Guild Wars - C.1151 Evil Trio Vs The AIAug 31, 2023

Guild Wars

C.1151 Evil Trio Vs The AIAug 31, 2023

This time, there was no need to scream or cry, for it was too late. The huge masses crashed down on the dumbfounded mortal armada, crushing nearly 85% of their total numbers into meat paste while severely injuring the rest to the point where their life and death was unknown. 

Immediately, the experience bars of the Evil Trio surged wantonly, as even with their wicked exp gain rate, they had simply killed too many top forces in one go. Unfortunately, this was mostly a waste since they were already at the peak of Rank 5 and needed to do a Rank up mission to hit 6. 

However, the AI seemed to see a chance for something good as an event was generated. 

ï½¢Battle For The Main Plane – World Quest 

Description: Due to the selfish actions of players Draco, Riveting Night and Jade Empress, the will of the world orchestrated a calamity for the entire world in the form of an Outer World Invasion! These forces exist in the unmapped zones and have heritages lasting thousands of years that have not been damaged like the main plane! 

Endless warriors, True Gods and even noble Semi-Origin Gods have descended upon the Mapped Zones in order to rape, pillage and conquer! Only the ones who caused this needless calamity can save the world now! 

Limitation 1: The entirety of your actions during this event will be livestreamed to the entire playerbase. 

Limitation 2: You cannot leave the range of the battle until the enemy forces are either wiped out, subdued or repelled. 

Provision 1: You can use any ability or methods you have to deal with this invading force. 

Provision 2: All True Gods grant 100 times more Divine Essence per their Law rank! 

Rewards: Rank +1, Title: World's Savior and full unlocking of the entire unmapped zones of the world.ï½£ 

When the Evil Trio saw the details of the event, their faces became black. Firstly, the AI told everyone that it was their fault that this was happening, and while this was true, who liked being outed as a criminal and troublemaker? 

Secondly, while they didn't care about livestreaming, what the hell did it mean that they couldn't leave? Did this AI expect them to kill all these True Gods at once or what?? 

Truth be told, it wasn't necessarily impossible, but for the love of Christ, what were they to do about the Semi-Origin Gods that likely had either Law or Energy suppression over them? 

Oh? 100 times more Divine Essence eh? Now that was something good. It seemed the AI still had some conscie-… 

What. The. Fuck. 

What do you mean by Rank +1? 

My darling Sister in Christ AI, the issue that the Evil Trio faced with Ranking up was not CROSSING the Ranks or whatever bullshit missions, but rather acquiring the FUCKING experience needed due to the exp gain rate. 

If you offered this after they had ranked up to 6 and were still at the entrance, the Evil Trio would have jumped for joy. But now, when they were already at the limit of the Rank, you offer this trash? Did they look like beggars to you?! 

And what. What the hell did the AI mean by 'fully unlocking the entire unmapped zones'? 

My Sister in Christ, listen very well. The world, as it was, was already in chaos. Umbra was slowly devouring the world bit by bit and planning to consolidate it foundation before expanding outwards and taking over the world, then establishing order. 

By expanding the map during Update 3, the world already became more chaotic and things became murky, more lives than necessary were lost and many things that did not need to be wasted were wasted because of this. 

If the map was expanded again, it would simply push the world into utter and limitless chaos. How would that benefit them? 

Realizing this, the Evil Trio shared a look and communicated with their minds. Then, they displayed a look of firm resolution and then… ran! 

What a joke, they should fight a losing battle which gave mediocre rewards for what? Because the AI said so? Since when was the AI their master that could order them around? 

As for the Divine Essence boost, they didn't care, With the three of them free, they could rapidly farm the Divine Trial and earn millions and billions in a relatively short amount of time. Why should they covet this little bit as if they were rats being given cheese? 

Seeing them leave, the AI was shocked stupid. Given the usual arrogance of the three, they should have been infuriated but willing to fight in order to posture before the world. 

However, the AI was forgetting that they only postured when they could win and win beautifully. A situation like this where there was a tough enemy which victory wasn't guaranteed did not spark their interest, so they left. 

The AI panicked and tried to think of ways to force them to stay, but nothing in its programming could allow it to. Now, it had dug a hole for itself because while the Evil Trio cleared the mortal forces, they left the True Gods untouched. 

If left unchecked, they would ruin the main plane and destroy the players, which was completely against its plan. As such, it could only use the same trick as before a nd sweep all the True Gods, up into some corner to the Divine Realm to eke out an ignoble existence and fight against the grey rot in order to avoid messing up the main plane. 

This made the Evil Trio sneer. At the end of the day, you had to wipe your own ass for the trouble you caused no? Next time, will you be so impudent, darling AI? 

Suddenly Draco shot out as the True Gods disappeared with bloodshot eyes, roaring: "Stop! Where are you fellows going?! I was only going to take a piss before the fight and you are already running?!" 

Draco stopped before the spot where the True Gods were and sighed. "In the end, it is because I am too outstanding and measureless throughout the millennia, causing them to shit their pants in fear and escape with unwillingness. Sigh." 

Eva and Shuangtian blinked, their brains struggling to process what they were hearing. Meanwhile, the AIs face changed as it roared in its heart: "DESPICABLE!!" 

After all, after being sent into the Divine Realm, they couldn't be brought back without a good reason, not to mention that might bring the grey rot infection down to the main plane. 

Hence, Draco immediately used this chance to return and posture. The worst part was that since the livestream was on, the players who logged on saw the True Gods disappearing and heard Draco's roars. 

[Shiver Timber: Woah, did you guys see what I saw?] 

[Boner Man: Bruhh, there was like, a planet full of True Gods and shit. Just looking at them made me shake.] 

[Natural Intelligence: Those mother fuckers ran after seeing Boss Draco! What an achievement!] 

[Liar Lair Pants On Fire: Guys, hold up. We did not see what happened before, so there might be some overarching reason for this.] 

[Lord Of The Wings: Oh Brother, THIS GUY STINKS! @Liar Liar Pants On Fire] 

[Low Altitude Retard: @Liar Liar Pants On Fire someone drop a nerd emoji on this guy. What a dweeb.] 

[Henlo Stinky: Imagine still hating on boss Draco in 2066.] 

[Potion and Pellets: Sigh, this is my greatest fear. That I will one day make a reasonable argument and a bunch of 1 IQ retards will gang up on me to spread their disease.] 

[I Watch Hentai For Plot: Gawt Dayum.] 

[You Ignorant Slut: Cook, Brother, Cook! @Potions and Pellets] 

The chat soon devolved into typical nonsense but the effect was achieved. Draco had successfully dealt with the problem before them while posturing before the world, leading him to laugh uproariously like a bandit before holding the succulent waists of his two beauties and sauntering off into the sunset. 

The chat continued to praise him at this sight, leaving the aggrieved AI who couldn't explain anything. In the end, the frustration got to it and it spat out a thick mouthful of blood before leaving with dejection. 

Evil Trio Vs the AI - 1:0! 

Eventually, the Evil Trio decided to take the Rank up missions before this AI tried something fancy. They quickly rushed to the Rank 7 Guild Hall and entered the Private Rooms. 

ï½¢System to Player Announcement 

Analyzing player stat allocation… ï½£ 

ï½¢System to Player Announcement 

Analyzing player skills… ï½£ 

ï½¢System to Player Announcement 

Analyzing player physique… ï½£ 

ï½¢System to Player Announcement 

Analyzing player equipment… ï½£ 

ï½¢System to Player Announcement 

Analyzing player techniques… ï½£ 

ï½¢System to Player Announcement 

Analyzing player class paths… ï½£ 

ï½¢System to Player Announcement 

Player analysis complete. New options available. Display? 

Y/N ï½£ 

ï½¢Abyss/Celestial/Primordial Eternal – Class (Rank 6) 

Rank: Semi-Eternal 

Success Chance: ? 

Price: Freeï½£ 

This was the only option available, so they quickly took it. However, when they made the selection, nothing seemed to change about the world around them, making their expressions become ugly. 

Then a screen appeared before them. 

ï½¢System to Player Announcement 

It has been detected that Player Draco, Riveting Night and Jade Empress wish to Rank up the Semi Eternal class Abyss/Celestial/Primordial Eternal. However, passage to the Eternal World has been blocked due to unknown factors so the rank up missions cannot be carried out!ï½£ 

Seeing this, the Evil Trio became annoyed. While it a was definitely difficulty to open a passage way to that place, all the AI had to do was mention their names to the World Will of the Eternal World and it would make an exception for them. 

However, the AI was clearly teaching them a lesson for being unruly and hard to control. However, of the Evil Trio thought that this was the limit of the AI's wickedness, then they were forgetting that it was a half-step wife of Draco's and had naturally inherited his cruelty. 

ï½¢System to Player Announcement 

Due to the limitations of the system, an alternate Rank up mission has been created! Player Draco, Riveting Night and Jade Empress are to fully clear the grey rot from the Divine Realm in order to Rank up to Rank 6!ï½£ 

The faces of the Evil Trio changed greatly as fury surged in their hearts. 


They could almost picture the vindictive AI giving the ojou-sama laugh as it looked down on them, feeling catharsis after being toyed with earlier. As such, they could only grit their teeth and leave the Rank 7 Guild Hall with gloomy expressions. 

The three of them stood in the void with angry expression until they shared a look. Then their eyes flickered with a glint of cruelty as they collectively made a very disastrous decision. 

Hmph, since this damned AI did not know what was good for it, they would give it a taste of its own medicine and let it feel endless regret. 

Right away, they rushed to Vita Kingdom and passed through the passegeway into the Divine World. When they appeared in the pantheon, they immediately sensed the auras of Hikari, Zaine and Roma that were at the peak and were even surging showing that they were undergoing the process of ascension. 

This filled the hearts of the Evil Trio with satisfaction and calmed down their anger slightly, but that was it, just slightly. With newfound determination, they disappeared from where they were and appeared near the boundary of the grey rot from the pantheon's area. 

Immediately, they sneered and pointed upwards, once again tearing the sky open and revealing the three majestic celestial bodies that floated in the void of Draco's Inner Universe. 

With a dramatic swing of their fingers downward, those celestial bodies immediately fell from those lofty positions and rushed towards the land like calamitous meteors determined to destroyed the world. 


When the connection was made, the entire Divine Realm qauked and countless True Gods spat out blood as the will of the Divine Realm screeched in mortal agony.