Guild Wars - C.1163 The Battle 13 months ago

Guild Wars

C.1163 The Battle 13 months ago

"Leave now, Lingtian, and everything might be forgiven." A strong and powerful voice that filled the entire Lucifer Lineage with power sounded out.

Everyone's faces showed hope and trust towards the man who just appeared, Dante! Everyone knew that this patriarch was one of the strongest in recent history and was very special since he was the father of the prodigy.

Even Fyre couldn't help but find herself glancing at him with a hint of emotion before she quickly suppressed it with sadness, knowing that it would go nowhere. Still, she felt relieved knowing that Dante finally showed himself.

Meanwhile, Lingtian's eyes flashed with uncertainty and hesitation when Dante appeared. Growing up, he had fought with the two brothers of Dante and Dominic many times, especially during World War 2.

He and Litian had never managed to get an advantage over them despite being Pangu members, and he really would not have liked to fight him again if not for the current circumstance.

"Dante, you heard my terms. We can't have come all the way out here and arranged everything this well just to leave because of your declaration, now can we?" Lingtian stated coldly as his eyes narrowed.

"You are either stupid or delusional, Lingtian. You are asking me to cripple my own son, do you know what kind of price my brother and my niece paid to ensure his survival?" Dante said openly, not caring about hiding this 'dirty' secret.

Lingtian, who was about to unleash this secret he had gathered at a price, felt his throat being caught right as he was about to say it, causing him to glare at Dante murderously. His chance to sow discord and lower morale had been ruined!

"Then enough talk, the victor shall decide everything!" Lingtian eventually roared as he realized that things had come to this point, urging his men to attack.

His army was divided into three, with the men in the middle wearing light brocade robes that could barely hide their burly bodies. They all roared and exploded with a brownish light as their muscles swelled and gleamed, charging forward by stomping the earth to gather more speed.

The men on the right wore heavy armor and banged their chests, exploding with a brownish light as well as their bodies became like impervious adamantite. They charged forward with heavy steps, looking like bulldozers.

The fellows on the left stood back and released energy from their bodies, causing nearby elements to coalesce into various golems that were of different sizes and strengths. They sent the golems charging forward with their various elements in tow.

On the other side, the Lucifer Lineage warriors also split into three. The men and women in the middle roared and grew in size, their various skins turning red like blood as horns grew out of their foreheads and their forms became bulkier.

Those on the right had a blue outline glow around them as they took to the air and began throwing things like knives and daggers that flew with a similar blue outline around them. While those on the left either partially transformed into serpents or summoned various giant serpents into reality from portals, riding on their backs.

The ensuing clash was immediate and brutal, blood and body parts flew immediately as various superpowered beings unleashed their full might without a care for anything else, their eyes red with murder and hatred after generations of slaughter between the two.

However, the brutality of this fight was unmatched compared to the one occurring in the center, between Dante and Lingtian. The former had bulked into his Horned Demon form, with two long curved horns, endless muscles, and hellfire blazing wings behind him.

The latter had exploded with brownish energy as his strength soared to levels beyond the comprehension of a mortal man. These two powerhouses moved rapidly within a relatively small area, trading calamitous blows that caused the ground beneath them to quake and shake.

If it weren't for the fact that the Italian government knew that some special being lived here and that it was marked off-limits for civilians to enter, this likely would have caused the entire area to surge into panic.

As it were, even those fighting by the side could not help but turn their heads to watch the battle between their leaders, as they knew it would decide the fate of the lineages themselves. Not to mention it was not hard to be moved feeling the fluctuations of power.

Fyre easily defeated a member of the Primogenitor lineage by having her Blue Water Adder destroy their fire element golem and then glanced at the battlefield. She realized that they were currently in possession of an advantage because even though the Pangu Lineage were fighting fiercely, they could not beat the home ground advantage.

Fyre was soon entangled in another fight and was about to defeat her foe to support Dante when she saw a huge saw blade with a blue outline sweep past her opponent's body as a great spread, cutting them in half even though they were of the Undying King Inheritance.

No matter how high your defense and regeneration, it was pretty tough to come back from that. Fyre was startled and looked behind to see who it was who was so powerful and her heart skipped a beat when she saw Lilith fly over with a blue outline around her body, smiling at her.

"Big Sister, let me support you as I did back in the days." Lilith requested gently, causing Fyre to smile.

"There is no one I would want by my side other than you." Fyre said in a heartfelt manner as she hugged Lilith.

Meanwhile, on Dante's side, as he fought with Lingtian, he suddenly seemed to sense something and grinned as he made a feint towards Lingtian with the aim to strike him, but dodged to the side at the last minute.

This left Lingtian confused until he was sent flying from a powerful hit on his lower right side, causing him to spin in the air like a cork screw while spitting blood. Shocked, Lingtian looked up to see a similar Horned Demon form standing next to Dante, bearing the features of Dominic.

Dante turned to his younger brother with a touched and deeply moved look. "Dominic… you came."

Dominic glanced at Dante coldly but still spoke. "… at the end of the day, this is still my home. You are still my brother and Draco is still my nephew. Not to mention that the Pangu lineage are our sworn enemies."

Dante was not bothered by his brother's coldness and forthrightness, rather latching onto his words. He nodded and glanced towards Lingtian who looked half amused and half confused by what was going on.

"Dominic, this is our chance. Let's put an end to this long feud and secure the future for our lineage!" Dante prompted as he charged forward.

"Yes… there will be an end to things…" Dominic muttered to himself and followed up, entering a familiar formation with Dante from their youth.

Lingtian was immediately overwhelmed and within less than a minute, beaten to near death. He could not keep up at all just like in the past, though despite all this, he still seemed somewhat confident.

He kept glancing at Dominic with a strange glint in his eyes, trying to make various signals, but Dominic's expression was cold as he seemed not to see anything and continued to work with Dante.

Soon, Lingtian lost his confidence as he realized that he was truly going to die at this rate. He stopped caring about?discretion and began signaling Dominic even more furiously, but Dominic still paid him no heed and even began using his superior strength to slaughter the other Pangu fighters.

In a matter of minutes, only 20% of the Pangu lineage's fighters remained while the Lucifer Lineage had around 50% left, causing them severe and almost irreparable damage to their foundation and power.

At this rate, even if they won this fight, they would not be able to swallow up the Lucifer Lineage and would be forced to have to lick their wounds.

Lingtian fell to the ground weakly as Dante stood over him, looking at him with disdain as he was about to deal the final blow. "You are a fool, Lingtian, for coming here without something to rely on, knowing you cannot beat me in a head-on fight."

These words seemed to trigger Lingtian as he roared without caring for the consequences. "DOMINIC MORNINGSTAR, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!"

His words caused Dante to be confused as he paused in place. What did this vile idiot have to do with his brother, and how dare he use Dominic's name like this? Was he trying to buy time to try to confuse him?

Dante felt it was a good ploy, but it wouldn't work as he continued to bring his fist down, enjoying the look of despair on Lingtian's face. That was until Dante himself felt a piercing pain from his lower back to his abdomen.

He looked down to see a huge sword glowing with a reddish glow of demonic energy that had pierced through his entire torso. Dante then struggled to turn to look back and seemed to see the most unbelievable thing.

"Bro…ther… why…?" he could only mutter weakly before falling to the ground.