchen will definitely be happy when he’s with you. I can’t cry!” Yue Mingzhu tried her best to smile.

However, her tears continued to flow, and she could not stop them no matter what.

This was different from what she had imagined.

He imagined that she would smile, wave at him, and leave without a trace of nostalgia.

However, when the day came.

The sadness in her heart was magnified infinitely, making her feel sad and embarrassed like never before …

Her tears burst as she covered her eyes and turned around.”l wish you happiness.”

Because of her sadness, even her voice was hoarse, losing its former melodious and sweet voice.

She ran forward, not daring to stay any longer.

She was afraid that she would never leave again.

However, as she ran, she plunged into a broad and warm chest.

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