Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor - C.614 - 613 -waiting for you to come

Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor

C.614 - 613 -waiting for you to come

Chapter 614: Chapter 613 -waiting for you to come

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Others might not know, but how could it not know that Xia qingchen had a ball of extremely terrifying heavenly fire?

When the heaven flame was released, who could stop it?

“I’ll be the first to kill whoever dares to come!” The demon said coldly.

Tian GE stretched lazily. don’t worry. This is still Xiahou divine gate’s territory.

Who would dare to be ignorant? ‘

Although zu qianjue had left, Tian GE, who was his Mount, did not.

Thanks to the demonic beast mental cultivation technique and martial technique that Xia qingchen had given him back then, Tian GE finally broke through the shackles and reached the moon tier.

In the entire sky moon Ridge, there were not many people who could be his match.

The two demons nodded.

that’s true. Who would dare to cause trouble in your Xiahou divine gate’s territory? ‘

yes, everyone knows that young master Xia has a close relationship with divine gate of Xiahou. How would they dare to mess around with young master Xia? ‘

It seemed to be responding to them.

A figure stumbled to the door of the courtyard and knocked.

He was covered in blood and had many shocking injuries.

After confirming that this was Xia qingchen’s courtyard, he shouted miserably, “”Senior Xia! Quickly leave!”

Xia qingchen suddenly heard a voice and raised his brows.

He leaped out of the courtyard.

He looked at the person who knocked on the door and asked in surprise, “Junior Brother Ouyang? Who injured you like this?”

The person who knocked on the door was none other than Ouyang Yu. The moment Ouyang RUO saw Xia qingchen, she immediately urged, ” senior brother, leave the venue immediately. Leave the sky moon Ridge and never come back!

He said with great difficulty.

As soon as he spoke, he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood. His injuries were extremely serious.

Xia qingchen immediately helped her into the courtyard.

“What’s going on?” Xia qingchen immediately took out some medicine to treat his injuries as he asked.

“It’s the sacred Lord red embellishment!” Ouyang RUO said anxiously. He gathered many forces from all over the world to besiege the people of the Nebula sacred land. They even injured the Saint Lord and captured many of our


A cold glint appeared in Xia qingchen’s eyes, and his heart clenched. “Where are Yue Mingzhu and the White Lotus saintess?” they left on their own before this, ” Ouyang Zhen said. they weren’t with us, so they weren’t affected.

After saying this, Ouyang RUO grabbed Xia qingchen’s arm tightly. “The Holy master protected me to leave so that I could inform you to leave quickly! The sacred Lord red embellishments might be trying to harm you, and she’s probably on her way.”

Xia qingchen remained unmoved.

He didn’t have any intention to escape, but his eyes were cold.

“He’s on his way, right? That would save me the effort of looking for him.” Xia qingchen spoke indifferently.

“Senior brother, what nonsense are you talking about?” Ouyang RUO was anxious. The Holy master sent me out with great difficulty and informed you in time to buy you more time!”

Just as he was speaking.

who wants to harm Grandmaster Xia? ” a huge head popped out. who doesn’t give me face? ”

Ouyang RUO turned her head and saw a ferocious face with a bloody mouth right in front of her.

Ouyang RUO, who was already injured, screamed in fear and fainted on the spot!

don’t blame me! Tian GE shrugged innocently. don’t blame me!

you’re so ugly! the great demon from West Ridge said angrily. it’d be strange if you didn’t scare people out with your ugly appearance!

The demon subduing beast shook his handsome outer appearance and said, should be the one dealing with humans.”

Tian GE rolled his eyes.

what I want to know now is how the sacred Lord red embellishment was so foolish as to come and cause trouble for Grandmaster Xia.

It began to ponder.

But he was puzzled.

does he think there’s no one left in Xiahou divine gate after forefather Xiahou’s departure? ” “Xiahou divine gate has been silent for too long,” Tian GE sneered.

The last time Xiahou divine gate went on a killing spree was hundreds of years ago.

It had been quiet for hundreds of years. Some forces probably thought that Xiahou divine gate should be like this.

“I’m also curious! Why is the sacred Lord red embellishment so stubborn?” The great demon from West Ridge was equally puzzled.

“Let’s wait for them. Let’s have a drink first,” the demon said coldly.

The three great demons squatted in the courtyard and took out the fine wine that they had kept for many years.

They chatted and drank as they waited for the sacred Lord red embellishment to arrive.

Oh? ” Xia qingchen frowned slightly. be more restrained later.

Demonic beasts were not humans.

Humans could control their killing intent.

Demonic beasts were different.

The vast majority of demonic beasts were Born to Kill due to the harsh living environment.

Once they started killing, it was easy for them to become bloodthirsty.

The three great demons were no exception.

If they killed too many people, they might endanger the innocent passers-by.

“I know, I know!” The three great demons said nonchalantly.

At that time.

The group of people headed toward Xia qingchen’s courtyard in a grandiose manner.

The leader was the sacred Lord red embellishment and the elders of the red embellishment Holy Land.

After that, it was time to gather the forces from all over the world.

They didn’t have much of a connection with Xia qingchen and didn’t need to sever their relationship with him.

However, they wanted to make a contribution.

He wanted to get close to Yu Qingyang!

There were rumors that Yu Qingyang had been selected by the Lord of Feng

Palace and recruited into the palace.

His future was bound to be meteoric.

Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this?

Thus, when sacred Lord red embellishment waved his arm, those with ill intentions immediately responded.

They had the advantage of numbers and attacked suddenly, catching the Nebula sacred land off guard.

Other than a few disciples and Pavilion elders, the rest were all captured.

Even the Nebula sacred Lord was no exception.

At this moment, the Nebula sacred Lord was being restrained by them and was being pressed towards Xia qingchen’s courtyard.

They didn’t dare to casually kill a Holy master, because that would cause the aristocratic families and the gate of God to be resentful.

However, it was still possible to bring him to the courtyard and humiliate Xia qingchen.

The Nebula sacred Lord prayed silently, praying that Xia qingchen had already left.

Calculating the time, Ouyang RUO should have already informed Xia qingchen.

Given Xia qingchen’s wisdom, he should have left long ago.

“Sacred Lord Nebula, when you meet Xia qingchen later, you must not beg him to save you! That’ll be very embarrassing.” The sacred Lord red embellishment rubbed her red and swollen cheeks.

The price of capturing the Nebula sacred Lord alive was not low.

Several of his elders had died, and he himself was injured.

However, this debt could be settled clearly in front of Xia qingchen later.

By killing a few Pavilion elders that Xia qingchen was familiar with, he would be able to draw a clear line between him and Xia qingchen.

“Don’t you think you’re pathetic, sacred Lord red embellishment?” the Nebula sacred Lord asked. A dignified Holy master was actually currying favor with this and that! To be a fickle villain.

A Holy master like this had no dignity.

“Being one of the eight great saint Masters like you is truly a disgrace.”

The sacred Lord red embellishment snorted. isn’t it all because Xia qingchen’s skills are inferior to his? that’s why I had no choice but to resort to this? ” If you want to blame someone, blame that useless disciple of yours!”

He didn’t think he was in the wrong at all.

On the contrary, he was very wise.

“You’ll definitely regret this!” The Nebula sacred Lord sighed. Offending Yu Qingyang would certainly result in the danger of being exterminated.

However, could it be that he could easily offend Xia qingchen?

The truly intelligent people were the Holy Lords of the other Holy Lands.

He didn’t side with anyone, and it was done immediately.

Unfortunately, the sacred Lord red embellishment had acted smart and chosen to side with them!

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